Lord of the Magical Beasts

Chapter 750: Clone

Chapter 750: Clone

“All of you wait here, don’t come over no matter what!”

Yang Ling deliberated for a moment before he walked over cautiously when he saw the raging waves of the Blood Sea and the stele at the entrance. He noticed that there was an obscure ancient restriction on the stele. It enveloped the stele and the entire Blood Sea, its radius alarmingly large. He did not dare to be careless before he was clear of the situation. As a Great Soul Wizard, he knew more than anyone just how terrifying an ancient restriction was.

Perhaps, his group would be exterminated if he was careless. Their souls could scatter instantly, or they could be trapped alive within the restriction!


Yang Ling walked forward a step at a time under the nervous gaze of the group. He braved the cold wind and cautiously approached the mysterious stele. He gently pressed his hand on the stele after a moment’s deliberation. He silently closed his eyes and concentrated on learning about the intricacies of the ancient restriction.

Illusory Formation, Killing Formation, Soul Restriction…

Yang Ling’s expression became grave after his massive Mental Energy spread outward. The Blood Sea had seemed like a single restriction on the surface, but was actually changing constantly. It harbored many killing blows and was layered with countless restrictions such as Illusory Formations and Killing Formations.


Yang Ling opened his eyes a long time later. He silently recited a Wizard Mantra and formed a Wizard Seal, then waved his hand and dispelled the Illusory Formation on the stele. Instantly, light shone from the surface of the stele as a passage of words appeared. A cavity appeared on the top of the stele, its size identical to the jade pendant.

“A Divine Clone Wizard Mantra?” Yang Ling shouted in shock after he examined the tiny words on the stele closely. He got increasingly more alarmed the further he read on.

Unlike the Cloning Wizard Technique recorded on the stele in the Wizard Pagoda, the Divine Clone Wizard Mantra recorded on the stele in front of him was even more complicated and mysterious. According to the summary he found on the stele, he could turn the entire Blood Sea into a clone by using large amounts of Wizard Power and Mental Energy, thus becoming the true master of the Blood Sea.

“The soul will never die, the body never destroyed…”

Other than the mysterious and obscure Wizard Technique, the stele also had a detailed record of the benefits of creating a clone with the Blood Sea. Yang Ling could not help but become more and more excited. According to the description on the stele, he could revive the souls he controlled within the Blood Sea using a certain amount of Wizard Power and Mental Energy as long as the soul had not been completely destroyed. Each of his subordinates would also be cleansed by the Blood Sea, which would greatly boost the speed of their cultivation. He could also recover rapidly from his injuries within the Blood Sea…

More importantly, not only would he obtain another life after he successfully cultivated the Blood Sea Clone, but he would also experience a huge boost in the speed and potential of his cultivation. The clone could learn the vast Wizard Techniques on the stele while his original body fought in the outside world, continuously absorbing the Source Energy of this world.

Unfortunately, everything came with both advantages and disadvantages. The clone made out of the Blood Sea was no exception!

According to the description on the stele, the Blood Sea was built on the only Soul Vein in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons, and it was constantly absorbing the Source Energy of the dimension the Graveyard of Deities and Demons was in to strengthen and develop itself. It was rare to find a site suitable to place the Blood Sea!

Back then, the Ancient Wizards had roamed for many years before they found a suitable Soul Vein within the countless dimensions. That meant that the Blood Sea could only be fixed to the Graveyard of Deities and Demons, and there was no way to move it. Recklessly moving the Blood Sea to the Wizard Pagoda’s Space or another dimension would not only limit the development of the Blood Sea, but its spiritual qualities would also vanish rapidly. That would cause the Blood Sea to crack and dissipate!

Since that was the case, the Blood Sea could be said to be fixed to the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. The situation would be extremely disadvantageous for him if his enemies caught wind of this piece of information!

The Wizard Pagoda’s Space was Yang Ling’s greatest secret, as well as his largest asset. He could move the things that were essential to him into the Wizard Pagoda’s Space beforehand if he faced the strong offense of his enemies and find a chance to retaliate in the future. He could rebuild the Magical Beast Territory and Giant Dragon Valley if they were lost, and he would not suffer from any fatal damage if they were conquered by his enemies. However, the Blood Sea was different. Not only would he lose the Blood Sea if enemies attacked, but he might also lose the powerful clone he created by expending large amounts of Wizard Power and Mental Energy. He could even drag the Magical Beast Divine Branch down and suffer heavy casualties!

What do I do?

Yang Ling was hesitant when he saw the boundless Blood Sea and sensed its majestic energy, then turned to look at the Corpse Wizard King, Grand Wizard Houtu, and the rest of the group behind him. It would not be wise for him to face off against the unfathomable Creator and his powerful Adjudicators head-on. However, the benefits of cultivating the Blood Sea Clone and becoming the master of the Blood Sea were just too great!

At the very least, the fact that the Twelve Grand Wizards he revived could rapidly regain their abilities within the Blood Sea would make the strength of the Magical Beast Divine Branch far superior to the other top-notch Divine Branches in the major dimensions. It would give the Magical Beast Divine Branch the strength to face-off against the Creator.

“Rodriguez, from today on, help Kansas reinforce the defenses of the Evil Demon Castle in secret. Remember, you must not reveal our tracks and the connection between Kansas and the Magical Beast Divine Branch no matter what!” Yang Ling clenched his teeth and came to a decision after he weighed the pros and cons.

“Yes, don’t worry, lord!” The Corpse Wizard King bowed as he received his orders. Disguising the Magical Beasts of the main force as Abyssal Demons was not difficult for a Nether King like him.


