Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: They All Wanted To Eat Sh*t

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Tongue Kiss: Chapman and Grant tongue-kiss for one minute and touch their lower bodies!

When they suddenly saw this disgusting topic, they were stunned for a moment. Tens of millions of viewers were also unable to react in time.

“Judge, I’m convinced. You’re forcing them to turn gay!”

“What a disgusting scene. Just thinking about that scene is terrifying. Should I watch it or not?”

“It’s torture only if it’s disgusting. I won’t watch it if it’s not disgusting!”

“Didn’t the judge say that most of these were their ways of bullying their classmates? They might have forced their classmates to do it before. The streamer will use their own methods to torture them. I fully support it!”

“Right! I fully support it. It’s just that the punishment feels too light! Will it torture them to death if this goes on?”

“Don’t worry! There will definitely be more vicious games in the future!”

Chapman’s heart was on the verge of collapse at this moment. He had indeed forced the other students to do this before, but he had not touched the lower part of their bodies. When he had been watching from the side, he had felt extremely disgusted. Who would have thought that it would be his turn that day?

Grant was also on the verge of collapse. He had kissed many women, but with men…just thinking about it made him want to vomit.

Chris, who had dodged the first question, said, “We don’t have much time. Isn’t it just a kiss? It’s not like we haven’t done it before. Just close your eyes and treat each other as women!”

“Get lost!”

“That’s easy for you to say!”

Grant and Chapman were furious.

Beep beep beep beep.


There was a sudden explosion, and the entire classroom shook.


Chris’s body trembled, and she directly sat down on the ground.

Chapman and Grant were so scared that they almost peed their pants. They looked up and saw that the bomb on the ceiling was still intact, and it was still counting down.

“Looks like the bomb in that room just now is about to blow up. Come on! I don’t want to die here!” As Chapman spoke, he walked towards Grant. Grant also looked at Chapman.

‘Those lips, that beard…Disgusting!’ Grant thought.

“No, no! I can’t do it!” Grant said.

“F*ck your mother! Do you think I want to do it? It’s not up to us now. Even if I can’t, I have to do it! I want to live! I don’t care if you want to die!”Chapman said as he pulled Grant over. Then, he closed his eyes and kissed him.

Grant was almost forced. After their lips touched, they opened their lips and sucked their tongues. At the same time, their hands touched each other’s lower bodies.

Disgusting! It was so disgusting!

“F*ck! I’m going to throw up!”

“I can’t take it anymore! It’s even more disgusting than I imagined!”

“F*ck! Take a closer look! The two of them seem to have a physiological reaction!”

“Looks like these two people really love each other! The judge even helped them!”

“Although this scene is really too disgusting, I support them coming out for the last time in their lives!”

In fact, Chapman was really disgusted. He had originally imagined Grant to be a woman, but the request to touch his lower body was constantly reminding him that Grant was a man and that Grant had shamelessly become hard. This made him even more disgusted.

Of course, Grant felt the same. He was disgusted, but it was a physiological reaction. As for why he became hard, their hearts were all very resistant!

Chris, on the other hand, was staring at them from the corner of the room.

“One minute is up!” Jack said.

Chapman pushed Grant away then turned around and vomited.


At that moment, the second question appeared on the display.

Slapping: Use a steel rod to hit Chris’s left and right cheek ten times. The sound of the slapping should not be less than 60 decibels!

At the same time, a decibels testing software appeared on the display.

Chris was stunned. She used to slap people 90 times in one go, but she used her hands. But now, to slap her, they were going to use a rod with a wire ball tied to it. That thing was placed on the table. It was thick and long. It was also covered with vertical steel wires. It was very dense, like a steel brush.

If this thing was thrown on the face, it would definitely turn into a bloody mess. There might not even be any skin or flesh left on the face after it would get hit by that. It would be completely disfigured!

“No! I don’t want it!” Chris shrieked.

Chapman snorted, picked up the steel rod on the table, and said, “Grant, grab her!”

“Yes!” Grant said.

“Ah! No, no, no, no, no! I’m begging you! I don’t want to be disfigured!” Chris then started crying.


Chapman did not listen at all. His expression did not change at all. He swung the rod at Chris’s left face. The steel wires directly pierced countless small holes on her smooth and tender face.

“74 decibels!”


“68 decibels!”




After nine slashes, Chris’s cheek was covered in blood. Her skin and flesh had completely rotted away!

The first time hit created a small hole on her cheek. The second hit created another rotten hole. After a few times, it was like using a knife to chop meat. He swung the stick at it and stuck it directly onto it. When he took it off, he noticed that the broken skin and flesh stuck on the rod.


“70 decibels!”

After the last knock, he looked at Chris’s cheek. Pieces of minced meat were hanging on the rod. The middle was pierced through, and blood flowed continuously.

“Ah! Ah Ah! My face, my face! Ah!”

Chris screamed in pain. The bloody minced meat was still falling down piece by piece, and it was very uncomfortable to look at.

At this moment, the third task was displayed on the screen.

Strip and write: Lift up Chris’s shirt and carve the following words on her lower abdomen with a knife—whore, prostitute, bitch, sow.

Meanwhile, Chris had yet to recover from her heartbreak when Chapman came over with the knife again. Chapman and Grant had a tacit understanding. Without speaking and by exchanging glances, Grant immediately pressed Chris onto the table. He lifted up her shirt, revealing her fair and flat abdomen.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“The mission is out. This time, it’s still you. It’s just a few words. It’ll be done very soon!” After Chapman said that, the blade directly pierced into Chris’s abdomen.

“Ah! Ah ah ah ahhhh!”

Chris screamed miserably. Her voice was hoarse.

“Ah! Ah! My daughter! You sons of b*tches! I’m going to kill you all! Ahhh!” Chris’s father, Principal Godwin, roared in front of the computer. His lover had already fainted.

Soon, it was time for the fourth topic.

Drink urine and eat feces: Use a plastic basin to receive urine and feces. After stirring, Let Grant drank it.

Seeing this question, grant heaved a sigh of relief. A smile even appeared on his face.

“I’ll drink! I’ll drink!”

Shortly, it was time for task number five.

Bark like a dog: Chapman kneels on the ground to bark like a dog. Add a clean plastic basin filled with feces and urine.

Chapman also smiled after reading it.

“This is good, I’m just a dog, Woof woof woof!”

Looking at their tasks, Chris’s mental state was extremely unbalanced.

“Why? Why am I not the one who drinks and eats feces? Why am I not the one who barks like a dog? Ahhh…”

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