Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 283 - Retribution

Chapter 283: Retribution

Charles first took off the box. His skin was dangling, and there was a big bloody hole on his back. Blood was oozing out.


Come out! Charles felt the boiling liquid and hurriedly grabbed it with his hands.

At this time, the live broadcast camera had a close-up. Whether it was the police at the scene or the netizens in the live broadcast room, they all saw the naked bloody scene.

Charles crazily dug out the stinky flesh and greasy intestines.

Whatever he touched, he would take out. It was equivalent to emptying himself.

When the netizens in the live broadcast room saw this scene, they were all shocked.

“He’s playing himself to death. He’s really too stupid.”

“I think he’s gone crazy now. He probably doesn’t know what he’s doing. Right now, he only has one belief, and that is to dig out all the concentrated sulfuric acid. At the same time, his internal organs are also being dug out.”

“That’s why the host’s thinking is too strong. Letting them seek their own destruction is really an ingenious idea that we all couldn’t fathom.”

“I think they’re going to die soon. Even a cow wouldn’t be able to withstand this digging method.”

The netizens were shocked. It was the climax.

Then, they looked at Tom and Jeff. Behind them, there was a deep bloody hole.

Tom reached out his fingernails and scratched his spine. It was like scraping a bone to cure poison. The thick sulfuric acid on it corroded his spine. White blood bubbled like boiling water.

“Ahhhh! Damn you, Death Judge, I’m going to kill you.” Tom screamed.

The iron hook had already pierced through his body. He reached in and pulled out a yellow piece of cloth with flesh and blood. Everyone glanced at it and vomited.

It was actually a section of his intestines. Under the light, it was bright pink and there was a yellow solid inside.

It was obviously shit!

Following the bloody hole, there was nothing inside. There was nothing.

On the other side, Jeff was not spared either. Sticky flesh and blood flowed everywhere, leaving only an empty shell on his abdomen. His white spine was standing inside, and the middle part had been broken. It was obvious that he had broken it.

Then, with a bang, his body fell heavily to the ground.

His eyes were wide open. He was dead.

There was a hint of hatred in Tom’s eyes. He murmured and also fell to the ground. He died with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, the only person who could still stand upright was Charles.

He looked at the deep hole in the distance and roared, “Death Judge, I…”

He was also dead.

The netizens in the live broadcast room were completely boiling.

“F*ck, this is exciting.”

“The host is awesome. There’s so much flesh and blood. It’s so sticky that I instantly thought of my aunt. Am I right?”

“Brother, don’t say anything more. I’m eating happily right now. I’ve completely lost my appetite now. You should compensate me for my loss. A bowl of stir-fried pork with black fungus!”

“Haha! Are you guys joking?”

The netizens’ eyes were opened wide. The citizens of Kessel County and the law enforcement police were all shocked by the scene before them.

It was too exciting, too brutal, and too bloody.

Even so, evil was rewarded with evil, and good with good. It was the Death Judge who let them see that justice was in sight, and there was still light in the world.

Meanwhile, in Ward 206 of Kessel County People’s Hospital…

Doctors, nurses, and family members accompanied her to watch the live broadcast.

No one said anything because they were sobbing. They felt as if something was blocking their throats, and their eyes were filled with tears.

The old woman lying on the bed shed muddy tears, and her palms were trembling. She said, “Abel, mother has waited for this moment. The Death Inquisitor has avenged us, and your brother can rest in peace. I’m going to accompany him now. You have to take good care of your father. In the future, find a good wife and live a normal life. I’ll be relieved.”

“Mother, don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of my father. When I give birth to a big and fat boy in the future, I will definitely tell you.” Abel was already sobbing.

He did not say anything to persuade her to stay. For so many years, his mother’s health was not good to begin with. It had always been the news of his brother that supported him. Now that the truth was finally revealed, it was time for his mother to rest.

After all, his mother had gone to another world. With his brother accompanying her, she was not going to be alone.

Abel only held his mother’s withered palm. The moonlight shone in from the window and hit his face. There was a smile at the corner of her mouth. It was so peaceful and calm.

At this moment, it was not just them. Countless people were sitting in front of the computer and crying.

“My daughter, did you see that? The Death Inquisitor took revenge for you.”

“Thank you, Death Inquisitor. I’m really grateful. You’re the one who gave me hope.”

“The Death Inquisitor is an angel in the human world. We must protect him well.”

“Yes, no one can hurt our angel. We will never agree to it.”

The victims’ families were filled with gratitude.

However, the families of Tom and the other two were gnashing their teeth at this moment. Their eyes were bloodshot.

In a villa, Tom’s mother was gnashing her teeth as she watched the live broadcast. She said to her grandson, “Grandson, your father died in the hands of the Death Inquisitor. You have to avenge your father in the future. And these people are all murderers. You have to kill them all in the future, understand?”

The child in his arms looked to be about seven or eight years old. He stared at the scene in the live broadcast and nodded heavily. “They hurt my father. I hate them. I must chop them up and feed them to the dogs.”

“Well, this is Grandma’s good grandson.”

F*ck, Jeff had been alone for so many years. No one had helped him get revenge.

On the other side, Charles’s family members also revealed deep hatred.

At this time, the live broadcast had not ended. On the wooden raft at the scene, there was a thick layer of flesh, intestines, internal organs, and some unknown things. Even the black water was dyed red.

The faces of the police officers were pale. They had seen many bloody things, but this was the first time they had seen them turn into meat paste.

They vomited uncontrollably.

It was too bloody.

Even the experienced policemen couldn’t stand the visual impact.

Their stomachs were churning.

In the distance, Ross’s face was dark, his teeth were clenched tightly, and he was so angry that smoke was coming out of his six orifices.

‘Damn you, Death Judge. I will never let you go.’

All three of them died.

They died so tragically, but he could only stand on the shore, unable to do anything. Until the last moment, he could not stop them.

Ross clenched his fists, he raised the megaphone in his hand. “Death Inquisitor, I know you are here. What do you think you are? Dark enforcer? No, you are a butcher. A criminal. No matter what you do, I, Ross, swear here that I will not let you go. I will catch you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jack’s voice rang out, “Officer Luo, I’ll wait. I believe that we will fight soon. This time, your performance was not bad, but your reaction was a little slow. I don’t like to fight with the weak. I like to fight with the strong.”

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