Yang Ling placed the jade pendant which harbored a large amount of energy into the cavity on the stele after he gave a few instructions. The stele instantly shone with bright light and let out a gentle hum. Mysterious symbols appeared on the surface of the stele. Following that, a column of light descended from the sky and carried Yang Ling, who was standing on top of the stele, to an area deep within the vast Blood Sea. Giant waves crashed around him. Majestic energy gathered to form a mist and seeped into every pore on his body.

“Concentrate and transform, one into two…”

Yang Ling had a clear head as he recited the Divine Clone Wizard Mantra that was recorded on the stele. His hands continuously formed different Wizard Seals as he devoured the energy accumulated within the Blood Sea through the millennia. His massive Divine Knowledge spread outward like the tide and covered every corner of the boundless Blood Sea…

“Kansas, will our lord be alright?” The black-horned beauty, Natalie leaned anxiously on Abyssal Demon Lord Kansas after she saw the sudden agitation of the Blood Sea and the harrowing waves.

“Relax, our lord will be fine. As a tribesman of the Ancient Wizard Blade Venerable, if even he can’t become the master of the boundless Blood Sea, then no one in this world will have the ability!”

Abyssal Demon Lord Kansas hugged the black-horned beauty, who he had been reunited with after a long time, tightly. Even though he did not know what had happened to the raging Blood Sea, he was extremely confident in Yang Ling.

The terrifying abilities of the Ancient Wizards had left a deep impression on him during the ancient battle between the deities and demons millions of years ago!

“All of you go and defend the Evil Demon Castle, I alone am enough here. No one is to come in before our lord comes out!” The expression of Grand Wizard Houtu, who was a man of few words, suddenly changed when he sensed the transformation deep within the Blood Sea. He appeared before the stele after his body flickered. He then formed a Wizard Seal and sat down on the ground, cross-legged. An ice-cold aura descended onto the area.

“Go, go quickly, all of you go out!” The Corpse Wizard King gave an order after he sensed the cold aura getting stronger, and he looked at the disheveled Grand Wizard Houtu, who had the body of a human and the tail of a snake. He left rapidly with the Golden Roc, Mother Empress, and the rest of the group. Abyssal Demon Lord Kansas and the black-horned beauty, Natalie followed quickly behind them after they looked at each other.

All these while, both the influential Corpse Wizard King and the fearless Golden Roc held the silent Grand Wizard Houtu with great respect. They would rather offend their master, Yang Ling than the cold Grand Wizard Houtu. They were afraid that he would grab them by their legs and tear them into half!

The Corpse Wizard King and Abyssal Demon Lord immediately discussed ways to strengthen the defenses of the Evil Demon Castle after they retreated out of the castle. In order to hide the fact that the defenses were being strengthened, they would announce that the Abyssal Demon Lord would be shutting himself within the palace in order to heal after being injured. They would then secretly deploy a large number of hidden scouts in the area around the Evil Demon Castle. There would be patrolling Evil Demons as well as powerful Magical Beasts like the Dark Dragons and Horned Dragons disguised as regular wild beasts.

At the same time, in order to continuously obtain the newest piece of information, the Corpse Wizard King sent men to secretly contact the Starry Sky Castle Master, Cameron and made use of the strength of the Wanderer Castle to collect intelligence. As a precaution, they had Pope Goode, who was stationed at the Giant Dragon Valley, communicate with the alliance. He would send the information to the Graveyard of Deities and Demons after he obtained the information using a magical message in order to prevent enemies from realizing the secret that the Magical Beast Core Deity, Yang Ling had already left the Heavenly Pillar Mountain.

Aside from strengthening the defenses and collecting information, the Corpse Wizard King and the rest of the group seized the time to train. Time passed quickly as they concentrated on their training. A few years passed in the blink of an eye!

While the Corpse Wizard King and the rest of the group were busy, Yang Ling, who was in the deepest regions of the Blood Sea, remained motionless like a stone statue. He would only slowly change a Wizard Seal after a long time had passed. He was slow, but a huge wave would appear and tornados that ravaged a ten-thousand-mile area would be created in the boundless Blood Sea every time he made a Wizard Seal.


A long time later, Yang Ling, whose mind was clear, moved his hand and made the last Wizard Seal. In that instant, lightning crashed from the mountains. The giant waves reached the skies as a faint humanoid figure slowly appeared beside Yang Ling. The figure got clearer and clearer, identical to Yang Ling himself. Unlike Yang Ling, the figure was clad in blood-red battle armor and held a giant scythe that was completely red in his hand. The figure was enveloped in an orb of crimson vapor, which made him look exceptionally mysterious.

A Blood Sea Clone!

Yang Ling had finally cultivated the clone that could control the vast Blood Sea by making use of the unparalleled energy within the Blood Sea and the guidance of Grand Wizard Houtu. From this day on, he had become the true owner of the Blood Sea. He could do battle in the outside world and concentrate on learning the Skyreach Wizard Mantra at the same time. The speed of his cultivation had increased exponentially!


The powerful restrictions obscured the movement within the vast Blood Sea, but the birth of the Blood Sea Clone still managed to incite an unprecedented, terrifying phenomenon within the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. Dark clouds covered the sky, and the booming crashes of lightning continued for nearly a month. Deep within the layers of clouds were arcs of lightning that harbored the Law of Destruction, which caused even unparalleled fighters who had been training for millions of years to be afraid.

An apocalyptic phenomenon!

The horrifying weather quickly made people recall an ancient legend. Soon, rumors that gained incredible traction flooded the various major dimensions. Many powerful fighters who had been training in seclusion for millions of years showed themselves and gathered at the Graveyard of Deities and Demons. Some said that a terrifying Space Crack had appeared in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons, which meant that the entire dimension was about to collapse. Others said that a terrifying demon had been born in the Graveyard of Deities and Demons…

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