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Chapter 1328 - The Sales Of The Real Estate Agent Simulator

Chapter 1328: The Sales Of The Real Estate Agent Simulator

On the second day of Qiao Liang’s torturous trip, the real estate agent simulator was officially released!

Slow Movement Studio, including Cai Jiadong, was busy.

Everyone still felt rather lacking in confidence even though the development and early publicity work of the game had been completed.

Strictly speaking, it was nothing much at the time of release and the current public opinion.

At first, Cai Jiadong had wanted to wait until next month’s 1st. That day was Saturday, and he felt that the timing was the most suitable.

However, it was still released today, November 27th, at Meng Chang’s strong request.

This time was very unpopular. It was the end of the month and also a workday. The data was naturally shorter.

What’s more, in terms of publicity and the environment of public opinion, it was popular. However, it was not good popularity.

Meng Chang might have spent a lot of publicity resources but he was only messing with the promotional video.

This film did not directly mention the real estate intermediary simulator. On the surface, it was just showing everyone the difficulties of working as an ordinary real estate agent.

The publicity by Home Corporation made the public opinion environment even more chaotic.

Yes, chaos, not sharp deterioration.

That was because Home Corporation actually had a role in guiding and controlling public opinion because of its huge size. Even though the promotional video that Home Corporation had filmed and the series of publicity that had been launched had been scolded, it had indeed stolen a lot of popularity under this guidance and control.

Now, the focus of everyone’s discussion online, be it positive or negative comments, was most likely shifted to Home Corporation.

As for the original promotional video?

On the other hand, people gradually ignored it because it was not extreme enough.

Some people even mistakenly thought that this promotional video was filmed by Home Corporation. They even cursed it together.

As for the real estate intermediary simulator that had been hidden behind, only a small portion of core players who had been paying attention knew that it was going to be released today.

Many of those passerby players did not even know about this.

After all, most passers-by had their own work normally. They received too much information about the new game daily. It was very normal for them not to know about the real estate intermediary simulator under Slow Movement Studio’s publicity plan.

However, everyone still trusted Meng Chang no matter what.

Therefore, the real estate intermediary simulator was still as Meng Chang hoped. At the end of the month, at this relatively unpopular time point, it silently went on the game shop and homepage recommendation of the Doubt VR glasses.

In the evening…

Not long after Ding Xiyao returned to the Sloth Apartments that she rented, there was a knock on the door.

Most of Tengda’s employees were housed in Sloth Apartments. Of course, many of them had already bought their own houses.

As a new employee, Ding Xiyao was also assigned to Sloth Apartments as an employee dormitory.

The conditions of Sloth Apartments were obviously much better than the place she rented previously. Thus, Ding Xiyao moved in without another word.

“Hello, your express delivery.” A young man from Upwind Logistics walked in.

Ding Xiyao was a little surprised because she had not bought anything in her impression.

What’s more, the delivery man had two large boxes and several small boxes behind him.

Ding Xiyao was a little confused. After confirming that these were indeed for her, she let the delivery man in.

The delivery man first handed a small box to Ding Xiyao and began to open these large boxes.

The large box contained the entire ROF system unit as well as the accompanying monitor and mouse. The delivery man assembled them and placed them on the desk to be adjusted.

Ding Xiyao opened the small box in her hand and found a card and an unopened Doubt VR glasses.

Meng Chang had written the card, mainly to thank Ding Xiyao for her help when filming the promotional video. The real estate intermediary simulator was officially released today, so he had sent a set of computers and VR equipment for her to experience if she was interested.

“Aiya, you’re too kind. We’ve already given him remuneration…”

Ding Xiyao was a little embarrassed. He had given her too much!

She felt that she did not do anything in the promotional video. She did not have any acting skills to speak of. She only made a few movements and expressions according to Meng Chang’s requirements.

What’s more, the promotional video had not achieved much so far. Ding Xiyao was even blaming herself for not acting well.

After all, she was the only main actor in the promotional video. It was hard to guarantee that the promotional video would not achieve the desired effect because people did not like her face.

The delivery man quickly completed the task and left. Ding Xiyao adjusted the VR glasses and prepared to experience this game.

It was related to him after all. What’s more, the other party had sent all the equipment to him. He should support him no matter what.

The entrance of the game could be found on the main interface of the Doubt VR glasses. It was very convenient. It was Slow Movement Studio’s biological son game after all. This treatment was definitely still there.

He pushed open a door and officially started the game.

As he loaded the game, he first played an opening CG.

Strictly speaking, this was not a CG, but a real promotional video.

Ding Xiyao was a little surprised. “Huh? Isn’t this the promotional video that I filmed?”

This promotional video did not change much compared to the version released on the internet. The last scene only showed the game title of the real estate intermediary simulator and the logo of Slow Movement Studio.

