Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Live Broadcast in the Early Hours of the Morning

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It was one minute past twelve.

Jack let out a maniacal sneer. Marcellus and the other ten people had already been captured by his surveillance system’s camera. The preparations for the live broadcast had already been completed.

“Then, let’s begin!” Shortly, the broadcast popped up on all the major live broadcast platforms on the Internet.

There had been no death broadcast for many days, and viewers have been somewhat sad about it.

Today, as usual, a large audience had been waiting anxiously for a death livestream to start. However, by around 11 o’clock, everyone left the live broadcast believing that nothing would happen that night.

However, at this moment, the live broadcast of death started without any warning. Just like before, the live broadcast room instantly attracted hundreds of thousands of audience members.

“Ahhhh, am I seeing things? The live broadcast of death has started!”

“It’s really the death broadcast room! Quickly inform everyone! There’s going to be a good show today!”

“I’ve been waiting for a few days! It’s finally starting. What kind of criminal is it today?”

“Who cares about the criminal? As long as the execution is exciting and bloody enough, I’ll be satisfied!”

The live broadcast was a treat to many people. The 500 viewers felt like they had won the lottery. It was a late-night surprise.

Meanwhile, it was also Enid and Walker’s wedding day. After sending off their family and friends, they entered a world of their own.

Before the wedding, they were very traditional. They had not booked a room before the wedding, so that night, the two of them were very excited. When the two of them were facing each other naked, Enid blushed shyly, and her breathing became hot.

Looking at his wife’s smooth and fair body, Walker’s body became hot, and he directly pounced on her.


“Be gentle!”

“Oh!” Walker let out a comfortable sound.

Enid’s body melted instantly. She felt like there was a bug in her body biting her, so her long legs hooked onto Walker’s waist and clamped tightly.

At that moment, Walker’s phone rang. “What’s wrong, Albert? Are you calling me at this time? Are you doing this on purpose? You’re done. How dare you disturb me!”

“What are you talking about? The Death Inquisitor has started broadcasting!”

“What? The Death Inquisitor has started broadcasting? Are you for real? Albert, thank you. You’re my brother. I’ll treat you to a big meal tomorrow. Order whatever you want!” Walker said as he burst into laughter.

When Enid heard this, her eyes widened. She kicked Walker with her long legs. Walker cooperatively stepped back, and the two of them separated.

“Hurry, hurry, open the live broadcast room!” Enid urged.

“Right away, right away…”

Just like that, one sent a message to the other. In less than a minute, the number of online viewers in the death broadcast room broke through from hundreds of thousands to five million!

At that point, the broadcast room flashed the names of the ten criminals.

Marcellus: Known as “Brother.” Crimes are drug trafficking, kidnapping, imprisonment, rape, and murder of eight people.

Post: Crimes are drug trafficking, kidnapping, imprisonment, and murder of five people.

Dafasi: Crimes are drug trafficking, kidnapping, imprisonment, and murder of two people.

Pokan: Crimes are drug trafficking, imprisonment, and murder of four people.

Bentham: Known as “Baldy.” Crimes are drug trafficking, imprisonment, and murder of one person.

Mona Lynn: Nicknamed “Sister.” Crimes are drug trafficking, imprisonment, and murder of two people.

Zellman: Crimes are drug trafficking, rape, and murder of three people.

Hitler: Crimes are drug trafficking, rape, and murder of two people.

Grimm: Crimes are drug trafficking, rape, and murder of two people.

Sven: Crimes are drug trafficking, imprisonment, and murder of three people.

In addition, in front of these names, there were positive photos of each of them. Their faces were shown to the audience. After the audience finished watching, they were all very angry. How many people had died because of these people? None of these animals deserved to live!

“F*ck! So many innocent lives! I’m so angry!”

“Don’t say anything else. Just one sentence. Hurry up and die!”

“Another group of scumbags who have poisoned society. I beg the judge to punish them. Behead them all!”

“The criminals in the judge’s live broadcast room are committing more and more serious crimes!”

“I really don’t know where the judge caught them. So many criminals! Where are the police? Where are the police of New York City? What are they doing? Why are there so many criminals evading the law!”

“They’re still talking about the police? They’re all a bunch of trash. They’re using the taxes we paid. The criminals have all been caught by the judge. Why don’t we just give the taxes to the judge?”

The anger of the audience could not be appeased. It was too terrifying and too brutal. They simply could not believe that there was such an executioner in New York City, the wealthiest city in the United States. It was disgusting and terrifying.

When the live broadcast room appeared again, Task Force Zero also took action.

It was worth mentioning that after a few days of investigation, Ross had concluded that there was no substantial progress on the five points. The task force was once again in a passive position.

There was another thing. In Linda’s case, Anthony re-opened the investigation, held a new press conference, apologized to the public, and resigned. However, he left the Special Operations Bureau, but Ross applied to join Task Force Zero, not as a criminal police officer but as a consultant. For Anthony, he was considered lucky to have escaped unscathed.

Everyone quickly came to the meeting room. Ross looked at the big screen and frowned.

“Ten people? Why so many? Didn’t you see our statement? None of these ten people actually called the police for protection?”

Monica said, “Look at the crimes of these ten people. If they are true, they can be sentenced to death several times. If they call the police, they will die. They might as well fight with the Death Judge!”

“These people have long caught the attention of the police. Marcellus is a gang leader, and they sell drugs to students. Chapman and the others were their subordinates. I didn’t mention it at the press conference because I was afraid of alerting them. If the Death Judge hadn’t broadcast this, they would also have been caught very soon anyway,” Anthony said.

Willie widened his eyes and said, “Does that mean that these crimes are real?”

“Yes, most probably,” Anthony said.

“F*ck! These people really deserve to die!” Willie said as he clenched his fists.

Bowman said darkly, “I don’t know how the Death Inquisitor plans to play this time. I hope he doesn’t play the corpse badly this time.”

“Ten people. It’s considered a large-scale multiplayer game. It’s definitely an enclosed space with all kinds of traps! That’s his forte!” Monica said.

Ross’s eyes narrowed slightly. He looked at Anthony and said, “Do we have detailed information about Marcellus and the others?”

“Yes! Oh right. We still have informants watching them!”

Ross could not suppress the excitement in his heart when he heard that.

As long as the informant was not exposed, once the Death Inquisitor got close to Marcellus and the others, he would definitely be exposed to the informant.

Ross instantly had a feeling that he was infinitely close to the answer.

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