Lust Knight

Chapter 14 Some Blood

Chapter 14 Some Blood

Anne couldn’t help but smile as she watched Marie’s graceful movements.

“Brian doesn’t stand a chance!”

The elven brothers had the same thought while watching Marie fight.

Then there was the attack that blinded Brian, and they thought it was the end of the fight.

But the hooded figure appeared so fast and made them confused. Then she threatened Marie while some of the mercenaries started to surround them.

Anne was terrified. A small part of her wanted Marie to surrender.

But then she pushed away selfish thoughts and prepared to fight and defend her dear partner.

She turned to ask for help from the elven brothers who always tried to flirt with her and Marie.

She never showed interest in them but was willing to consider if they would fight alongside her in such a desperate situation.

What she saw was them crawling towards the forest, clearly running by fear.

“Men are so shameless!”

“I can’t believe I considered them as friends.”

But then she heard a deep voice threatening the hooded figure. She turned and couldn’t help but open her mouth by amazement.

“He’s so handsome!”

Then her mouth opened even more when she realized something else.

“Should that be so big?!”

Not only she but Marie and all the mercenaries stopped to look at Lucien intently. And everyone concluded that his dick was too big.

“But why is it so hard while he was naked in the forest?”

Anne and Marie are young and innocent girls. They couldn’t help blushing and closing their eyes even in this dangerous situation. It was an involuntary reaction while they had the same thought.



Lucien was not comfortable naked in the middle of the forest, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

He acted on impulse when the hooded woman tried to attack him. So he held her body so she wouldn’t get hurt in the fall.

After she was lying on the floor, knocked out, he looked at Marie.

“I can help you face them. But you will have to serve me in bed.”

Marie can’t help being confused. She was happy when he saved her, but such a request…

A guy she has never seen appears from the middle of the forest naked and asks her to give her purity to him like that? And he still seriously spoke as if it was natural.

The “no” was almost coming out of her mouth when she held it.

Then she looked at the angry Brian, who was clearly grouping with the mercenaries on the other side terrorized by the strange and handsome man.

Next, she looked at Anne, who would not abandon her. So she thought that if she refused his help, they would have no chance of getting out alive after annoying Brian that much.

She knew the mercenaries would have no mercy on theirs. Men could be very cruel to women, and she didn’t even want to imagine what they could do with her dear friend.

But it was still challenging for her just to accept giving her body to him so easily. She wouldn’t lie to someone who looked so strong, so she tried to negotiate.

“I can promise to consider the matter with affection. Is that enough?”

That was not the answer Lucien expected, but he did not know that he had made a very absurd request out of nowhere. Lust would have said something about him having the subtlety of stone if she hadn’t been asleep.

But still, he wouldn’t abandon them because he needed their bodies to become stronger. Then he nodded towards Marie.

“That’s enough. Protect your friend and this one on the floor.”

“I’ll be swift.”

Marie knew he was strong, but she thought they would work together to beat so many mercenaries. Although not very powerful, they are more than twenty and well equipped.

But did he want to face everyone and do it fast? She couldn’t help but think he was overestimating himself.

She would not say anything because a man who walks naked with his cock hard through the forest would not be lucid.

If he was in trouble, she could just join the fight at any time. But what happened next was very surreal, making her watch without closing her mouth.

Lucien did not lose his serious and focused look for a second. He bent quickly and picked up the knife, which the hooded woman dropped.

“I will borrow it for a while.”

Then Lucien made a move so fast that few could understand, but no one could follow.

He curved his body like an Olympic runner would do to reach maximum body speed.

Equipped with only the knife, he went towards the mercenary who was closest to him. He was one of those who had begun to surround Marie’s group but were regrouping after he appeared.


What followed the poor man’s horrible scream was his blood that splashed out of his neck bizarrely.

Lucien had no mercy and cut the mercenary’s neck with speed and precision. He did not want to do a show or take revenge on the mercenaries as he had nothing against or for them.

He just wanted to eliminate them quickly so he could start another type of battle with the girls.

Then he cut the mercenary’s neck in a way that he would bleed to death while he could quickly proceed to the next target.

And so he did, running fast as a shadow, he cut the neck of the nearest mercenary and then went on to the next.

The screams of those who were hit matched with those who were bleeding, and together they made a macabre show.

Lucien’s beautiful body, which once glowed clean, was now red by the blood of the mercenaries. But he didn’t seem to mind, and he kept killing without changing his expression.

The mercenaries tried to hit him with their weapons, but Lucien easily dodged the blows that were shaking disorganized as they were terrified of him.

Each man who fell made the next lost more of the will to fight, and some tried to run just to have their necks pierced behind.

Lucien continued the slaughter without changing his expression or making a sound. But in his mind, he had many happy thoughts.

He has never felt so powerful before. His training was always focused on strengthening his body and senses as he had no aptitude for magic or special abilities.

So fighting like that would always be his style, but his body had limits, which no matter how hard he trained, he couldn’t cross.

