Long Live Summons

Chapter 34 – Do you have anything else to show off?

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Chapter 34 – Do you have anything else to show off?

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The Bronze Barbaric Bull was the first to rush forward. His gigantic blood-red eyes flashed its [Doom Eyes].

Everyone believed that this little thief was finished, there was no doubt that he was going to die.

The Bronze Barbaric Bull’s eyes lit up, indicating that it was about to unleash its rapid killing move, [Doom Eyes]. In the next second, this little thief’s soul would be completely annihilated, leaving behind a corpse without a soul… … The Guard Leader had already shut his eyes closed, unable to watch it any further. Two Grimoire Contract Holders dying in White Stone City would definitely cause a chaos, maybe even shed rivers of blood throughout the city. The powers behind these two little thieves would definitely not let the killers off easily.

Especially the stronger of the two, that Level 4 Champion, she’s a Grimoire Contract Holder from the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers.

Raising such a young Level 4 Champion Silver Grimoire Holder, was something unfathomable to the Guard Leader. It must have been a huge investment. For this kind of a genius warrior to be killed, how could the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers not retaliate?

However, even if the Guard Leader knew that they were facing imminent catastrophe, he had no way to stop Wu Yi and Xie Huo from working together to kill these two unusual little thieves.

This was because the powers behind Wu Yi and Xie Huo were just as strong. These matters were not something a small Guard Leader like him could interfere with. At first, he had hoped that Master Golden Blade who had gone on a trip with the White Stone City’s chief would be able to receive news of this incident quickly and could rush back in time to stop this disaster from happening.

But now it seemed that it was already too late.

“Hahahaha!” Wu Yi was beside himself with joy, and the battlefield rang with his laughter. His evil laughter was similar to that of an owl, and hearing it made people’s hearts feel gloomy.

However, his laughter was cut off just 3 seconds later.

Before, if someone said that the Level 5 Bronze Barbaric Bull couldn’t kill a little thief using its [Doom Eyes], everyone would have thought that that person had gone mad. However, this was proven true right in front of their eyes. Yue Yang’s figure flashed once, but then he returned back to his normal state immediately. The entire battlefield was shocked into silence. All the spectating mercenaries were stupefied; their jaws dropped so wide that a beast could be stuffed inside.

Yue Yang himself also felt that this outcome was slightly unexpected.

He had actually thought of a strategy to defeat the Bronze Barbaric Bull, and that was to use his ‘Phantom Shadow’, a Guardian Beast that can be revived when it died, to guard against the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s Doom Eyes.

In that moment, when the Bronze Barbaric Bull activated its Doom Eyes, Yue Yang’s real body had already dodged away, only leaving behind his Phantom Shadow.

He had hoped to use this shadow to test the true strength of the [Doom Eyes].

Is it a rapid killing technique?

Or was it just ineffective?

In that one second when he experienced the [Doom Eyes] attack through the Phantom Shadow that had been killed by the [Doom Eyes], Yue Yang could feel in his consciousness that an image had came out from the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s soul with an unimaginable speed, like a bolt of lightning, charging directly towards his consciousness in one mysterious moment. It then immediately disappeared.

In the space within his conscious mind, that Grim Reaper-like image seemed as if it had wanted to capture the Phantom Shadow, but was unable to. Furthermore, it was clearly oblivious to the presence of Yue Yang’s soul who was watching the entire scene closely. When the attack fell through, that Grim Reaper-like image dematerialized quickly, becoming nothing.

In that moment, Yue Yang gained a flash of insight to many strange and wondrous things in the universe, and he was internally moved by this ‘Breakthrough of Truths’.

Having gone through this breakthrough, his [Divine Vision] skill had mysteriously risen.

An urge rose up involuntarily in Yue Yang’s mind: If I had used Binding Chains just now, perhaps I may have been able to capture that ‘Grim Reaper image’.

What would happen if he captured the ‘Grim Reaper-like image’?

Yue Yang wasn’t sure either, but he believed that it was not a bad thing, and it was worth trying out.

It was a pity that he was too cautious just now, and didn’t use Binding Chains on the Grim Reaper-like image.

Although he missed that chance to make his move, Yue Yang was indescribably excited in his heart, with his [Divine Vision] skill having risen. Unexpectedly, he was able to see the numerous hidden abilities of the Phantom Shadow. For example, one such ability was to group a mass of shadows together to form a giant shadow.

The duration of time that the giant shadow could exist was short; it was only able to last one minute.

Each time a shadow was added, the time will only be extended for roughly 30 seconds. However, this type of giant shadow with a short time limit, was extremely strong, almost equivalent to that of a Giant Titan. When Yue Yang overlapped 5 shadows on top of each other, turned them into a giant shadow, then used it to strengthen his own body, he was stunned to discover that his own strength had increased by at least a hundred times.

Even if the time limit wasn’t even 3 minutes, but the Yue Yang of now, had complete confidence in facing the Rock Golem head on.

