Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 40 - Accurate Calculation

Chapter 40: Accurate Calculation

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Bentham’s feet slipped. He lost his balance and fell forward. Bentham’s eyes narrowed, and his head went straight for the broken coffee table. The corner of the coffee table had just been kicked to pieces by Marcellus. The sharp glass was like a sharp steel knife waiting for him.


Bentham’s face was filled with despair.


The sharp glass pierced directly into Bentham’s left eye. Blood splattered out, and the eyeball of his left eye was squeezed out. Blood was dripping at the corner of his eye.


Bentham opened his mouth, and a stream of thick blood flowed out. His body moved slightly, and then a stream of turbid urine flowed out of his pants.

No one had expected it!

Bentham had died just like that.

Marcellus and the others were completely dumbfounded.

The audience members in the live broadcast room were also dumbfounded.

“He died just like that?”

“I thought I was wrong! I didn’t think he was going to die!”

“Oh my god. I was a little afraid when I saw it. It’s not that I was afraid of him dying, but the cause of death was too terrifying. He actually slipped and fell twice? The first time became the foreshadowing for the second time!”

“This is so weird. That signature pen actually made a great contribution. I’m also a little scared watching this!”

“No matter what, he’s dead anyway!”

Ross closed the live broadcast bullet screen and frowned. He also sensed something strange. Could it be a coincidence? Could it be that he deserved to die?

At this moment, Jack’s cold and deep voice sounded. “Bentham is out! Please pick up the pen on the ground and open it!”

Marcellus and the others looked at the pen on the ground in unison, as if they were looking at a monster. Their faces were filled with fear.

“Dafasi, you go!” Marcellus said.

Dafasi nodded, but he approached very carefully. Their serious and frightened looks instantly made the audience laugh.

“Is this really a triad? They’re so scared because of a pen?”

“This pen really stole the spotlight. Hahahahaha!”

Dafasi picked up the pen and carefully twisted it open. He found a piece of paper inside, so he pulled it out and unfolded it.

The first person to be tortured, death is right beside you.

—Death Judge.

Seeing this note, the bullet comments went wild again.

“So the pen was just a preliminary punishment!”

“This pen was personally placed by the judge? That’s amazing!”

“Why? What happened? I don’t understand. Someone please explain!”

“Let me put it this way. Without that pen, nothing would have happened. But with this pen, Bentham is dead. It’s that simple!”

“The Death Inquisitor is too powerful. Are these acts really done by a human?”

This pen belonged to the Death Inquisitor! Dafasi stood frozen as he realized this, and all the hairs on his body stood on end.

The one who was even more terrified was actually Marcellus. He was also involved in Bentham’s death! If he had not kicked the coffee table away, Bentham would have smashed his head. But because he had done so, he was dead!

This wasn’t logical.

This was completely illogical.

It was all too strange!

Could the Death Inquisitor predict the future?

Marcellus was so confused. There were so many thoughts in his head, and he couldn’t explain them. The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became. He thought that he wouldn’t be afraid, but now, after seeing what the Death Inquisitor could do, he realized that he had broken down.

The opponent was too terrifying.

Meanwhile, Ross’s eyebrows sank even deeper.

Just now, he had speculations about how the Death Judge was doing all these stunts.

Now, he could be sure that there was no coincidence at all. Everything was premeditated.

Ross shook his head.

It did not make sense. How could he know that Bentham would definitely knock over the cup and then put a signature pen in the direction of the current? How did he know that it would be washed down by the water? Why did their actions seem to have been designed by the Death Judge?

The corner of Judy’s mouth twitched slightly. The previous incident had dealt a huge blow to her. She had been in a very bad mood for the past few days, and she had not said a single word that night.

“Did you know? Scientists once said that when a human’s brain usage rate reaches 30%, one would be able to see through the laws of things. From there, one would be able to see through the changes in the situation and predict the outcome.”

“Has this theory been proven scientifically?”

