Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Two Numbers

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Bronte’s facial features were completely distorted. He looked hideous and terrifying. In the end, he couldn’t even compare to his eyes when he died. His two eyeballs were completely bloodshot, as if he had contracted pinkeye disease. He glared fiercely at Chapman and the others.

“Don’t look at me. It wasn’t me who caused your death. It was the Death Inquisitor!”

“If you become a ghost, you must help us get out of here alive!”

“Yeah, we didn’t do this to you. If you feel wronged, go to the Death Inquisitor and kill him to avenge yourself.”

The three of them spoke in a low voice. Their faces were filled with fear, so much so that they had even forgotten the pain on their hands.

Looking at the three of them, Jack shook his head without any expression on his face. Now, everyone knew that they were afraid. How could they not be afraid when they pushed Linda down the stairs? Linda’s skull was smashed open on the spot, and her brain matter and blood were mixed together. Her beautiful face was also smashed into pieces. That horrible death was not worse than Bronte’s.

“Is that so? If a dead person becomes a ghost, do you think Bronte will protect you? He didn’t need to die, but you abandoned him, so he will definitely come for revenge. Linda will also come for revenge. Maybe she will stand behind you and watch you,” Jack said.

“Ah! Don’t scare me!” Chris screamed and turned to look behind her.

“There are no ghosts. If there really are ghosts, you won’t be able to live either! You’ve killed so many people! They should seek revenge and come for you first!” Chapman pretended to be calm, but he still felt a chill behind him, as if something was really there.

Grant anxiously said, “Don’t talk nonsense with him. Hurry up and look for the numbers. There are seven minutes left before the explosion!”

Chapman walked to the front of the keypad and pointed. “I’ve already found the first number. It’s on the base. Look!”

The two of them came over to take a look. There was indeed a number on it, but they actually did not notice it.


Looking at the other three keypads, there was also a six on it.

“Looks like the first number is six, but what about the second number? Everyone split up and look!” Chapman said.

Thus, the three of them began a thorough search in the classroom.

“Chapman, come over and take a look. I think I’ve found it,” Chris suddenly called out.

Chapman and Grant immediately ran over and followed the direction of Chris’s finger. They saw the seesaw device under the harvester. There seemed to be a number under the round iron block, and there was a bit of a corner exposed, but if they wanted to see clearly what it was, they had to make the round piece of iron rise up.

“F*ck! We spent so much effort, but in the end, we still couldn’t escape getting our fingers cut off!” Grant said.

Chris began to sob. “My hand hurts so much now. I’m now a cripple. I don’t want to cut my fingers anymore.”

“Are you guys stupid? Bronte is dead. This room is filled with his flesh and blood. Just pick a few pieces and stuff them in!” Chapman said coldly.

“Chapman, you always have a way. I’ll go pick them up right now!” Chris stopped crying.

Soon, Chris picked up a few pieces of Bronte’s flesh and bones. Then, the three of them stuffed the meat into the penknife. It was like a meat grinder. The blade rotated and hit the flesh and bone, making a sound that made one’s teeth ache.

Pieces of meat fell into the small bowl along the thick blood groove. In a short while, the small bowl was filled with human flesh. The seesaw began to move. The small bowl sank, and the round iron block rose. The power was indeed cut off, and the machine stopped.


Seeing this, the audience was unhappy.

“F*ck! They were found so easily!”

“I’m not happy watching this. I was hoping to see them turn their fingers!”

“That Chapman is really smart. The trial of the judge has been broken! However, losing one hand is still okay.”

“It’s okay. These are only two numbers. There are still two more. There are still two more trials to torture. It’s not so easy to let them survive!”

“Don’t worry. Think about it. Was there anyone who escaped the punishment of the Death Inquisitor? There will definitely be even more cruel and bloody torture!”

“It’s hard to say. I keep feeling that something is wrong, but I can’t tell what it is. Let’s continue watching.”

Chapman and the other two filled in the numbers 6 and 8 from left to right.


The classroom door suddenly opened. The three of them looked at each other and quickly ran out.

However, they realized that they had run into another classroom.

Just like the previous classroom, a few tables were scattered in the corner. However, in the middle of the classroom, there were four tables. On them were some props, pliers, thumbtacks, lighters, fruit knives, plastic basins, sticks tied with steel balls, and so on.

In front of the desk, a large LCD monitor was placed in front of the podium. At this moment, it was covered in snowflakes, making a messy sizzling sound.

When the three of them looked at the monitor at the same time, the screen suddenly flashed. The snowflakes disappeared, and the screen showed their names. They were blood-red in color, and against the pitch-black background, they exuded the aura of death.

“Welcome to the death classroom. First of all, congratulations on obtaining two numbers. You are halfway to success. Next, I’m going to play a game with you. You are all very familiar with this game because most of the games are often played by you to your classmates. But today, the host upgraded it a little. After all, it’s not exciting enough without blood, so let’s review it.” As soon as he finished speaking, the screen flashed again.

“Tongue kiss!”

“Bark like a dog!”

“Pull out your fingernails!”

“Press the thumbtacks!”

“Burn your hair!”

“Slap your face!”

“Drink urine and eat shit!”

“Strip your clothes and write!”

There were a total of eight items. The three of them took a look and found that these were indeed very familiar. They had either done these to their classmates or forced their classmates to do these things—bark like a dog, slapped their faces, drink urine and eat shit, and strip their clothes and write. Moreover, they had done it more than once. It was a more commonly used punishment.

“There are eight types of punishment. Originally, each person would be randomly assigned two. Now that Bronte is dead, the three of you will be randomly assigned. After you are selected, the specific punishment requirements will be displayed on the big screen. Those who are not selected will have to help the person who is selected to carry out the punishment. Once all eight types of punishment are completed, the third key number will be obtained. Then, I will tell you the clue to the fourth key number. When that time comes, as long as you successfully find it, you will be able to leave safely. The entire game has a time limit of 20 minutes. Therefore, my suggestion is that each punishment you use should not exceed two minutes. Then, let us begin now!”

Following Jack’s cold and hoarse voice, they heard a sound.

Beep beep beep!

The rapid sound of the timer rang out.

The 20-minute countdown began.

Just then, the screen flashed, and the first question appeared.

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