Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Kill Your Son To Get the Key


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“Don’t let him catch up!”

“He’s already upstairs!”

“Did he really cut open his own son’s stomach with a knife? I’m a little afraid to watch!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Isn’t that the whole point of clicking this? To watch something exciting? Besides, both father and son are animals. The more miserable they are before they die, the better!”

While the bullet screen was being flooded with comments from the viewers, Bowen had already climbed to the room where his son, Little Bowen, was.

He saw the iron box, which contained the knife, from a distance.

Bowen immediately grabbed the iron box and reached in with his right hand.

“He didn’t hesitate at all. It seems that he really doesn’t think of his son as a fellow human being.”

“Of course! He and his son aren’t even human to begin with!”

“I’ve never felt time pass by so slowly like this!”

Bowen reached into the iron box with his right hand and groped around the box. Soon, he felt the handle of the knife and gripped it tightly.

However, when he was about to take the knife out, he realized that there was something on his wrist that kept him from pulling out his right hand.

Bowen then realized that there were four blades around the opening of the iron box. The sharp edges of the blades were pointed inwards.

It was easy to dig into the box because the blades were facing down, but as he tried to pull out his hand, he felt the four blades cutting his wrist.

The blades were very sharp, and he could feel the pain just by touching it lightly.

In Bowen’s first few attempts to take out his hand, the four blades had already cut his right wrist.

Almost instantly, a yellowish-green liquid was seen dripping from his wrists. It was the muscle solution, and it was tainted with tinges of his fresh blood. The scene was extremely disgusting and horrifying!

“F*ck! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Although I want to watch these two animals die, it’s too scary. I’ll retreat first.”

“It’s too disgusting! I’m not watching anymore. I’m waiting for the news of their tragic death. That has to be good news!”

As expected, the viewers of the live broadcast were disgusted by this scene. The popularity of the live broadcast room instantly dropped by five million.

However, it was not too big of an impact. Although many of the viewers left, they were still interested in the goings-on in the live broadcast room. They were still eagerly waiting for any news.


A scream came from the live broadcast room. The nerves in his hands had become more sensitive because of his shrinking and dissolving muscles. He had never experienced pain like that before. Bowen screamed in pain.

“Please let me go! If you let me go, I will give you money—any amount of money you want!”

Bowen begged for mercy while crying bitterly.

“You still have 6 minutes and 30 seconds until your death. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds left before you lose the ability to move.”

In response to Bowen’s pleas, only one cold response was heard.

Bowen was so angry that his face, which was already melting, had become even more twisted and weird-looking.

“Just you wait! When I get out, no matter how much money I spend, I will kill you! No! I will not let you die! I will make you regret that you were ever alive! You will beg me to kill you!”

After saying this, Bowen seemed to have made up his mind.

He took off his leather shoes and stuffed them into his mouth without caring about whether they were dirty or not.

Then, with his left arm, he hugged the iron box tightly. With his right hand, he pulled hard!

“Ah!!!” he roared.

Thick red blood flowed. It was tainted with large tinges of yellow-green liquid!

The entire skin on his right hand was completely peeled off. It looked as though he was wearing surgical gloves.

Because most of his muscles had already dissolved, there was almost nothing to hold his bones and joints together. His little finger and ring finger were also torn off!

There were not many muscles wrapped around his fingers, and his bones were slowly becoming visible.

At this moment, the shape of Bowen’s right hand could no longer be seen, and he could no longer hold the hilt of the knife.

The hilt fell to the ground, and Bowen also fell to the floor and wailed in pain.

“I’ll be honest. At first, I scolded the judge for giving us a clickbait title. Now, I apologize. This is simply too exciting!”

“It’s too bloody! This is much more exciting than those R-rated movies!”

“After watching the live broadcast of the judge, it will be difficult to watch those tacky R-rated movies in the future.”

“Didn’t anyone notice that Bowen can no longer get up? This time, he’s dead for sure!”

“Is there a more exciting live broadcast than the live broadcast of the Death Judge?”

“Even if something of this sort existed, it can’t possibly be broadcast like this. Who else would have the same software used by the judge? His live broadcast didn’t end even when the server was shut down!”

“What are you thinking about? It’s even more exciting than this and it can directly scare you until you faint!”

The bloody and horrifying scene stirred up discussions. The atmosphere in the live broadcast room had reached its peak.

Suddenly, Jack spoke again in a colder tone. “One minute until you lose your ability to move.”

Such a small scene was not enough to make Jack react.

Jack’s cold voice was streaming into Bowen’s ears. Bowen felt like it was the countdown of his life.

Forcefully enduring the pain in his right hand and his entire body, Bowen used his left hand, which still had five intact fingers, to pick up the knife that had fallen to the ground.

Then, he closed his eyes and raised the knife. He suddenly stabbed at Little Bowen, who was lying on the ground. He crazily scratched Bowen’s stomach back and forth.

Perhaps because his muscles had already dissolved, what was a light knife was like a heavy dumbbell in Bowen’s hands, and his movements were very slow.

Bright-red blood mixed with yellow liquid from Little Bowen’s intestines splashed all over Bowen’s face.

When his son’s belly had been cut open, Bowen opened his eyes and reached in to feel.

Again, Bowen heard a voice. “You have 50 seconds left until you lose the ability to move.”

However, because Bowen had used a knife to cut the organs in his son’s belly, they had been completely torn apart and mixed together. The whole scene looked eerie and disgusting, as if a bucket had been placed in a pool of mud. There was no trace of the key at all.

“I was wrong. There is a live broadcast that is even more exciting than the judge’s—his live broadcast in the next minute!”

“I want to watch, but I don’t dare to.”

“This son of a bitch is already dead! This bastard is next!”

The audience in the live broadcast room held their breaths as they stared at the screen with their eyes wide open. They were all as nervous and excited, as if they were at the scene.

There were nearly 50 million viewers around the world. They watched as an ugly, monster-like man fumbled around in his son’s stomach with bare hands.

“There are 40 seconds left until you lose your mobility,” the voiceover stated.

At this moment, Bowen stopped.

A smile appeared on his twisted face. He raised his left hand while trembling. In his left hand was a piece of an unrecognizable organ. In it was a bloody key.

Meanwhile, on the other side, in the bustling office of the 77th Precinct of the New York City Police Department…

Theodore looked at the screen in front of him with a very ugly expression.

In the live broadcast, they all saw that Bowen had personally killed his son in front of nearly 50 million people. He, along with many other viewers, felt that such a person might have been capable of committing the savage acts that the Death Judge had mentioned.

There is no perfect crime, as they say. It was impossible for vicious criminals to not leave a single trace. In spite of this, the New York police had yet to figure out who was behind all those killings. Somehow, the puzzle was starting to make sense.

However, the chief also felt that because of this broadcast, the New York Police Department’s incompetence had just been revealed to the entire world.

Even if Bowen survived, there was a high probability that he would be sentenced to death. However, saving him and putting him on trial would give the New York police force a chance to redeem themselves.

“He has the key!” someone in the police station shouted.

“Did you ask for the blueprints of the building?”

“Chief, I’ve just contacted them! They’re almost here!”

“Contact them immediately!”


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