Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Wandering Killer

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A few minutes later, the crime announcement ended. Then, the screen flashed, and a villa appeared. A few people were sitting on leather couches and looking at their phones.

However, at this moment, their expressions froze.

“F*ck! Big Brother, how did we enter the live broadcast room?”

“Could it be that he hacked into our cameras? That’s not right. There are no cameras in this living room.”

“What the hell is going on? F*ck!”

“Come out if you’re so brazen. Why are you hiding in the sewer like a rat!”

They started to panic. A sense of fear instantly surged into their hearts. Those past few days had been extremely torturous for them. They were feeling very tense. They could hardly withstand any stimulation.

Suddenly, Jack’s cold voice rang out. “Hello, everyone. I am your host, the Death Judge. Welcome to today’s execution livestream. The identities of the people in today’s broadcast have already been revealed in the beginning. This game is very simple. This livestream will run for 24 hours. During the livestream, I will create all sorts of accidents for you to walk towards death. What you have to do is to avoid death and persevere for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the game will end. If everyone dies within 24 hours, then the livestream will end. Also, let me give you a hint. When the police re-opened the case to investigate Linda’s death, you had already entered the police’s line of sight. Now, you have two choices. One is to wait for the police to come and arrest you and protect you, and the other is to immediately keep running. But I want to remind you that no matter where you run to, death will follow you. He will find you unintentionally! Now, let’s start the game!”

As soon as Jack finished speaking, the bullet screen started to scroll crazily.

“I’m sorry. My IQ is too low. I don’t really understand the rules of the game! Do you have any high-IQ explanations?”

“I don’t quite understand either. I feel like the judge is going to go on stage personally this time!”

“‘Death will follow you.’ This sentence should be the main point, right?”

“The main point is clearly that this live broadcast will last for 24 hours. I won’t go to work tomorrow and will watch the live broadcast all day! It’s too enjoyable!”

“Right, right, right. I won’t go to school tomorrow. This time, I can finally watch enough in one go!”

“F*ck! I won’t go to work tomorrow. If I miss work, they can deduct my salary then. No matter what, I have to watch the live broadcast!”

At the same time, Ross and the others were also stunned. They did not understand what was going on at all.

“He changed the way he played the game…from a fixed location to a wandering crime, from an ambush to a stalker!” Monica took a deep breath and said, “He leveled-up!”

Hart nodded and said, “The crime scene changed from a closed to an open one. The clues we had are useless now. From this point of view, it has just become more difficult to solve the case!”

“Yes, the external environment is a huge factor. However, with me around, we’ll be able to solve this!” Bowman said very confidently.

At that moment, Ross knew that his previous perfect assumption had been broken. He felt as if he had been slapped in the face.

However, he noticed one thing. The Death Judge seemed to know the direction of the police’s investigation and the progress of the investigation. He seemed to know all the details. What did this mean?

‘It seems that we have to re-examine our own personnel!’

This thought flashed through Ross’s mind, then, he thought of something and said, “Does he want to kill them one by one? Close combat or long-range shooting? But no matter what, his upgrade this time will leave more clues for us. He has slowly walked out of the shadows.”

Monica said, “You can say that, but the stalkers are the most dangerous type of serial killers. They will only attack at the right time. They are like ghosts.”

Ross gritted his teeth and said, “Even if he is really a ghost, I will catch him!”

Willie said, “Sir, give the order!”

Meanwhile, at the villa, everyone was looking at Marcellus.

Marcellus looked around the living room and then at the live broadcast. He felt that there was a hidden camera somewhere. This villa had been set up by the enemy, and it was too unsafe to continue staying there. Moreover, the police might come at any time.

“We can’t stay here any longer. Pack your things, and we’ll leave this place immediately!”


Everyone immediately took action.

Then, the live broadcast room automatically turned into separate scenes, showing everyone who was acting alone.

Bentham didn’t move for a long time. He didn’t want to leave. He had been thinking about what the judge said about death following them and finding them unintentionally. He thought that if he rushed too much, he would die faster.

“Baldy, don’t you have anything to pack? We are really leaving this time, and we won’t come back,” Marcellus said coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

“Yes… yes…”

Bentham was so scared that he hurriedly got up, and as he did, his knee hit the coffee table. With a bang, the cup on the table fell, and the water in it flowed out, washing a signature pen on the table onto the floor and then rolling to the side.

“Sorry, Brother Marcellus.” Bentham quickly helped clean up the cup. It was Marcellus’s cup.

“Why do you care about that? Hurry up and pack your things!”


Bentham turned around and was about to go upstairs when he stepped on the signature pen. His foot slipped and he lost his balance.


Bentham shouted and knocked his entire body against the corner of the coffee table. Just as his head was about to hit it, Marcellus kicked the coffee table at the most critical moment. With a bang, a piece of the coffee table fell. However, the entire coffee table moved a dozen centimeters to the left. With a thump, Bentham fell heavily to the floor.


Bentham took a deep breath.

If his head was hit, he would have died. He might even have ended up with a big hole in his skull.

“F*ck! Who threw the pen on the ground? Are you trying to kill me?”

Bentham stood up and kicked the pen. The pen flew out and hit the foot of the sofa. Then, it bounced back. After a few rounds, it stopped on the right side of the coffee table. It was together with the broken corner of the coffee table!


“Exactly. It’s okay if you don’t die from the fall and break your face. It’s such a pity!”

The audience looked regretful. The people in the broadcast were very fast. They finished it in two or three minutes. Bentham was the last one left. They didn’t know why he was so slow.

Marcellus looked at Bentham, who was heading downstairs, and said, “Baldy, do you not want to leave?”

“Of course I want to leave. Let’s go together.”

Bentham immediately quickened his pace and jogged over. Marcellus snorted coldly.


As soon as he said that, Bentham suddenly let out an “Ah.”

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