“Cool, could it be that Ultraman’s transformation felt like this?” Yue Yang wrapped his hands, that had gone through strengthening using the giant shadow, tightly around the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s sharp horns. Yue Yang, unable to restrain his emotions, burst out with a matchless, bold and powerful roar: “HAAAA!”

The sound was like a clap of thunder rumbling through the sky, shaking both heaven and earth, causing everyone to turn pale.

The Bronze Barbaric Bull which had a body like a wall had been forcibly overturned onto the floor by Yue Yang’s strength.

Since this was Yue Yang’s first time using the giant shadow’s strength, he had used too much. He also did not manage to grasp hold of the centre of gravity of the Bronze Barbaric Bull. The Bronze Barbaric Bull’s horns which were hard beyond comparison had snapped off with a ‘pa’ sound. Yue Yang’s original intention was not to turn the Bronze Barbaric Bull over; it was to lift it and use its body to smash it against the Rock Golem. But who would have ever known that instead of lifting it, he only managed to turn the Bronze Barbaric Bull over, as he accidentally broke its horns.

No one knew that this was caused by Yue Yang’s mistake in making his move. In fact, they thought that he had broken the horns on purpose to show his frightening strength.

For a while, the surrounding warriors were all shocked out of their wits, their faces turning deadly pale.

“Heavens, is this a person’s strength?”

“I’m going to faint.”

“Illusion, this is an illusion. I don’t believe this, I definitely don’t believe this…This is not possible, this is absolutely impossible.” Wu Yi couldn’t accept what had just happened; he felt that everything he had just seen was an illusion. It must had been a beast that the little thief summoned, which was capable of using hypnotism and made him see illusions.

A normal human’s strength wouldn’t be able to overturn the level 5 Bronze Barbaric Bull onto the ground.

It is even less possible to snap off its horns; they were the strongest part of its body, harder than steel by at least 10 times. How could it be possible to snap them off forcibly using only their hands?

Even then, no matter how monstrous the little thief’s strength was, there was no way he could live after taking on the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s [Doom Eyes]. Only if one’s strength exceeded that of the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s, and was on par with those Level 6 Elders that were only a breadth away from entering the Innate realm, would they be able to resist the attack. Normal warriors were definitely unable to resist the Bronze Barbaric Bull’s attack, [Doom Eyes], which ignored all physical defenses and directly annihilated one’s soul…Could it be that this little thief was actually a Level 6 Elder? That’s not possible, he’s obviously a Level 1 Apprentice.

If he believed that the little thief was a Level 6 Elder, then Wu Yi might as well believe that his own father was a woman.

The next scene left the surrounding warriors petrified into stone as the wind eroded their sense of reality.

Everyone felt that they might as well let a gust of wind blow their petrified ashes away. This kind of result, it was really unacceptable… … That was because, the Rock Golem that had originally rushed towards the little thief with its giant fists raised, preparing to smash him into a meat paste, had betrayed its original summoner when Yue Yang reached out and stroked it lightly.

The Rock Golem which had no sentience and was incapable of thought, lifted its giant fists to ferociously smash the Bronze Barbaric Bull which had still been lying on the ground.

Once the little thief had reached out his hands, that Rock Golem had become his summoned beast.

This… was not possible.

The puppet-type Rock Golem would definitely never betray its summoner; this was their greatest quality. Since it had no sentience and only had combat instinct, they had no idea about the thing called ‘betrayal’. Once the contract had been signed, they would have eternal allegiance to the contract holder.

The thing that made Wu Yi despair the most was that the Rock Golem which was currently beating up that Bronze Barbaric Bull ferociously had not betrayed him at all. The Rock Golem was still his own summoned beast, just that it had been controlled by an unknown external force, such that it would not listen to his orders, operating without permission, and attacking the Bronze Barbaric Bull.

A summoned beast which took up space in the limited amount of Summon Quota yet disobeyed its master’s orders, wasn’t this Rock Golem his greatest failure in life?

Wu Yi really wanted to cry, but was unable to.

He wanted to die, but there was no time to commit suicide using his dagger.

That was because the little thief whose strength was only that of a Level 1 Apprentice was already standing in front of him, looking down on him with a condescending attitude.

In that instant, Wu Yi felt extremely small. If one said that his opponent was like a fierce tiger that devoured men, then he felt that he was like a small mouse that was not even worth getting stuck between its predator’s teeth… … In his entire life, this was the first time Wu Yi had felt this small, weak and afraid. This kind of fear was definitely a first.

“Aren’t you an expert? Why don’t you laugh at me again, pull out something else for me to play with, or boast arrogantly again?” Yue Yang trampled over Wu Yi’s body, who was trembling all over, ignoring all the gazes from the surrounding people. Trampling on his body without restraint, he beat him up ruthlessly.

“… …” Seeing a Level 1 Apprentice beating up a Level 3 Hero, everyone was stunned to their core and rendered speechless.

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