“No, it’s just a hypothesis at the moment, but—”

“All right, stop talking. You just need to keep an eye on where the money in the broadcast room has gone!” Ross said. He did not believe that such a person existed, and he would not allow such a person to exist in New York City.

Bentham’s death had undoubtedly cast a shadow over the hearts of Marcellus and his other companions.

“Death is right beside us…” Marcellus repeated this sentence. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. “F*ck! Check your bags. Check your things. Make sure you aren’t carrying anything that doesn’t belong to you!”

His companions understood what he meant. They immediately checked their bags, but they realized that other than the pen, everything else belonged to them.

“All right, let’s go!”

Marcellus waved his hand, and everyone went out of the villa.

“Check the cars! Quick!” Marcellus ordered. The Death Inquisitor could have put the pen on the coffee table in the living room, and no one had seen him before, so he might have set up a trap in the car.

They checked the three cars inside and out, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Marcellus took out a pistol from his waist and said, “Everyone, split up. Post, Pokan, and Mona Lynn, you will follow me in a car. Now, check your equipment. If you are blocked by the police, remember to save the last bullet for yourself!”


Crack crack crack!

The nine of them were in two cars, and the engine roared.

“Brother, something’s wrong. This live broadcast—”

Marcellus said, “I’ve already seen it. It’s hard to explain!”

“Could he have hacked into our phones and used the camera of our phones?” Mona Lynn covered the camera with her hand as she spoke, but the live broadcast was still perfect.

“It’s no use. I’ve already tried. Unless there’s a hidden camera in this car, a ghost must be behind this!” Marcellus said.

“What do we do now? The police must be watching the live broadcast too!”

“Let’s watch it. If we don’t go there, they won’t be able to find us. Now, everyone, switch your phones to flight mode. After 24 hours, the live broadcast will be over, and everything will be over,” Marcellus said.

“What about Zellman and the others?”

“They know what to do!”

At this time, in another car, Zellman was driving while lowering the car window. Then, he reached out his hand to avoid the camera lens that was nowhere to be seen. Then, he opened a piece of paper that Zielman had given him.

“Turn off all your phones. After 24 hours, gather at the same place!”

After reading the note, Zellman tore it a few times and tossed it as it was blown away by the wind.

“Zellman, where are we going now?”

“Don’t ask any questions. Turn off all your cell phones now!” Zellman said.


Seeing that everyone was on the road, Jack took his wallet and went out.

After calling a taxi, Jack sat in the passenger seat and said, “Take the Fifth Avenue to the city hospital. Thank you.”

The driver looked at Jack and asked, “Are you not feeling well?” He found it a little strange that he would ask to take the long route when he was sick.

Jack nodded and said, “It’s all right. It’s just that my stomach hurts a little. Don’t drive too fast.”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll drive steadily!”

The old driver went on his way.

As the car was passing the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, Jack casually took out a cigarette and threw away the empty cigarette case.

“May I smoke?” Jack asked.

“Go ahead. It’s okay.”

Jack lit a cigarette and put his right hand out of the window. There was a steel ball the size of a peanut between his little finger.

After taking a few puffs, Jack flicked the ash off the cigarette and released his little finger. The steel ball fell to the ground and rolled back.

The steel ball rolled all the way to the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. At this time, the cigarette case that Jack threw was blown by the wind and moved to the side. At this time, the steel ball just rushed into the cigarette case. Because it rolled all the way down, it was very fast, and the cigarette case slid on the ground.

When the cigarette case slid to the middle of the road, a black car from the west turned left and drove past it. It happened to press on the bottom edge of the cigarette case.

With a puff, the cigarette case was pressed. The steel ball inside was pressed to one-third of its original size. As a result, it shot out at an extremely high speed toward the northwest, like a marble shot from a gun.

At this time, a black SUV from the north turned right.


The window was half open, and the ball of steel hit the driver’s temple. The driver was Zellman.

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