Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Announcing the Answer To Everyone

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Meanwhile, Task Force Zero was busy.

Ross lit a cigarette and said, “This time, he actually allowed the prisoners to interact with the audience and even handed their lives back to the masses. This time, not only did he respond to the non-live broadcast news of our release, but he also gave us a tight slap in the face!”

Judy was still frantically typing on the keyboard, typing in sequence after sequence of commands.

“It seems like we’re about to break through his firewall!”

“Great! Once we break through it, we’ll announce the answer first! The three of them can’t die!”

Ross was instantly energized. He clenched his fists tightly. After holding it in for so long and being humiliated again and again, he was already very eager to humiliate the judge.



Judy typed in the last command.



But in the next scene, the smile on Judy’s face froze.

They had indeed conquered the firewall of Jack’s livestream room, but it was a trap. After conquering it, all the livestreams on the Internet were instantly copied and cloned by the death livestream room.

The page refreshed, and all the live broadcast rooms became death broadcast rooms!

“F*ck!” Judy, who was usually very polite, couldn’t help but curse.

When her remaining pride was completely played with, Judy suddenly felt extremely helpless and vulnerable.

Ross gritted his teeth fiercely, and then gently patted Judy’s shoulder.

At this moment, the big TV screen was connected to the live broadcast room, but the answer had been removed.

“You three scumbags, do you still want to live? Die there!”

“I’m telling you, the answer is four. Fill it in!”

“It’s clearly eight. Look at how he’s become like this! Do you still want him to die? Others have been tortured to this extent. Give him a chance to live, okay? Listen to me. It’s eight.”

“Yeah. After all, he’s still a child. His ancestors are the future of the country. I can’t just stand by and watch you destroy the future of our country. Believe me, it’s 7. It’s really 7! Big brother won’t lie to you!”

“The judge said it was 2, but you actually lied to them. Even I almost believed you!”

“Son, I’m your father. I’m here to save you. It’s 9. Quickly fill it in!”

“Grandson, I’m late. It’s a 3, it’s a 3, it’s a 3. Fill it in and go home for dinner!”

“Hahahaha! The three of them look confused!”

“The judge’s move is too ruthless, but I like it!”

At the same time, headmaster Godwin, Chapman’s father Atlee, and Grant’s father gathered all their strength and kept sending bullet messages.

“Son, the answer is 6. I’m your father!”

“Daughter, you must see it. It’s 6!”

“When you were young, you were bitten by a dog and had three stitches on the back of your ear. I’m really your father. Fill in 6.”

“Daughter, your quilt is pink. Your favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5. I’m your mother. The answer is 6!”

They posted the bullet comments crazily, but they mumbled about the IQ of the netizens.

“When you were young, you were bitten by a dog and had three stitches on the back of your ear. I’m really your father. Fill in 0.”

“When you were young, you were bitten by a dog and had three stitches on the back of your ear. I’m really your father. Fill in 7.”

“When you were young, you were bitten by a dog and had three stitches on the back of your ear. I’m really your father. Fill in 4.”

“When you were young, you were bitten by a dog and had three stitches on the back of your ear. I’m really your father. Fill in the number 9.”

Tens of thousands of bullet comments swarmed all over the screen. They were densely packed, layer after layer, and the numbers 0 to 9 appeared.

“F*ck! How do we choose a number!”

“F*ck! Which answer is the real one!”

“These bastards deliberately hid the real answer. They’re trying to get us killed!”

All three of them were very confused. The future was looking dimmer at that point.

“I beg you. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’ll go out and surrender immediately, I won’t bully and hurt people anymore. Please tell me the answer. I don’t want to die.” Chris started to cry again.

With this, people became furious again.

“Aiya, look at how sad the little girl is crying. You guys have no compassion! Are your hearts made of stone? What right do you have to kill people? Trust me, little girl, the answer is 2.”

“You idiot. You actually told her the answer. She was acting to deceive us! Do you understand? You big idiot!”

Chris was staring at the bullet screen. That bullet message was completely different from the others. It had gotten crazy on the bullet screen. Chris saw it immediately and was instantly excited.

“I saw it. I saw it. It’s 2. The answer is 2!”


“How are you sure it’s 2?”

“Someone just sent it. Someone even called him an idiot, so I deduced that the answer he gave must be the real answer!”

“That makes sense! It might really be 2!” Grant said.

Listening to their conversation, the audience all smashed their benches at home and slammed the table.

The viewers were really having fun.

“Wahahahaha! Their IQ is really too low. They’re too stupid. I’m dying of laughter!”

“I’m laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. Don’t they know that this world is full of tricks?”

“Honey, bring another bottle of beer over. These three little bastards are about to die.”

However, at this moment, Grant’s father, Principal Godwin, felt as if they were being tortured on their behalf. They were so anxious that they wanted to jump into the computer and give an answer.

“It’s not 2, it’s 6!”

“Don’t put 2! Fill in 6!”

Of course, the bullet comments were cloned by the netizens again.

Chapman and the other two were at a loss again.

Chris suddenly widened her eyes and had a plan in her mind. She cursed loudly, “You bunch of b*stards. Son of a b*tch. Whoever gives me the wrong answer will be hit by a car and die. Your whole family will die! Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off!”

Chapman rolled his eyes and started cursing as well.

“Whoever sends the wrong number. I curse you! Your children will die young. Your wives will be f*cked and raped every day, and their children will belong to others as well. They will be raising children for others for the rest of their lives!”

Seeing this, Grant did not stay idle and immediately joined in. The three of them cursed and cursed in all sorts of ways. It was as unpleasant as it could be, and they did not use the same words. However, during this process, their ugly faces were also exposed.

“They’ve been exposed. Scumbags, go and die!”

“F*ck! This is really an eye-opener. I’ve never heard so many curses in my entire life. This is really a learning experience!”

“I’ve seen it all. I will remember this. The next time you can’t win against someone, take it out and read it!”

“Why do I feel like they have a conspiracy?”

Jack’s face was becoming more serious. That Chris really had some tricks up her sleeve. However, hearing these extremely unpleasant and disgusting words, it had to be said that these curses had a new meaning to them.

But clearly, these three were cursed and would be tortured even more.

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