Lust Knight

Chapter 13 Why Naked!?

Chapter 13 Why Naked!?

About one hour ago.

Lucien saw the servants finishing up his portal.

Lust, in spirit form, was within him. She had already explained to him that she was very low mana and could not materialize for a time.

“I got a good amount of mana in our little fun, plus the one you had with your sister, which we shared through the tattoo.”

“But I spent a lot of time without it, so I need a lot more to be able to stabilize myself.”

Then Lucien answered Lust seriously, making her laugh.

“We can fuck as much as we need, so why do I still have to go to another world?”

Lust and the other great demons had their reasons. One of them was a legendary ancient creature who was living on this planet, but she warned them not to tell anyone.

Another issue was that they needed a good place to boost their power by doing things related to their demonic nature.

“We share our power by the tattoo. So, the more pleasure you feel and cause, the more we will be powerful.”

But Lucien was stubborn, and he had other thoughts.

“We can have sex all the time; I can take it. And then there’s Sophia…”

Lust knew there was no other way for them but to make a harem.

“Idiot! There is only one way for you to save your mother, and it is to fuck everyone I tell you to fuck!”

Lucien instinctively trusted Lust, and when she put his mother on the subject, he could no longer argue.

“OKAY! So, I’m going to do whatever you say!”

While they were mentally arguing, the servants finished preparing the portal.

Evil King gave Lucien a solemn look and nodded. He knew he was a bad father, but he didn’t care as long as his plans to keep the kingdom safe worked out.

“Good luck.”

He really wished Lucien was lucky because he had no special skills or strength.

The Evil King did not understand how Lucien could be so different from his sisters, so he had much more hopes for them than for Lucien.

Lucien nodded to his father back.

“Thank you.”

Then he walked towards the portal. First, he touched the portal’s surface with his hand. He felt a wet texture just like it looked like water.

Then he pushed his arm, which passed easily through the liquid membrane. Then he followed, and when he passed his face, all he saw was darkness, while Lust explained some things.

“This portal is defective and only works because we, great demons, can add our mana to complete the travel.”

“Now, I’m going to use all my mana left, and I’ll need to stay in a dormant state for a while.”

Lucien always lived isolated from everyone, but in those few hours, he enjoyed having Lust with him. Now he couldn’t help but be worried about how long she would need to stay dormant.

“How much time?”

“It’s up to you.”

Before Lucien could ask for more explanation, she continued.

“My mana regenerates by the more pleasure you have and cause, with as many women as you can. Many at the same time would be even better.”

“You mean…”

“Yes, if you fuck enough, I will be able to materialize not only my physical state but also something else.”

Lucien was not super excited, but he would have to follow that path. He was also curious about what Lust said she could materialize too, but she declined to answer.

“So what am I going to do? Arrive in a new world and just find someone to fuck?”

“Exactly! Try to make the woman feel pleasure too. **** does almost nothing to my powers.”

Lucien was really confused about how to proceed like this. He is not at all good with relationships. He had no idea how to arrive at a new place and get some woman willing to have sex with him out of nowhere.

Lust could feel his hesitation and tried to cheer him up.

“It won’t be that hard. You are very sexy, so just find some woman, and she will want to give the pussy to you easily.”

Lucien didn’t know what to think about that. Fucking Lust seems as normal to him as if they were just made for each other.

With Sophia, it was similar; he can only think now that he doesn’t want to live without them. But when he thinks about other women, he doesn’t feel anything special.

But now he couldn’t think about it too much as he felt his clothes disappear.


Lust was having trouble stabilizing the travel through the portal. Not only did she have scarce mana, but the King’s last resources were almost insufficient for any help.

“I’m losing control of the portal. My magic will disappear soon, so it won’t just be your clothes that will disappear.”

Lucien still couldn’t see anything but darkness. But then he started to see a tiny blue light.

The light got bigger, and he tried to ask Lust what it was, but he didn’t hear any more sounds from her.

The light continued to grow until he realized that it was the same as the surface of the portal entrance.

He understood that it should be the way out. He was approaching fast, but as everything around him was dark and he felt suspended in the air, he was unable to make any movement.

He was going towards the exit of the portal without knowing that he was actually falling. Then he went through the liquid membrane again and found himself in an unexpected situation.


When he passed through the blue membrane, what he saw was just bluer because the portal was above what appeared to be a lake.

