Lord of the Oasis

Chapter 754 - The Unfortunate Pseudo Dragons

Chapter 754: The Unfortunate Pseudo Dragons

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“Much better.” Gilbert said happily to Austin after walking two rounds in the tent in his new shoes.

“Yes, I got this from Levin.” Austin sat by the side and drank a mouthful of milk, he said, “His son is about the same age as you. Levin brought a few of his son’s things with him. I didn’t expect it to come in handy now.”

Gilbert stomped his feet on the ground again and asked Austin, “I want to take it out for a walk.”

“Okay, but remember not to step on the pool.” Austin nodded and reminded him, “Also, remember to come back early. We are going to the hot spring at nine o’clock, Gilbert.”

Without waiting for Austin to finish speaking, Gilbert had already walked out of the tent.

Gilbert ran in the opposite direction of the hill that he had previously scouted. The gnome’s special technique of crouching on the ground made his movement very stealth, as if he had not weight at all. The sponge insoles on his feet did not cause him any trouble.

On the way forward on the spiraling mountain road, Gilbert found a strangely shaped body that had been burnt black by the roadside.

“What is this?” Gilbert raised his vigilance and slowly walked towards the grass. He found that the body was the real body of the ‘pseudo dragon’ clan that he was looking for.

Gilbert’s heart shook. He lifted his leg heavily and walked towards the cliff. As expected, piles of ‘pseudo dragon’ corpses were piled up there.

Gilbert could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. He looked towards the mountain peak in the distance. On that mountain peak, there was a dragon that was hibernating.

“Who dares to torment the dragon clan’s guards to such an extent…” Gilbert closed his eyes and counted the forces on this island in his mind.

There were a few soldiers who could fight against a dragon, but even if they were attacked together, they did not have the strength to create such a huge commotion.

When Gilbert thought of this, he suppressed his disgust and squatted down. He observed the charred skin of the ‘pseudo dragon’.

‘I’ve never seen such a level of flame before.’ Gilbert pinched his nose and made a judgment in his heart. ‘From the looks of it, it’s been three to four days since this group of ‘pseudo dragons’ were attacked to death.’

Gilbert could only make a basic judgment based on the knowledge he had learned in the past.

He could not think of anything to frown about as he stayed where he was. Gilbert was prepared to bring this news to Devitt and the others so that they could help analyze it.

Before he left, Gilbert hesitated whether he should take the body of a dragon with him. After some hesitation, he gave up.

After entering the military camp, Gilbert asked about Devitt’s current location.

In the end, he met Austin, who was wearing a bathrobe.

“Where did you go?” Austin walked up to Gilbert and asked, “Look at the mud on these shoes.”

“I went to the hill over there.” Gilbert pointed to the place he had just been to and said, “Don’t worry about it. Have you seen Captain Devitt or Captain Claremont?”

“Captain Devitt? What are you looking for them for?” Austin was puzzled. “They just left the camp. It seems that they went to the hill over there to observe the road condition.”

Saying that, Austin raised his hand toward the mountain road on the left side of the camp.

“Then I’ll go look for them.” Gilbert nodded and planned to leave.

“Soldiers are not allowed to leave the camp casually. Don’t run around. Hurry up and take a bath with me.” Austin hurriedly blocked in front of him and said.

“I’m not a soldier.” Gilbert raised the corner of his mouth and smiled. “Also, I have important news to tell them. We can’t delay.”

After saying this, Gilbert went around Austin and ran to the gate of the camp.

“Important news?” Austin stayed where he was and asked in puzzlement.

Gilbert saw the footprints of Devitt and Claremont on the muddy mountain road and followed them.

“Devitt!” After seeing the two people squatting on the roadside, Gilbert breathed a sigh of relief and called out loudly.

However, when Devitt and Claremont turned around to look at him, they didn’t look too good.

Gilbert had an ominous premonition in his heart.

He quickly walked to Devitt’s side and looked at the cliff. He saw the same scene as what he saw on the other mountain.

The corpses of thousands of pseudo dragons were piled up together, and they were burnt as well.

The three people standing by the roadside fell into silence.

“I saw the same thing on the mountain in the west… These,” Gilbert broke the silence and said.

“It’s devastating.” Claremont said to the pile of bodies. Although the races were different, seeing their tragic deaths, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity.

“What should we do now?” Devitt raised his head and asked the two people beside him.

“This should be a premeditated attack. I’ve racked my brain, but I still can’t figure out who the person behind this is.” Gilbert said.

“Since it’s a long-planned war between the races, it’s really too unlucky for us to pass by at this time.” Claremont said while holding his head.

“Hurry up and leave this place.” Gilbert suggested. “Although I don’t know why the dragon race hasn’t made any movements up until now, the news of the ‘pseudo dragon’ being killed has probably spread on this island. We still have to get away from this incident as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Devitt nodded and removed the sponge under his feet.

He lifted his leg and began to walk back, while Gilbert and Claremont followed behind him.

After the three of them returned to the military camp, Devitt quickly gathered everyone together and told them that they had to leave this place as soon as possible. Tomorrow, they would speed up their journey and try to leave the dragon clan’s estate by tomorrow.

“By tomorrow?!” Austin, who had just returned from the hot spring, was shocked when he heard the news.

Today, they had only traveled one-fifth of the way. They wanted to finish the rest of the journey in one day. It was still a little difficult.

“Yes, Captain Devitt issued an emergency order. You were soaking in the hot spring just now.” Levine said as he wiped his feet. “Anyway, even if we walk until dark tomorrow, we have to walk out of here. And we won’t rest on the way.”

After listening to Levine’s words, Austin thought of the ‘important news’ that Gilbert had mentioned earlier.

“Could it be related to Gilbert?” Thinking of this, Austin immediately walked out.

“Where are you going? You haven’t changed your clothes yet?” Levin shouted at Austin.

“I’m going to look for Gilbert.” Austin replied without turning his head.

After walking around the camp, Austin found Gilbert in the hot spring pool.

“Why are you here? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Austin greeted Gilbert.

Gilbert heard Austin’s voice and immediately opened his eyes.

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