Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: A Design That Was Accurate To the Second

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

Following a series of gunshots, the scene in the live broadcast room began to rotate.

The police officers had already started to break the door from the side, and the gunshots continued to ring out.

“Remember not to empty your magazines. The criminal might still be hiding in the building!”

Chief Ross, who held the highest position at the scene, reminded his police officers to save their ammo.

Very soon, the lock on the side door was shattered by the gunshots.

“Quick! Kick the door!”

Under Ross’s command, a few police officers kicked the side door together and directly knocked the side door to the ground.

“Block the medical staff in the middle! Follow me in!”

A few police officers rushed in with the medical staff.

“Thirty seconds left until death,” Jack said once again.

He “considerately” counted down the time.

“Don’t let them save Bowen!”

“Does the judge have any other ideas? Hurry up and kill Bowen. Don’t let him be saved!”

“I’m too nervous. I won’t dare to watch anymore. If I see Bowen being saved, I might have a heart attack!”

“I want to rush over and kill him now!”

“Trust the Death Judge! He hasn’t made any mistakes so far. Everything has been planned very accurately!”

Another barrage of bullets flew past.

“Quick, quick, quick! Medical staff, go and save them!”

The medical staff immediately rushed to Bowen’s side. A few police officers also circled around them, blocking and protecting Bowen and the medical staff in the middle. They were on high alert in case the judge had any other tricks up his sleeve.

A doctor who looked to be the oldest, anxiously shouted, “Give me the antidote and epinephrine!” He kept waving his hand to signal to the nurse beside him.

They had already brought a few types of antidotes for the muscle dissolving medicine before they set off. They had also watched the live broadcast on the way. Through Bowen’s symptoms, they could already determine which type of medicine he had drunk.

The nurse quickly took out two syringes and two bottles of medicine from the first-aid kit.

She skillfully drew the medicine into the syringes.



Jack also began the final countdown.

The audience in the live broadcast room was also extremely nervous at that moment. No one sent bullet messages, and they were all waiting for the final result.

The nurse had just picked up Bowen’s broken left arm and was about to inject it when the doctor stopped her.

“We can’t inject him like this. His muscles have already dissolved. It won’t be easy to find his blood vessels. Moreover, there are so many fractures. His blood vessels might be damaged. Even if we inject him, it will still leak out. We can only inject him internally. Give it to me. I’ll inject him.”

The doctor quickly explained the reason and grabbed the syringe.

“One.” Jack finished stating the last second of the countdown.

The doctor suddenly stabbed the needle into Bowen’s left chest.

With a muffled bang, the broken parts of Bowen’s limbs spurted out muscle solution and blood.

The mixture splashed onto the doctors, nurses, and the surrounding police officers.

“What happened?! He was fine just now. Why did he suddenly spurt out blood?”

Chief Ross, who had always been hot-tempered, asked when he saw what was happening.

“He’s dead!” the doctor replied.

“How did he suddenly die?! Are you really consider yourself a doctor? Are you saving people or killing people?!” Ross knew the negative impact of this matter, and he could not help but curse.

After the doctor heard it, he held back his temper and explained, “The patient’s muscle dissolution was too severe, and his injuries were too severe. His heart could not withstand the injection and exploded.”

“F*ck! F*ck!” Ross angrily kicked the French window with his leather shoes to vent his anger.

Following the doctor’s explanation, his anger reached a few points, but the viewers in the live broadcast room were indeed extremely happy.


“A heart explosion. That kind of death is suitable for that bastard!”

“Correction—upstairs, he was already having a heart explosion just from being tortured.”

“Look at that sheriff. He’s actually still angry about this scumbag’s death! As a New Yorker, I really feel ashamed to have such a sheriff!”

“It’s too scary. I’m going to have a nightmare tonight!”

“The judge is too cool! Every step he takes is calculated to the extreme, not missing a second!”

“He executed the criminal in front of the police. The judge is too strong! From today onwards, the judge is my idol!”

“He’s a hero who walks in the darkness!”

“He’s also my idol. Can the judge help me kill someone?”

“I also want to ask the host to kill someone! That person is also a scumbag! He has done many evil things. He deserves to die!”

At this moment, the live broadcast room had been dominated by bullet comments. All kinds of gifts were constantly being rewarded to other viewers. Those who did not know would think that it was a holiday.

Jack, who was hiding in the darkness, smiled slightly. His gaze fell on Sheriff Ross. He was about 35 years old, had blond hair, a long face, and was 1.8 meters tall.

“We will meet again. This is just the beginning.”

After saying that, he closed the live broadcast room.

“This death trial has ended. The verdict has been successful. The difficulty level of this death trial is being reviewed…The review has been completed. The difficulty level of this death trial is medium. Rewards received—100 trial points. Unlocked Scene: Snowy Train.”

Following that, a transparent attribute panel that belonged to Jack appeared in front of him.

Death Judge: Jack Norton

Age: 22

Personality: calm, rational

Combat Power: 50

Current unlocked scenario: Snowy Train

Jack took a casual look at the unlocked scenario.

Snowy Train: a scenario suitable for multi-target trials. The designer can use the scenario to create a variety of rules to judge the target for execution.

Also, on the right side of the attributes panel, Jack found that there were three major options: live broadcast scene, host’s ability, and the item store.

He opened them one by one. In the live broadcast scene, there were all kinds of unique scenes, such as Chainsaw Fright, Secret Room Death, Horror Street, and so on.

Among the host’s abilities, there were speed, strength, agility, flash, dizziness, and so on.

Finally, there was the item store, which had a complete range of items. There were soundproof cards, elevator control cards, lighting and sound effects cards, signal blocking cards, and so on. It could be said that it had everything.

However, all of the above items, whether they were scenes, abilities, or items, were expensive. If one wanted to use them, they would have to spend judgment points. They could be used as one-time consumables, or they could be bought out permanently. However, the judgment points were also hard to earn. Even the cheapest soundproof card would cost 10 judgment points.

After Jack carefully read through all of them, the corners of his mouth became more and more wanton. A hint of confidence and contempt that could not be hidden flashed in his eyes. With the help of the judicial system and with his talent and intelligence, who could beat him? Whoever he wanted to kill would have to die. No sinner could be his opponent!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the financial building…

“Chief, what do we do now?” a police officer asked.

The angry Ross forced himself to suppress his anger and said, “You guys go and guard all the doors and lock down the entire building. When the others arrive, search the entire building!”


Not long after, the other people from the police station rushed over and carried out a thorough search.

“Chief, the security guards have been found. They’ve all been drugged in the basement.”

The news made Ross so angry that he wanted to kick the bulletproof glass of the building to pieces.

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