He could only scream as he fell like a bullet, utterly naked into the lake. The fall seemed very high, and he was sure he couldn’t leave it without breaking several bones or even worse.

But he felt no discomfort when he hit the water at such high speed. He just feels his body much tougher than before.

By the force of the impact, he only stopped when he reached the deep of the lake, then held his breath and swam back to the surface.

He can’t help but be surprised to be able to swim much faster than before. He concluded that his body improved several times after making the contract with Lust, and he had not noticed it before.

He tried to communicate with Lust, but she didn’t make any sound, making him worried. He tried to communicate with Sophia and Sloth, but it also had no results. Then he started to swim to the border of the lake.

“I have to get more mana for Lust…”

Swimming at super-speed, he didn’t take long to get out of the lake. Then he started walking around looking for something to wear because staying naked seemed strange.


Then he heard a metallic noise and realized at the right time that it was the sound of some weapon hitting another.

But it seemed too far, which made him realize that his senses were also much better than before.

He focused his senses in that direction and heard people talking, and it seemed like someone saying something about fucking a bitch.

“Can I understand them?!”

Lucien had doubts about whether he would understand the language of another world even though Lust told him those worlds were close together so that it was likely to use a similar language.

He didn’t fully understand it, but it was almost like the difference between accents. With time he wouldn’t feel any more differences.

Then he snuck toward the voices he heard. He wanted to get some clothes and some knowledge about where he was.

The closer he got, the more he heard and understood the situation. Soon he had a clear view of the clearing where many people were gathered, but he was still far away, and no one noticed him.

He hid behind a bush and watched the battle between Brian and Marie begin. He heard several things from both the mercenaries and Marie’s group.

“It is really very useful to have such powerful senses!”

But then he noticed something else while watching the fight.


When he saw Anne, something arose in his mind. Not only from the mind, as his dick also showed a reaction and got hard.

Anne was 1.65 meters tall and has a slim but very sexy body. A beautiful face with big green eyes.

But that was not what Lucien liked so much, but the fact that she had several parts of her body covered by a light and fluffy fur the same color as her hair and her big cute furry ears.

He cannot help thinking of many peculiar things.

“Does she have a lot of that cute fur there? How would it be if…”

Lucien had never seen anyone who was not human. Lust is a demon, but she was nothing different from a human woman.

But when he saw that incredible woman, he stopped thinking with his head, and his dick took over.

As he began to drool, wishing to touch Anne’s fluffy ears, the fight between Brian and Marie reached a critical point.

Lucien saw the hooded figure move among the mercenaries and go towards Marie. He understood what was going to happen and had to decide to intervene or not.

His thought was simple.

“Why should I care?”

Lucien had only one goal. Stay strong to protect those he loves. Before, it was just his mother, but now he has Sophia and Lust.

He didn’t even have a good relationship with his sisters, so why would he care about strangers even though they are cute?

But then he thought about Lust’s words and his goal in going to that world.


Then he looked at his dick, which was very hard just because he saw the woman with fox characteristics.

He thought that if he had to have sex with someone, it would be much better to be someone he was attracted to.

And now that he has found a woman so exciting, it would be very stupid to let something happen to her and miss out on such a good chance.

For the happiness of his dick, Lucien ran at super speed to defend the fox girl’s group.

As everything was swift, he had to act even though he was naked and unarmed.

Lucien was considered the weakest of the chosen. He was far inferior to his sisters, who had various talents and strengths.

But he trained very hard since childhood and compared to ordinary people; he could be considered very strong.

As he had no magical skills, he always focused improve his body, and now that he is much stronger because of Lust, he is mighty and didn’t even know the current limit of his strength.

He came quickly behind the hooded woman and acted on instinct by pressing his hand on her back.

He told her to drop the knife, but he couldn’t help but take a look at the fox-girl, who was with her mouth wide openly looking at him surprised.

The hooded woman was shocked when she felt Lucien’s hand.

She is not very strong, but she was proud of her high speed. She is an assassin specialized in agility, but she was not able to feel him approaching before her be caught off guard.


All it was swift, but the woman didn’t take long to realize that Lucien was threatening her with just his hand, so she thought of acting quickly and turned to cut him with the knife.

The woman was more surprised than ever, as she had as the last view a big hard cock before being knocked down by a punch on her head.

While her body fell limp on the floor, she only had time for a quick last thought.

“Why the hell is he naked?!”

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