Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Facing up To Chief Ross

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Death Judge’s Live Broadcast Room: Live Broadcast Judge Challenging the Police’s Bottom Line!

Death Judge: Live Broadcast of Execution and Murder!

Victims’ Families Expressed Their Gratitude To Death Judge for Sentencing Philemon Bowen!

Death Judge: Hero or Criminal?

Bowen Oil Boss Philemon Bowen Was Sentenced To Death in Live Broadcast, Bowen Oil’s Stock Price Plummeted!

Was He a Death Judge or a Vicious Thug? Was He a Hero Walking in the Dark or a Devil Venting His Desires?

He Was a High-IQ Criminal! His Was a Perfect Design That Was Accurate To the Second!

There were many headlines like this, one after another. All of them had popped up all over the Internet.

Jack glanced at them, but none of them were about the front door being unlocked or the fake countdown. A smile appeared on Jack’s face, and he randomly clicked on one. He did even bother reading the article. He went straight to the comments section of the netizens.

“He’s not a hero or a criminal. He is a civilian law enforcer!”

“That’s right! He’s a civilian law enforcer. He only did what everyone wanted to do because nobody knew how to do it or nobody dared to do it!”

“Of course he’s a hero. He is the nemesis of evil! The other criminals who have not been arrested should be careful. You might be next!”

“I think he did the right thing.”

“That’s right! I only care if he killed the people who deserved to be killed. This Bowen’s crimes are simply abnormal! Just based on this point alone, I support him!”

“No matter how hateful or how big of a crime this Bowen committed, he should be handed over to the police to be dealt with by the law! Carrying out an execution privately is a crime. He is a criminal!”

Most of the comments were in support of Jack’s execution. The few comments that reprimanded the judge were immediately drowned out by the angry netizens.

Jack turned off the news and smiled. He did not want to be a dark enforcer or a nemesis of evil. He was not a saint. His goal was simple. He wanted to become stronger. However, the only way to become stronger was through the death trial live broadcast.

Of course, he also liked this kind of game where one’s IQ was crushed. He felt an indescribable excitement as he watched these sinners walk towards death one by one.

After washing up, Jack went out. He had been in this world for a month. He was not like other typical male protagonists. Others, after transmigrating, would plagiarize novels, songs, or movies with the help of the system. By that, they would become famous or earn money. Others would embezzle large amounts of money and would manipulate hot, beautiful women to surround them. Such characters would be at the peak of their lives.

But Jack also had his own job. He was a security guard at the Empire State Building.

It was also worth noting that every time he went on air, the viewers would take a random cut of the money and transfer it through the International Bank, several times, to Jack’s account, and the rest of the money would be randomly transferred to 10 million accounts, making it difficult for the police to track the money. This was also one way to protect Jack from being discovered.

During last night’s live broadcast, Jack received a total of $1,500 in gift money.

As a reward for himself, Jack had a sumptuous breakfast.

When Jack arrived at the Empire State Building, there were a few police cars parked outside. The previous night’s live broadcast was the talk of the town, and the police had already mobilized manpower and started a large-scale search. They believed that such an important building like the Empire State Building would definitely not be let off.

At that moment, Sheriff Ross was interrogating one of Jack’s colleagues.

He grinned and muttered, “We meet again.”

Jack narrowed his eyes, sneered, and walked away, pretending not to take notice.

A transparent virtual interface appeared in front of him, with an attribute scan result on it.


Crime Value: 30 (maximum value of 45)

Force Value: 45 (maximum value of 50)

The maximum value at the end was a prediction given by the system’s valuation model, which meant that it might reach a certain level in the near future.

When he scanned Bowen, his sin value was 80 and his valuation was 95. The system’s punishment range was at a minimum of 60.

He grinned and muttered to himself. “His brain isn’t that good, and his combat strength isn’t that good either.”

Jack shook his head, and the virtual interface disappeared.

“Jack, you’re here.”

Jack’s security colleague hurriedly waved at Jack. He had been interrogated repeatedly by the police that morning, and he was annoyed to death.

“Mr. Sheriff, I’ve told you everything I know. If there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask him. He’s also a security guard here. My girlfriend is looking for me. Sorry. Excuse me.”

His colleague walked straight to Jack and pulled him to the side.

“Bowen is dead. It’s that Philemon Bowen. Did you know he died last night?”

“I watched the live broadcast last night. It was really exciting,” Jack replied.

“Still exciting? This bunch of money-grubbers has been investigating for the whole morning. I’m so annoyed. I’m leaving first. I’ll leave it to you,” he said to Jack.

“Okay. You can go back.” Jack walked in front of Sheriff Ross as he spoke. He looked at Ross carefully and with a smile, said, “Mr. Sheriff, I know you. You were on the live broadcast last night. You were very impressive. I watched the whole thing.”

Ross’s expression turned ugly. He coldly said, “Between seven and eight last night, where were you? What were you doing?”

“I went home after work. As for what I was doing, of course I was watching the live broadcast.” Jack chuckled.

No matter how he looked at it, Ross felt like he was laughing at himself. He rolled his eyes. It was not easy to express the anger in his heart.

At that moment, the other police officers came down from upstairs.

“Sheriff Ross, the surveillance cameras upstairs and in the parking lot have been obtained.”

“The staff members of the Empire State Building have also finished their investigation. The other teams have found something suspicious. They found something in Bowen’s trash can.”

Ross glanced at Jack, and in a cold tone, said, “Stop talking. Report back to me later.”

“Yes, sir!”

Then, Ross stared at Jack coldly.

“Sooner or later, I will catch the murderer with my own hands!” Ross said.

Jack only smiled lightly. “Sheriff Ross, when you solve the case and make a contribution, I will definitely remember to read the newspapers and cheer for you.”

Ross gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

Suddenly, a group of reporters rushed over when they heard the news. They quickly surrounded Ross.

“Sheriff Ross, I heard that you are the person in charge of this case. May I know your opinion on the death judge? Do you have the confidence to solve the case?”

“May I know if the death judge will continue to commit crimes? Is Bowen really the murderer?”

“Why did the death judge choose to kill people live? Is he demonstrating to the police? May I know what actions you will take next?”

This was the first time Ross was surrounded by so many reporters. Each question gave him a headache.

“The case is still under investigation. I cannot reveal anything yet! If you want to know the progress of the case, you can pay attention to the police’s situation. In addition, this death inquisitor is very cruel and is an extremely dangerous person. I would like to remind the public to protect themselves. If you see any suspicious people, call the police immediately.”

“Ross!” the reporters yelled as they hounded after him.

The corner of Jack’s mouth revealed a faint, inconspicuous smile.

Following that, Ross led his people away. Some of the onlookers at the scene did not disperse, and they were starting to discuss among themselves their own opinions about the matter. The reporters were disappointed because they did not obtain any valuable news.

However, someone in the crowd suddenly spoke. “You mean the main entrance of the building was not locked at all last night? Whom did you hear it from?”

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