Long Live Summons

Chapter 33 – Miracle?

Chapter 33 – Miracle?

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“Yes… Wu Yi has actually summoned a Bronze Barbaric Bull. It is a bronze-ranked Beast. This time we are done for.” The bright-eyed thief’s voice was charged with fear: “My Guardian Beast is a Flower Fairy that does not have any attack power. It is simply not a match for the Bronze Barbaric Bull. If I had known this earlier, I would have summoned the Phantom Panther at the beginning to do a surprise attack. Maybe then it would have been possible to kill Wu Yi……now, tell me, what should we do?”

The bright-eyed thief looked at Yue Yang helplessly, as if he was her final hope.

At this moment, Yue Yang could see that the pair of bright eyes looking at him were filled with dread and fear. Such a pitiful yet adorable look was similar to the look that Empress Fei Wen Li, who was trapped like a prisoner inside the Black Hole, had given him previously.

Hou! The moment for the hero to rescue the beauty had finally came.

In an instant, Yue Yang exploded with a heroic sense of protection.

He held the bright eyed thief’s frail shoulders gently and comforted her in a soft tone: “Isn’t it just a bull? This fearless hero shall slaughter it in your place.”

Yue Yang’s comforting words didn’t have the intended effect but instead caused the bright-eyed thief’s eyes to turn red, brimming with tears. Her voice was choked with emotions as she said, “You fool, this is no ordinary bull. If that Bronze Barbaric Bull even glared at us, we would surely die, what do we do now? We have to think of a way out, or else we both will die at this place. I…I don’t want to die…I still have not avenged a deep enmity. I really don’t want to die…You, aren’t you a genius? Quickly think of a good solution.”

“Rest assured. I have already figured out a plan to counter it.” Yue Yang brought forth a tiny knife, which was used for peeling fruits.

“You want to charge in blindly?” The bright-eyed thief thought that Yue Yang wanted to rush out blindly to kill Wu Yi. If Wu Yi died then his summoned Bronze Barbaric Bull would disappear immediately, ceasing to exist.

However, at this moment, would killing Wu Yi be that easy?

Not to mention of Xie Huo, how could a small thief who had just become a mercenary a few days ago be able to go against Wu Yi’s fighting skills?

The bright-eyed thief felt that if Yue Yang really rushed out blindly, it will be equivalent to seeking death.

Even if he didn’t get run over to death, stomped to death or glared to death by the Bronze Barbaric Bull and was able to avoid being crushed by the Rock Golem’s attack, he could still be torn apart to pieces by the Battle Eagle who had regained its health.

Even if he somehow managed to successfully reach Wu Yi, against such an expert Level 3 Hero, what could a mere thief wielding a fifty-copper small dagger, who had only recently become a mercenary do? Most probably, he wouldn’t be able to touch even a single hair on Wu Yi’s body and get killed on the spot…Leaving the protection of the Halo Shield and rushing out blindly was definitely the most foolish and sure shot way of committing suicide. This was what the bright-eyed thief thought, as she grasped at Yue Yang’s arms tightly, and said in a stern voice, “I still have another attack, but its probability of success is extremely small. You should run away from this place with all your might. If you are still alive after escaping from this Realm of Blood and Death, do me a favour. Go to the ‘Valley of Butterflies and Flowers’ and tell the Valley Lord, tell him that I…I have died in a battle.”

“Trying to run? Stop your wishful thinking!” Xie Huo’s looked at them sinisterly as he let out a blood-curdling laugh.

She took out a black crystal and held it in her hands. Muttering a strange chant, she then spat a mouthful of blood on the black crystal.

The Devil Bee cowering on the ground suddenly exploded into pieces with a loud boom. Dark green blood and pieces of flesh splashed out in all directions. Turns out that there was a hiding Phantom Leopard that could blend in with the darkness of the night. The blood splatter caused its hidden body to be revealed.

The Rock Golem immediately raised its fists up high.

In the air, the Battle Eagle, which was much faster than the Rock Golem, had already swooped down for an attack. Since the Spider Witch had fled from the battleground, both the spider poison and spider net had disappeared. Although its fighting abilities had weakened a little bit, it didn’t decrease by much. The Battle Eagle was still a strength to behold.

The Battle Eagle swooped down like a hurricane and slashed at the Phantom Leopard’s back, inflicting deep wounds that reached its bones.

“Rumble rumble…” The Bronze Barbaric Bull’s pounded the ground with its hooves, signalling its imminent charge towards the Phantom Leopard.

A flash of fire suddenly burst forth from the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s nose, exploding at the Phantom Leopard’s hind legs with a loud boom.

Following that, the Bronze Barbaric Bull chased after the injured Phantom Leopard, and its rock-hard skull and pair of horns unleashing a colliding attack that had the force of a giant hammer.

The Phantom Leopard wailed painfully as its whole body was ruthlessly blown away by the impact of the collision, its body couldn’t stop whirling in mid-air. When the Phantom Leopard finally fell hard on the ground, the Bronze Barbaric Bull had already caught up to it. With its big red eyes, it stared fiercely at the Phantom Leopard. A red light flashed even faster than lightning, and the Phantom Leopard had suddenly turned into a corpse, collapsing on the ground… In just a short moment, the Phantom Leopard had been killed by the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s Doom Eyes.


From the windows and balconies of the Merry Forest Pavilion, the surrounding spectating warriors were all so scared that they were completely drenched with cold sweat.

Although the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s Doom Eyes’ probability of success was extremely small, the existence of an attack that could disregard everything was simply too frightening.

