Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 282 - Injection of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

Chapter 282: Injection of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

Five minutes was neither too long nor too short.

Everyone’s mental activity was different.

The netizens were all waiting for the execution.

Tom was like an ant on a hot pan. His face was pale. He clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth.

“Death Judge, don’t push your luck. I’m the Director of Kessel County’s public security bureau. If you would dare to kill me, you’ll be dead.”

“I’ve made such a contribution to Kessel County. If you kill me, the country will definitely not let you off. You’ll definitely die a horrible death.”

Both of them were shouting crazily in an attempt to avoid the trial. Jeff looked at the two of them in a frenzy, and a hint of mockery appeared on the corner of his mouth.

What time was it? They were still struggling on the verge of death.

Were they trying to threaten the Death Judge? In reality, who’s threatening who?

What kind of person was the Death Inquisitor? Would someone who even dared to go against the police fall for their tricks?

The 10,000 police officers in Circassia could only suffer in silence when they encountered the Death Inquisitor. You actually threatened him. Isn’t that stupid?

No, even a stupid person wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

All the people present, including the officers of the Zero Major Crimes Unit, were dumbfounded.

What kind of operation was this?!

I can’t even kill you. You’re so noble for wanting to die. If ordinary people are killed, then so be it. But you guys can’t do it.

Get rid of me. You guys have set your status too high.

The netizens in the live broadcast room were also furious when they saw this scene.

“F*ck! What kind of people do you think you are? Your current status is that of a criminal. You are scumbags and everyone despises you.”

“You must be used to being domineering. You can’t recognize your own status and still think of yourself as the director of the Public Security Bureau?”

“How can they all act like this now?! I really don’t know how overbearing they are usually. How can Kessel County harbor such scum?! The people of Kessel County have suffered a lot.”

“Isn’t that so? One person has ruined the atmosphere of the entire county. Even if they died ten thousand times, they wouldn’t be able to redeem their own crimes.”

At this moment, even Ross was filled with anger.

How could the director of the Public Security Bureau say such things?

It could be seen how mighty and overbearing he truly believed he was. With such a strong scum, could the people live a happy life?!


He wanted nothing more than to rush forward and give them both a fierce slap.

The power the country gave you—was it for you to act arrogantly? When did your position become a license for you to walk around with that superior attitude? It was really detestable.

Kermie’s face was also gloomy. When did Kessel County become the land of the rich and powerful?

At this moment, the buzzing sound of a helicopter came from not far away.

Kermie was overjoyed. “Leader Luo, our helicopter is here.”

Ross’s expression was normal. What was the point of the helicopter coming? The fire had already been extinguished. How were they going to solve the problem of the thick sulfuric acid behind them? Even if the rocket came, it would be useless, let alone the helicopter.

However, Tom and Charles did not think so. They had no sense of security on the raft. Only a solid ground could reassure them.

“Save me! Hurry up and save me.”

“Pull me up! Quick!”

When the helicopter crew saw the three terrified black guys below, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“F*ck! Is this a ghost?”

At this moment, an electronic voice came from the police car.

“Countdown starts at the last minute: 59,58,57…”

“D*mn, is the big scene finally coming?”

“These guys have done all kinds of bad things. The fact that their bodies are still intact is a miracle and a gift from God.”

Ross was also nervous. He looked at Monica anxiously and said, “Have you thought of a way?”

Time waits for no man.

Monica frowned and asked, “How big is that device?”

Ross was stunned by the question.

At this moment, the drunkard’s voice came from the communication channel.

“That rule is wrong. This is a false proposition. The real solution is to open the device by force.”

Ross was stunned. When Monica heard the drunkard’s words, she knew that the two of them were thinking the same thing.

The device did not look too big, and with the arrangement of some mechanisms, it could not contain 500 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid.

In other words, the device was not a 500 ml needle.

In other words, if the rules were fake, then the act of destroying the device by force did not exist. From the beginning, they had fallen into the loophole of the Death Judge’s thinking, and they had been fooled once again.

‘Damn it.’

Ross clenched his fists. He had been fooled twice in one day. This was no longer a matter of IQ. It was a crushing defeat.

It was completely different from the very beginning. It was a complete blow to reduce dimension.

However, all of this was just a deduction. If it was not, it would not be equivalent to them killing Tom and the other two.

They didn’t dare to gamble.

Perhaps this was the Death Inquisitor’s smokescreen. His goal was to use the police’s hands to kill them. In the end, they would, of course, be blamed for it.

But there was no time now.

Ross pondered for a while and shouted into the walkie-talkie. “The rules are fake. Prepare to use brute force to destroy the device.”

The police were stunned. ‘Brute force to destroy the device? Were they really okay?’

Before they could do anything, Tom and the others were already anxious. F*ck!

This was not going to kill them.

The Death Judge had made it clear that they could not destroy the device violently. They would die. The thick sulfuric acid was not on their bodies. Of course, they were not afraid.

There were only ten seconds left. There was no time to think.

Tom’s face was distorted and his eyes became red. On the other side, Charles’s behavior was even crazier. His nails were deeply embedded in his skin. He pulled the box hard, trying to tear it off his back.

There was a crack on his back, and large pieces of flesh were torn off. He could not care about the pain anymore. All he could think about was to survive.

Seeing that he was so crazy, Tom also began to dismantle the box violently. He held the edge of the box tightly with both hands. The veins on his arms bulged, and he roared repeatedly, pulling the box open by one of his arms.

In an instant, a tremendous pain, like rolling waves, invaded his entire body. The tearing feeling of the iron hook pulling his muscles made him suffer to the extreme. He even heard the sound of the hook rubbing against his spine.

Kacha kacha.

All the police officers present were stunned. They felt their blood run cold.

At the critical moment of life and death, the indifferent expression on Jeff’s face disappeared. He was completely filled with death and began to pull the box behind him.

“F*ck you, Death Judge, I’m going to fight it out with you.”

Ding ling ling!

Following a series of urgent alarms, the countdown had ended. The three of them felt a chill on their backs at the same time. The sharp, cold needles pierced into their flesh and blood, and a hot and spicy liquid entered.

“Ah Ah Ah!”


“I’m going to fight it out with you!”

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