Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 286 - A Strange Smile

Chapter 286: A Strange Smile

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Jack went upstairs, where Aisha and Jennifer were busy in the kitchen.

It had to be said that attractive people looked good in everything, even an apron. It looked as if they were wearing a beautiful dress.

Jack wanted to go in and help, but Aisha pushed him out directly.

In her words, guests were guests. How could they let the guests busy?

Fine. The guest had to indulge the host.

Jack turned on the television. It happened to be a news broadcast. It was talking about domestic matters, both big and small. It emphasized that the National Police Department had launched a heavy blow. They had investigated how many corrupt cadres, captured how many people, and what achievements they had made. Each and every one of the people they interviewed were all grinning from ear to ear.

After watching the news, Jack felt that he was going to lose his job.

Then, he came back to his senses and patted his own head. He was almost brainwashed.

“What’s that for? Does your head hurt? Let me rub it for you.”

As Aisha spoke, she walked to the back of the sofa and gently pressed on it with her small hands. Not to mention the fact that it was almost done, Jack felt completely relaxed.

Last time, because of the incident at Heaven’s Grace Primary School, the atmosphere of the meal was ruined. This time, the dishes looked even more sumptuous. The color was fresh, beautiful, and shiny. Just the sweet taste alone was enough to leave one with an endless aftertaste.

“It smells so good!”

Jack could not help but praise her.

“Hehe. If it’s delicious, then you should eat more. Do I have a part to play in this?” Aisha blinked her eyes.

Jennifer took off her apron and took out a bottle of high-quality red wine. She said, “Wash your hands. We’re ready to eat.”

The dishes and the wine were delicious. The two beauties were even more beautiful and appetizing.

“Sob, sob…Can I have a glass of red wine too?” Aisha said pitifully.

Seeing Jack and Jennifer clinking glasses, she was also hungry. She looked at Jack with eager eyes.

Aisha’s pitiful look made Jack look helpless. He said, “I don’t have any objections.”

“Hehe. If you don’t have any objections, then no one has any objections, right, Mom?” Aisha said as she got up to get a glass of wine.

Jennifer smiled. Her cheeks were slightly red, and her eyes were blurred.

An hour later, the fragrance of the wine was intoxicating, and Jack was a little giddy.

He looked at Aisha again. Although she had only drunk a small glass, it was obvious that she was not strong enough to drink. Her small face was red, and her beautiful eyes were drowsy.

Jennifer’s body was also shaking. She got up and sent Aisha back to her room.

When she returned to the living room, Jennifer’s eyes were blurry. Her eyes were filled with love, but there was not a hint of lust in them.

“Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?”

It was unknown whether it was because she was drunk or because her true feelings were revealed, but a hint of shyness appeared on Jennifer’s face. “You make me feel very safe.”

Jack smiled faintly and said, “I’m just here to freeload.”

“If that’s the case, I really hope that you can freeload for a lifetime.” Jennifer’s tone was gentle.

Although Jack was a little high-spirited, his mind was clear. Her words were too profound and caught him off guard.

“Then I’ll owe you a large sum of food fees.”

Jennifer giggled. She was already satisfied with this answer. She did not ask for much because she knew that Aisha liked him.

“I’ll go clean up your room. You’re not allowed to leave tonight.” Jennifer turned around and left after saying that. Her sexy body moved gracefully.

Jack smiled bitterly and waited for Jennifer to come out. “Aren’t you afraid that people will gossip about it if you let me stay the night?”

Jennifer smiled and said, “It’s been so long. I’m alone with Aisha. Do you think people will still bother to gossip about my affairs?”

Jennifer’s heart was very strong. He could see it at a glance, but when it came to Aisha, he had his own judgment.

“Aisha isn’t your biological child, is she? I admire you very much. For her, you sacrificed your youth.”

Jennifer was a little surprised. “How did you know?”

“It’s very simple. In all the photos in your house, the only man is your brother. Aisha is fourteen today. It’s impossible that you gave birth to her when you were in college.”

“You’re amazing. You saw right through it. In fact, I also know that she will find out sooner or later. But I hope that this day will come a little later. Can you help me keep this secret?”

“Of course,” Jack said.

“Thank you!”

“I’m going. You should rest early too.”

Jack got up and went to his room. He was slightly tipsy as he lay on the bed. There was a faint fragrance coming from the sheets. Jack knew with just a sniff that it was the smell of Jennifer.

It was late at night, and the lights in the city were extinguished one by one.

But when everyone fell asleep, there was a group of people who seemed to be on stimulants. They were people who had been surfing the Internet all night.

“Middle Road, Middle Road…F*ck, it’s destroyed.”

“Our resurrection point is surrounded. Where the f*ck did you go? F*ck!”

In the Internet cafe, people who played games were everywhere. When they suddenly met a teammate, they were so angry that they wanted to smash their keyboards.

At this moment, two men left the computer in the corner. One was in his twenties, and the other was fifteen.

The two men came out of the Internet cafe and the young man said, “Why don’t you go get it tomorrow? It’s too late today.”

“Then are you going to starve for the whole night?” The young man waved his hand and said, “Let’s go. It’s very close. I’ll reimburse your Internet bill for the week later.”

When the young man heard this, he no longer hesitated. “Okay!”

Twenty minutes later, the young man drove to a nearby village on a motorcycle.

At this time, there were only a few scattered lights in the village again, and the surroundings were pitch black.

“This is my home.”

The young man opened the door, and the young man saw an old locust tree in the courtyard. When the cold wind blew, the shadow of the tree swayed, like a ghost claw fluttering in the wind. He was immediately frightened and followed closely behind the young man.

Walking into the house, the young man took out a thousand yuan from the drawer and generously took out two pieces and handed them to his companion.

“Two hundred yuan for you.”

The young man’s face lit up.

“Hey, did you see that thing? I made it myself. I named it the Smart Trojan Horse. It’s very fun.”

“What’s so fun about this?”

The young man did not like this thing. He still liked to ride roller coasters. It was much more exciting than this.

“You’ll know once you sit on it. I won’t lie to you.”

The young man put the money into his pocket. He frowned and said, “Are you serious? Let me try.”

Seeing him lie on it, the young man revealed a strange smile.

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