Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Arrive at the Main Entrance

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Inside the building, meanwhile, Bowen was struggling to climb to the corridor.

He was looking at the corridor in front of him and pondering on his options. With his current physical condition and the fact that he only had thirty seconds left, he figured that if he climbed to the first floor as he normally would, it would definitely be too late.

“The end has already been decided. He still has 30 seconds left. Climbing to the first floor definitely won’t be enough. Let’s see if the police will arrive before he actually dies.”

“He has only 30 seconds left before he loses his mobility. However, he still has more than 5 minutes and 30 seconds before he dies. The police might arrive soon.”

“Latest news, everyone. I live nearby. I just saw the police car go by. It’s driving very fast. I think it’ll be there in about four to five minutes.”

“Is there any brave warrior out there who can drive there and just block the road?”

“There’s no need to block it. So many people saw him kill his son with his own hands. Moreover, the judge has already told us the time, place, and method of his crime. Even if the police arrive, he will still be sentenced to death.”

“That’s right. No matter how affluent he is, he won’t be able to escape this time. We better worry about whether the judge will be able to escape or not. If the judge is caught by the police, he won’t be given a death sentence, but he will surely be brought to prison. The minimum sentence for such a crime will be a few decades. I hope the judge doesn’t get caught.”

Bowen then thought of something. He moved to the side of the steps.

He made up his mind! Suddenly, he rolled himself down!

With the extent of the damage on his muscles and with his other injuries, he should not have been able to move anymore.

But at that moment, Bowen only wanted to live.

Nothing else mattered. He only wanted to stay alive!

With his wealth and status, so what if he ends up being disabled? Who cares?

He basically has a lot of money to spend, and he could just hire beautiful women to take care of him every day for the rest of his pathetic life!

Even if he would be sent to prison, he could still live a vacation-like life in prison!

The worst thing that could happen is if he would be sentenced to death!

He could spend a large amount of money to bribe the people of the court. He had loads of money, and there were plenty of people who were willing to die for him!

“F*ck! That’s too ruthless! Just get out of here!”

“What’s the point of living in that state? If it were me, I’d rather die!”

“Living is useless. Living is worse than dying!”

“It would be better if he died like this, but you have to know how much money he has. If he ends up living after this, he will still be able to live comfortably! With his wealth, no one would care if he’s a monster. He could still have as many beautiful women as he wants!”


Bowen rolled down and hit the wall, breaking a few bones.

However, he did not feel much pain. Compared to the intense pain of his muscles dissolving, the pain of his bones breaking could be ignored.

Surprisingly, he used the same method again. He rolled down another flight of stairs!

“You have 30 seconds left until you lose your ability to move.”

Another countdown warned Bowen, striking his fragile nerves.

He did not care about the few broken bones in his body!

Just like that, Bowen rolled down the stairs again and again.

Very soon, he was on the first floor.

At that moment, only Bowen’s skull had remained intact. Everything else in his body was broken.

The remaining three fingers on his right hand were all broken. Like a tree branch that had been run over by a car, they were twisted in three different directions. The finger bones pierced out from the middle and stuck to his shaking hand. His skin was hanging on the surface of his hand, and it looked like it would fall off at any time.

His left shoulder was also broken, and his entire arm was twisted to the back. One of his knees seemed to be completely nonexistent. The lower leg was bent from the front to the thigh, and a long leg bone protruded from the back of the knee.

His entire body was in such a strange and twisted position. From time to time, mucus mixed with muscle solution and blood flowed out from all over his orifices.

He looked like a sack filled with branches and flesh, or like a piece of meat that was beginning to rot.

“I vomited! It’s too disgusting!”

“He’s no longer human!”

“Looking like that, he wouldn’t even need makeup or special effects to act in horror movies!”

“That’s not right! There aren’t such disgusting and weird monsters in horror movies!”

“Hurry up and die! I can’t help but vomit! If you don’t die, I won’t watch anymore. I really can’t watch anymore!”

“Keep watching. You’ll regret it for a month if you don’t. As for me, I know I won’t have the chance to watch such a strange live broadcast in the future. l will surely regret it for the rest of my life!”

“Look! He’s still moving!”

The countdown sounded again!

“Twenty seconds left until loss of mobility.”

Bowen could already see the main entrance of the building. The main entrance of the building was very sturdy!

He only needed to open the main entrance. He believed that if the ambulance would arrive before the end of the countdown, he could still be saved!

In the worst-case scenario, by the time the police broke the door down, he would already be drenched in cold water.

Looking at the main door not far away, Bowen’s will to survive was aroused!

Using his completely damaged body, he moved towards the main door bit by bit.

The distance between them was slowly pulled closer.

“Ten seconds until complete loss of mobility.”

Just as Jack’s cold voice sounded off again, Bowen had already moved to the front door.

Since his left shoulder was already broken, he could only release his left hand and throw the key on the ground. He picked it up with his mouth and inserted the key between the two fingers of his right hand.

Bowen raised his right hand and raised the key high, approaching the keyhole.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something.

He suddenly stopped.



As Jack coldly started counting down, Bowen started to struggle crazily, but he could only turn around on the spot.

“He can’t stand up anymore! His hand can’t reach the keyhole! He can’t open the lock!”

“This idiot! He fell down the stairs, so both his legs are broken!”

“I think I heard a siren. I hope the police doesn’t make it in time!”

No matter how much Bowen struggled, he couldn’t reach the keyhole.



As Jack’s voice fell, Bowen stopped struggling.

He was lying on the ground in front of the main entrance of the building. He was not moving anymore.

“Five minutes until death.”

Jack’s low and cold voice seemed to contain a hint of mockery.

“Bowen has lost his ability to move. His last chance relied on whether the police would arrive soon and whether they would be able to break the door in five minutes.”

Meanwhile, back at the police station…

“Where are you guys?!” Director Theodore’s furious voice echoed in the police station.

“Reporting to the director—we are still about four minutes away from the target’s location!”

“You must arrive in four minutes!” Theodore roared.


“Bowen failed to open the main door. You will directly break in from the side, where the defense is weaker!”


Chief Theodore hung up the phone. His hands were trembling.

If they were unable to save Bowen, the integrity and competency of the New York Police Department would be questioned. His position as chief would probably be in danger.

“Where is the ambulance?”

“The hospital is close. The ambulance is almost there!”

“Tell them to wait for us to break the door.”

“Yes, Chief!”

The live broadcast was still focused on Bowen.

On the screen, Bowen, who had already lost his human form, fell in front of a thick and luxurious door.

This door was like a checkpoint to the underworld, separating life and death.

The sirens in the live broadcast were getting louder and louder, as if they were almost there.

“One minute to death.”

“Go, go, go! Break in through the side door!”

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