Limits that now he was crossing, moving faster and faster.

He knew why he was so powerful. He knew where that power came from. And he can’t help but thank them even if they couldn’t hear now.

“Lust… Sophia… Thank you a lot!”

In mind, he was emotional, but his body didn’t stop for a second, and he kept killing without showing any emotions.

Her body was getting redder and red with the blood of his victims, making Marie and Anne have many confused thoughts.

“How can he?”

“He kills without blinking.”

“As if lives were meant nothing to him.”

“What kind of man is he?”


“So what?!”

“A demon. He can only be a demon!”

“The devil himself…”

Then Marie looked at something that never stopped catching her attention.

“Is he still hard?”

Anne looked at where Marie was pointing and can’t help but close her eyes while blushing and cursing.

“What the fuck, how is this possible?”

Marie didn’t know what to think or say. Her thoughts were divided into two halves. One wondered how he could be so strong and fast, just using a knife while taking lives like a reaper.

The other half of her mind could only think of how he did it all naked and hard. It was bizarre, but she couldn’t deny that it was also a bit sexy, and she liked to see that much masculinity.

Marie waved her head to ward off strange thoughts, and when she realized there were only two more mercenaries alive with Brian.

Brian thought several times about running away, but he saw that when a mercenary tried to run, that demon would especially go after him and kill him from behind without mercy.

He hid behind the biggest and strongest mercenaries in the group and started to think of ways to get out of this alive.

“Why is he killing us like nothing? Doesn’t he fear justice?”

The two big mercenaries heard their chief’s murmurs of fear and could not help but agree with him.

“Damn devil. Why do we get in his way?”

“Shadow is the one to blame for this shit.”

“She wouldn’t have to act if Brian hadn’t lost to the little wizard.”

“What does it matter now? We are so fucked up!”

Brian and his two bodyguards could be arguing for hours about who was to blame, but Lucien didn’t have all that patience.

When they noticed the demon looking at them, they couldn’t help but hold their breath.


It was all very swift.

Lucien, who was less than twenty meters from Brian, stood for a second after killing another mercenary.

When he looked at the remaining three, Brian felt a shiver and knew the demon would act very fast.

Brian shouted for his bodyguards to block at the same time as Lucien became a blur.

Lucien ran at full speed with his body leaning.

He focused his senses to the maximum and could see the mercenaries in slow motion raising their weapons. One raised a large shield and the other a big ax to block him.

He reached them while the mercenary on the right was still raising the big shield, and with one hand, he held the border of the shield to use it to throw himself into the air.

Then he climbed over the shield and kicked the head of the mercenary with the ax while shoving the knife behind the other’s neck.

The mercenary didn’t even know how he died.

He felt Lucien’s strength when he pulled the shield to gain impulse, and in the middle of the jump, a few drops of the blood of his companions dripped from the devil’s hard cock, making the poor man’s last-second alive a shit.

The ax mercenary was thrown away, but before he fell to the ground, he was already dead.

Lucien, before landing on the floor, threw the knife, which spun quickly in the air before sinking deep into the center of the forehead of the ax man, who died at that time.

Then he ended his jump by landing in front of Brian, who was walking backward in fear until he fell with his ass on the floor.

Brian was not very powerful, but he relied on his equipment for hard fights. But after seeing the slaughter that the devil did, he was so terrified that he had no thought of trying to fight.

“Please let me go!”

“I will never tell anyone about this!”

“I can give you anything!”

Brian started to beg for his life, but the devil kept walking towards him in slow steps.

Lucien would have killed him quickly just by avoiding screw up that beautiful black armor, which he already wanted, but then he remembered something.

He approached Brian, who continued to crawl until he reached a tree and was unable to continue. Then for the first time since he appeared in the clearing, changed his expression to a mocking smile.

“Did I hear you talking about fucking a bitch?”

Lucien recalled that before seeing Brian and Marie’s fight, he heard someone say something like that, and now hearing Brian begging, he concluded that he was the person who said that.

And the “bitch” in the subject should be Anne or Marie.

Lucien didn’t know why, but he didn’t like it. Or maybe he knew it…

Brian couldn’t understand because he was just terrified. He tried to speak but started to stutter, and Lucien continued looking at him with that evil smile, making fear open new barriers within him.

“There is only one dick that will fuck those girls. And it is here right in front of you.”

Lucien pointed to his hard cock, which was slightly dirty with the blood of the mercenaries as well as his entire body.

Then he approached Brian and tread his face hard.

Brian was too afraid to avoid the rapid movement and could not understand how the devil’s foot was as hard as a stone.




Brian tried to beg, but Lucien was pushing his foot more and more into his face. Then Brian’s words were distorted as he trembled on the floor.

“Final words?”


Lucien continued to laugh as he treads Brian’s head harder and harder.

After a few seconds, Brian’s body stopped convulsing as smelly liquid left the middle of his legs.

It was easy to understand that he pissed himself while dying.

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