Long Live Summons

Chapter 35 – Supreme Sword

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Chapter 35 – Supreme Sword

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Yue Yang gave off a tyrannical air as he traced the edge of his exquisite dagger with his finger.

“You can say your last words now.” Yue Yang looked off into the distance, purposely ignoring Xie Huo. He knew that Xie Huo would not be willing to accept defeat; he was bound to summon an even stronger beast to try and reverse the battle.

Yue Yang wanted to use tonight’s battle as a proper test of his own strength, and determine exactly which realm he had ascended to.

Yue Yang didn’t think defeating Wu Yi and Xie Huo was difficult at all. But he wanted to manipulate the circumstances so that the situation would prove to be more challenging, which would allow him to experience as many battles as possible. Constant training would enrich his battle experience. Bloody battles were fickle things. Even though he had a lot of potential, he wouldn’t be able to achieve a desirable outcome in an encounter with a powerful enemy if he slacked off in his training. It might even prove to be difficult for him to make it out alive.

Yue Yang didn’t know exactly how powerful the experts in this world were. But since he first came out from the black hole space, he had realized one inescapable fact: In the past, the Soaring Dragon Continent had experts that could easily defeat Empress Fei Wen Li and seal her for 10,000 years.

Did all those experts die off?

Yue Yang felt that the answer to this question was most probably no.

Even if there was currently no top Rankers in Soaring Dragon Continent, there would most likely be some in Tong Tian Tower. Legends said that only [Sage]-ranked people could set foot into heaven. If such people existed, how could there be a lack of top Rankers?

Experts like the one that sealed Empress Fei Wen Li for 10,000 years were obviously not people that Yue Yang could go up against. That’s why what he needed to do now was to constantly cultivate and grow stronger.

Grow stronger, and then grow stronger even more. He had to become the strongest person in the world.

This was Yue Yang’s greatest ambition.

With the Innate Invisible Sword Qi method, Yue Yang had never worried about his future. However, he still wished to improve himself and achieve a greater realm by cultivating diligently and raising battle awareness. People like Rock, Tie Kuang, Wu Yi, and Xie Huo were just stepping stones on his path….by stepping on their bodies, he’d be striding towards his goal of becoming stronger and greater. This was the most important thing he needed to do right now.

“Spare me!” While Wu Yi’s words were still stuck in his throat, the dagger went straight through his mouth and out through the back of his head.

“Wow, these last words were quite concise.” Yue Yang casually shrugged his shoulders.

The surrounding warriors watched, completely speechless.

Everyone knew that Wu Yi wouldn’t be able to survive. However, until now , no one had imagined that a Level 3 Hero like Wu Yi would receive such an ending.

The light in Wu Yi’s eyes dimmed and his wavering flame of life extinguished before he even realised it. The frightened Battle Eagle that had been circling around in the sky the whole time immediately deserted its contractor once Wu Yi died. It flapped its wings and charged off into the darkness, running for its life.

“The only one left is you, Xie Huo.” Yue Yang turned to look at Xie Huo, who had been silent the whole time. That bastard should still have some remaining skills, what kind of unexpected move will he show next? Yue Yang contemplated silently.

“I know that I can’t survive past tonight. However, I will bring you down together with me. Let me tell you, as long as there’s human and some blood, I can summon a terrifying Devil King that can decimate all of White Stone City…hahaha…hahahahahahaha….” Xie Huo evil laughter was extremely sinister, making everyone’s hair stand on their ends.

What exactly was Xie Huo planning?

The observing warriors all shuddered involuntarily. A terrifying devil king that could decimate all of White Stone City?

At the very least, this would mean it had to be a demon of the Golden King Beast level, right?

The Guard Leader quickly reacted. He unsheathed the longsword at his side and bellowed, commanding everyone to charge, attempting to block the already crazed Xie Huo. However, as soon as the soldiers jumped off of the building’s balcony, countless black lumps of flames erupted around Xie Huo’s body.

These flames were like will-o-wisps from the underworld.

Xie Huo laughed loudly. With a wave of his hands, the countless flames shot out in all directions like meteors, flying towards the surrounding warriors, as well as the female singers on top of the lively tavern platform.


The people that had been hit by the strange, black flames immediately caught on fire.

The frail female singers cried out in pain, as they each combusted in the raging flames. Before they could even struggle or beg for help, they had all been charred to death. Fresh blood and ruined limbs exploded outwards, littering the ground.

The most horrifying part was that even the exploded blood and limbs themselves were still burning in an inextinguishable flame.

The ground and the walls that had also been struck similarly erupted into flames, burning ceaselessly.

Some of the warriors had managed to dodge the attacks, but the black flames automatically chased after them as if they were alive. They chased after their targets before smashing directly onto them. No one managed to escape, except for the few warriors with the quickest reaction speeds.

The Guard Leader waved his longsword around, chopping at the black flames.