Doom Eyes, other than not having any effect on non-living things such as the Rock Golem, could only be countered by a Guardian Beast from a Grimoire Contractor. Normal warriors and Beasts did not have any chance of survival if they received the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s Doom Eyes attack.

The bright-eyed thief who was summoning her strongest Beast in a desperate move hadn’t even managed to finish her summoning before the Phantom Leopard was killed by the Bronze Barbaric Bull.

A jolt of thunder suddenly shook her mind.

The death of a Beast has a huge effect on the mind of the master it was connected to.

It was already hard for the bright-eyed thief to endure it normally, but this time she was in the midst of summoning with all her heart, hence her mind was dealt a huge impact.

Vomiting a mouthful of blood that stained her mask, the bright-eyed thief’s body shook violently. Before she fainted and collapsed on the ground, she reached out towards Yue Yang and said, “Quick, run…”

Yue Yang immediately reached out his hands and grasped her soft, tender and sweet-smelling hands. If he had made a move earlier, the bright-eyed thief wouldn’t have received such a shock to her mind that and cause her to faint. However, Yue Yang didn’t wish to reveal his abilities to this “brother” of his. At the very least,he did not want to reveal his abilities right now, so he only planned to make a move as the last resort. With regards to the spectators in the Merry Forest Pavilion or that Wu Yi and Xie Huo on the other side, they were just corpses in Yue Yang’s eyes.

Along with the bright-eyed thief’s unconsciousness, the Halo Shield disappeared.

The Silver Grimoire turned into a ball of golden light and fluttered into the bright-eyed thief’s body.

When the Halo Shield disappeared, the Rock golem, Battle Eagle and Bronze Barbaric Bull all charged madly towards Yue Yang.

“Hahahaha!” Wu Yi and Xie Huo both started laughing happily. Defeating the enemy by working together like this, using underhanded methods, they had done it hundreds of times. They had practiced their mutual understanding. If it wasn’t for too much pressure from facing against a Silver grimoire user who was a Level 4 Champion, Wu Yi wouldn’t even summon the Bronze Barbaric Bull. He summoned it to minimize the risk and danger they were facing.

“So noisy.”

Yue Yang hated people who laugh like this the most.

He felt that an exaggerated laugh had been his signature statement all along. Seeing Wu Yi and Xie Huo laughing so shamelessly, he felt extremely uncomfortable, thinking that these two hideous fellows had actually plagiarized his signature laugh.

Yue Yang pointed with his fingers and summoned his Copper Grimoire.

A faint red light appeared immediately, forming a faint red-coloured Halo Shield around the bright-eyed thief and him.

The Bronze Barbaric Bull charged into the red-coloured Halo Shield, its huge force of impact causing ripples on the Halo Shield, but the ripples immediately disappeared. On the other hand, the Rock Golem’s heavy smash that could pulverize any rock was also ineffective against the red-coloured Halo Shield.

The Battle Eagle, the weakest amongst the beasts, swooped down from the air, but was blown away from the impact of the collision against the red-coloured Halo Shield.

“Eh, it’s another Grimoire User? But he’s just a Level 1 Apprentice Beginner? Haha, what a fool, you are just a mere Apprentice, why would you struggle against your death? You are really a big joke…Thorny Flower? AHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can’t…I’m going to laugh to death. He actually summoned a Thorny Flower, oh heavens, I’d really like to see how he is going to use a Thorny Flower to kill my Rock Golem and Bronze Barbaric Bull!” Wu Yi roared with laughter, holding his stomach with both of his hands. He laughed until tears flowed out of his eyes.

“I’d rather face against an expert, killing small fry doesn’t have any meaning.” Xie Huo immediately disregarded Yue Yang when he deduced that Yue Yang was a mere Apprentice.

“Haha, I’m your exact opposite. I love torturing small fries to their death, especially listening to their miserable wailings upon their imminent death. It really leaves a rich aftertaste.” Wu Yi licked his lips, like he was a hungry malevolent ghost seeing delicious dishes in front of him, and prepared to dig in. In his eyes, Yue Yang, this level 1 Apprentice, was a perfect small fry for him to torture to death.

Even if Yue Yang was a Grimoire Contracter, Wu Yi still disregarded him.

An Apprentice could only summon one Beast every day.

Facing this little thief who had already summoned a Thorny Flower, for the oncoming battle, even a fool wouldn’t think that he could use such a weak Thorny Flower to kill the invincible Rock Golem and Bronze Barbaric Bull that possessed the Doom Eyes.

Every single warrior on the Merry Forest Pavilion balconies shook their heads and sighed helplessly. Right now, even if the Gods themselves descended upon the earth, they wouldn’t be able to turn this little thief’s defeat into victory.

This little thief would definitely lose against Wu Yi.

Furthermore, there was still Xie Huo behind him who was stronger than Wu Yi.

As soon as the time limit of the Halo Shield was up, those two little thieves would be pulverized into meat paste by the Rock Golem and the Bronze Barbaric Bull.

“Isn’t it just a bull? What’s so good about it?” Yue Yang didn’t even stand inside the Halo Shield, instead he swaggered out plain in the open, leaving the bright-eyed thief and the Thorny Flower inside the Halo Shield.


His move shocked every warrior present, leaving them dumbstruck.

A Grimoire User shouldn’t be able to leave their Halo Shield, otherwise their Halo Shield would disappear. How could this little thief be able to leave his Halo Shield?

This, did everyone become short-sighted suddenly and see it wrongly?

Or is this miracle actually happening in front of them?

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