The promotional video that was uploaded online previously did not have a game title or studio logo.

Ding Xiyao felt a little awkward when she saw her own performance. She felt that her acting skills were not good especially when she saw her secretly wiping her tears at home.

That could not be helped. After all, she was not a professional actor. Even if she acted according to the real situation, it would be difficult for her to express her emotions deeply and on a higher level. Naturally, it would be difficult for her to infect the audience.

Fortunately, the promotional video was not long. Soon, they entered the game scene.

Ding Xiyao found herself in a small intermediary shop.

The shop was not big, and the structure was quite simple. There was only an office area similar to the front desk, a coffee table, and two single sofas. There were also some simple furnishings.

These scenes were obviously completely different from Ding Xiyao’s previous work as a real estate agent.

However, it made sense. This was a game after all. He had to beautify the working environment.

If it was made according to the real intermediary shop, it might dissuade players from playing it at the beginning.

There was some basic operations guidance in the game. Since this was a casual management game, the operations in the game were very simple. Ding Xiyao, who rarely played VR games, could also get used to it very quickly.

Next was to come to the computer at the front desk. He would open the document and program on the computer screen through clicking. He would check the house source, accept the commission, link the house and tenants together, go to the house to do field research, and understand the situation. Once the tenants came to the door, he would introduce the characteristics of the house to the tenants, facilitate the transaction, and finally draw commission.

Perhaps he was worried that some new gamers would be at a loss, but the game very considerately displayed the entire process in the form of a flowchart. It could also show how far the players had progressed in real-time. There was a special interface that could be checked at any time.

For Ding Xiyao, who had once been a real estate agent, this entire process was simply too easy to understand. She could not be more familiar with it. She could play it smoothly without these hints.

Ding Xiyao used the controller to simulate her hands and moved the computer screen in the game. Soon, she confirmed the house type and target client.

Due to the fact that it was the beginning of the game, Ding Xiyao had a very limited amount of house resources. There were only three sets, and there were some ‘hard injuries’ in these houses.

One was too small, one was not facing the south and lacked light, and another was not clear enough.

Ding Xiyao chose the last set after some consideration. At the very least, this flaw was relatively acceptable.

He had to say that this game was quite benevolent. Players only needed to choose one of the three that they were most satisfied with. They did not have to worry about the other two.

According to the settings in the game, this house was shared. It was equivalent to two other apartments being arranged for other intermediaries.

In reality, Ding Xiyao often encountered old houses that could not be rented out for a long time and were problematic everywhere. Under such circumstances, the shop still had to think of ways to rent it out.

Be it lowering the price or bluffing, they were all depending on their magic at this point in time. Some intermediaries were forced by the pressure of performance and could not help but start to use some dishonest methods.

After confirming that the house type was only the first step, he had to choose his clients and conduct field inspections in advance.

There were many clients for him to choose from among the computers in the game. Some lived on their own, some were rented by friends or couples, and their ages and income were all different.

Clients were different. They were also picky about the house and the specifics.

For example, some young people did not know how to cook their own meals. They only ordered take-out. The small kitchen in the house was not a flaw at all. In any case, it was not necessary. However, it was very unacceptable for some people who liked to cook and cook.

Ding Xiyao chose three sets of clients after some consideration.

This was also the hard rule of the game mechanism. Each house could only choose three groups of customers at most. If none of them were successful, the mission would fail. If more than one group of customers succeeded, both sides would increase their prices and increase the commission of the intermediary.

This was different from reality. Obviously, it was for gaming reasons.

Of course, this could also be because they were currently in the initial stages of the game and the newbie experience stage. Thus, the various systems and gameplay had been simplified to a certain extent so that newbies could get used to it quickly.

In the future, as the game progressed, more difficult missions might appear. The corresponding restrictions should be gradually removed.

The three groups of clients that Ding Xiyao chose were a young couple who had just graduated and started looking for a job, a salaryman who had been working for several years with relatively high income, and two girls who had been working for more than a year to change houses normally.

Of course, other than that, the system also recorded some details of their requirements. For example, the young couple had the need to cook, and the two girls had a cat.

These three groups of people were relatively good tenants that Ding Xiyao had subconsciously selected. That way, the chances of them being sold would be higher.

Of course, these three groups of clients had different focuses on the house. They needed some improvisation.

After choosing these contents, he could set off for his house inspection.

Previously, he had only briefly looked at the floor plan of the house on his computer and saw some problems with the house type. However, he still had to do field research to know many details.

After conducting field inspections, they would meet clients, introduce houses, answer clients’ questions, and facilitate the transaction.

Ding Xiyao pushed open the intermediary shop’s door and the camera zoomed up to the target area.

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