His sword was also burning as it slashed through the black balls of flames. It directly burned his hand, making it impossible for him to control it properly. Seeing this scene, the few surviving warriors and guards had deathly expressions, “Heavens, this is Hell’s Fire. Inextinguishable Hell’s Fire…. Xie Huo must have summoned a demon from hell. We’re screwed, screwed, we’re all screwed!”

There were also many balls of fire in front of Yue Yang.

He lifted his hand and easily blasted apart the flames with wind, causing them to ricochet to the ground. The surrounding bricks were all set ablaze by the black flames.

In the far distance, he could see that none of the flames managed to enter into the light red Halo Shield. Dozens of fireballs spluttered in front of it, but they instantly disappeared without a trace upon touching the Halo Shield. Yue Yang was relieved to find that the Halo Shield was safe and sound.

Xie Huo looked at Yue Yang and laughed wickedly.

He pulled out a sharp, curved blade from his waist, and walked in front of Yue Yang. Then he slashed at his own abdomen, causing his intestines to spill out onto the ground.

“I offer all lives and fresh blood offerings to the Demon King Ha Xin that I revered. Your lowly follower provides his blood and soul to call on our Lord’s presence, Ha Xin. Decimate this entire area, display your supreme power!” Xie Huo waved his blade, cutting apart his internal organs and scattering them into the air. His expression was beyond crazed, and eyes flashed with a fanatical glint.

“…” Yue Yang knitted his brows. He had completely raised his guard, prepared to meet the summoned Demon Lord with all his strength.

“Kill Xie Huo, hurry, hurry!” The Guard Leader was so anxious that he had begun to tear up.

“WAHHH!” The surviving warriors swallowed their fear, and charged altogether.

“Too late, hahahaha. You will all die with me, and we shall meet once more in hell. When that time comes, I will definitely welcome you hospitably.” Xie Hua laughed madly. His body rumbled, and then exploded into countless fragments of blood and fire. The few warriors that had just been attempting to attack Xie Huo was immediately killed in the explosion, their bodies blasted into millions of tiny pieces.

The Guard Leader had also received heavy damage. He fell to the ground, and vomited blood endlessly.

Out of the hundreds of people in the entire battlefield, aside from Yue Yang and the unconscious bright eyed thief, the Guard Leader was the only survivor…

His right leg was caught in the black flames which began to spread quickly.

“Ah!” The Guard Leader bit down hard, and then forcibly cut off his entire right leg. He used both his arms to support his body, and pull himself away from the blazing floor. He loudly shouted at Yue Yang, “Hurry up and leave the White Stone City immediately. Get as far away as you possibly can; Xie Huo used his life as a sacrifice to summon a demon from Hell. This place will soon turn into hell!”

The air around the place that Xie Huo had self-exploded suddenly split apart, causing the Guard Leader to cry out in shock.

An enormous rift gradually opened up mid air, revealing a portal.

However, what made Yue Yang’s heart race even more was that this 10m tall giant portal was still not large enough to allow the Demon King from hell to come out.

He only saw his two hands stretching out from the portal, burning with Hell’s Fire. Its giant arms were covered with sharp, blood scales, forcibly forcing the crimson portal open. It seemed to want to pull the portal a bit larger, wanting to quickly leave the distant deep pool of magic and enter the Soaring Dragon Continent. If Yue Yang were to allow this terrifying demon to come out unimpeded, then he would be a huge idiot.

He had been waiting for a chance this whole time; this was exactly the opportunity the heavens bestowed on him to mount a sneak attack.

“Binding Chains!” Yue Yang chanted in his mind, using Little Wen Li’s Binding Chains to fight against the terrifying demon.

What shocked him was that the Binding Chains that had been able to restrain the Bronze Barbaric Bull and the Rock Golem for ten seconds couldn’t even give Yue Yang 1 second of time.

That meant he had to attack within one second. Otherwise, the Binding Chains would fail.

Without the Binding Chains, that terrifying monster would immediately come out, and White Stone City…..would be doomed.

Yue Yang was confident that he could escape the terrifying demon if it pursued him, but there was no way his godmother and her little girl living in White Stone City would be able to.

“I’ll kill you.” Yue Yang’s eyes flashed like stars. This was the first time he was using his strongest attack since he had transcended dimensions. The Innate Invisible Sword Qi burst out at full strength. Brilliant rays of light flashed from his arms like a rainbow, and they began to revolve around him. All of his Innate Qi had gathered together and formed a sword of destruction. It viciously lashed out at the heart of the terrifying demon’s body still within the portal.

If this attack hit, Yue Yang believed that it would be able to instantly kill an experienced battle-type beasts that had high vitality and resilience, or even a gigantic, enormous beast like this on the spot.

This, was Yue Yang’s Supreme Sword.

What effect would this attack have on the terrifying demon? Would it mortally wound it, or have absolutely no effect?

Yue Yang had no way of determining the answer, but this was currently the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. With Chains of Binding and the support from his giant shadow that had been strengthened a hundred times, plus the Innate Invisible Sword Qi skill: Supreme Sword…

After this attack, would he win? Or lose?

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