Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Police

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The front door of the building was not locked at all!

In other words, Bowen and the entire police station were all fooled by this judge!

If Bowen had pushed the door directly instead of smashing the glass when he first arrived downstairs, then he could have easily survived!

If the police had not broken through the side door but tried to break through the front door, then they could have saved Bowen!

However, none of them did. The judge deliberately left such a big hole in the unlocked front door, as if it was to tease and mock all of them!

Such a simple thought trap easily fooled everyone. All the strange and abnormal events that Bowen encountered at the beginning made them subconsciously choose to completely believe the judge’s words.

This was not the most ironic part.

According to the information provided by the doctor after the incident, it was impossible to accurately predict how many minutes the victim had until he would lose the ability to move. Moreover, when Bowen drank the water, there was no scale to measure how much he drank.

The judge’s countdown was meant to pressure Bowen psychologically. If the judge had not made a countdown or if Bowen had chosen not to listen, then he would have been able to continue moving for a few minutes, and he would not have died so early!

A fake countdown? An unlocked main door?

The policemen felt humiliated as they pondered on their incompetence. They looked extremely gloomy.

After that, the search of the building was completed. The bodies of both Bowen and Little Bowen were sent to the forensic department for an examination. The bottle of water from which Bowen drank, the knife that was used to cut open Little Bowen’s stomach, the iron box, and all other evidence were sealed and taken away for examination.

Meanwhile, at One Police Plaza, the headquarters of the New York Police Department, the officers were discussing what had transpired and how it affects them.

“You guys…”

In the conference room, Chief Superintendent Terrence’s expression was ugly. He wanted to say something, but he did not know what to say. He had been a police officer for so many years, but he had never been humiliated like that. He had never lost such a person.

“What do you want me to say? So many people have been played by a criminal! If you’re not embarrassed about this whole fiasco, well I am! The entire United States—no, the whole world—now knows how stupid we New York police officers are!”

Terrence snorted and continued, “Fortunately, the judge didn’t mention this during the live broadcast. If he did, we’ll be the biggest joke of the century!”

At the mention of this matter, everyone at the scene fell silent and lowered their heads.

At that moment, Chief Theodore stood up and looked at Chief Superintendent Terrence.

“Chief, I didn’t handle this matter properly. It has nothing to do with anyone else. I should be the one in charge. I’m willing to accept the punishment!”

Someone then stood up and spoke. “Chief Theodore cannot be entirely blamed for this matter. It happened too suddenly and within a limited amount of time. We could have easily fallen into the trap of the murderer. Moreover, we can see that this so-called judge has a very high IQ. He deliberately left the front door unlocked. He is extremely confident. Not only is he an expert in psychology, but he also has a very high anti-detection ability. There was not a single clue left at the scene. Even the sound of the live broadcast was specially handled. I suggest that you hand this case over to the Special Operations Bureau. The bureau is more experienced in handling such complex crimes.”

The person who said this was the director of the Special Operations Bureau of the New York Police Department, Anthony. His work ethics were similar to Theodore’s. The Special Operations Bureau and the 77th Precinct of the New York Police Department had been fighting for many years, and this time was no exception.

When Theodore heard his sworn enemy’s words, an unsightly expression washed over his face, and he said, “I messed up the matter myself. I will make up for it myself, and I will catch the murderer!”

Chief Superintendent Terrence glanced at Theodore. “All right. From today onwards, the New York Police Department will set up a special task force. You will be the team leader. I will transfer elites from each bureau to you. No matter who the murderer is, you must catch him within seven days!”

“Yes, sir!”

Terrence nodded and said, “Tonight, the Special Operations Department will act immediately. Investigate those four cases immediately. Also, send someone to the art museum in Queens to look for the bodies of high school students and see if they can find them. I still have to report to my superiors. The impact of this case is too bad. If we are not careful, we will all be suspended.”

“Chief, we—”

Anthony was still unwilling to give up. He wanted to continue fighting, but Terrence sighed and walked out of the meeting room without looking back.

“Set off immediately and head to the art museum in Queens!”

“Yes, sir!”

When Anthony arrived with his men at the art museum in Queens, the museum was already surrounded by people. A few people were sitting at the entrance of the museum. They were crying very sadly, attracting a lot of onlookers.

Someone sighed loudly and said, “This family has been looking for the child for several years. They thought the child had run away from home, but he was buried in a museum not far away.”

Another person said, “The murderer hasn’t been caught for so many years. These police officers are really wasting our taxpayers’ money!”

“And that homeless man who was boiled alive? I’ve seen him in the square before. He’s so pitiful!”

“I really don’t know what kind of person would do such a beastly act. If it weren’t for the judge, not to mention us, even the police wouldn’t have known about this!”

“We can’t be sure if they really didn’t know. They might have been bribed! Think about how many crimes Bowen had committed. How could they not have had any clues? Think about how much money he had. He could have easily bribed the police, right?”

“I think so too. Tonight, that Bowen just looked so stupid. He didn’t seem like someone who would commit a crime without leaving a trace!”

“Fortunately, Bowen has been tortured to death. Otherwise, these people who died—their families would never have known the truth! Speaking of which, we have to thank that judge!”

“Yeah! He’s a hero who walks in the darkness! A real hero!”

Anthony listened to the discussions of the people around him. He didn’t expect that a murderer with cruel methods would suddenly become a hero. He had the support of so many fans and the public.

Moreover, the New York police force was being questioned like this.

If that was the case, it would be more difficult to solve the case.

However, Anthony himself also had some doubts. Did Bowen really bribe the people of the police force? Or was the police really so stupid that they didn’t find any clues?

“Theodore, in seven days, if you can’t solve the case, I will apply,” Anthony said in a low voice.

After knowing the clues, Anthony led the police officers around the museum and used a shovel to turn the place upside down.

After finding the victim’s bones, the grieving family ran over to hold the bones. However, because the bones needed to be submitted to the lab for a forensic examination, Anthony tried hard to calm the family down and explain the situation to them.

Throughout the night, all the NYPD officers searched for the bodies of the victims.

After the investigation, the four cases were all as the judge had said. They were all crimes committed by Bowen. The nature of the crimes was extremely bad, but the NYPD did not announce the results of the investigation so as not to cause a more negative impact.

The next day, Jack checked his phone as soon as he woke up. he had received more than a dozen push messages. They were all about the live broadcast of the trial.

He’s hot again.

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