Lust Knight

Chapter 20 Soul Weapon

Chapter 20 Soul Weapon

While the rocks fell, Lucien was facing attacks from all sides. The soldiers were much stronger than the mercenaries he had faced before, but he was getting faster and faster every second.

He didn’t know what was going on with his body, and he needed Lust to explain it.

But he could imagine that this improvement in his body had to do with the girls he had sex before. Maybe his body needed time to absorb the energy he got and turn it into his own power.

Lucien’s mind was a mess, but he managed to keep dodging the strikes, but it made him only defensive.

While he made assumptions about his body getting stronger and faster, he also had to deal with a new feeling.

It was a feeling of fear. He was afraid of losing the fight and not being able to protect the girls.

He said he would protect them, but here he was, in this shit situation, while he couldn’t do anything.

When he saw the big rock separating the girls from the area where he and the soldiers were, he couldn’t help feeling relieved.

He felt better about knowing that they managed to escape. But now the problem still remained…

The soldiers continued to attack, and he could only be defensive…


“I just…”

“I’m weak…”

Lucien started to feel angry at himself again. He already felt that way when he was a child and received the news that his mother had died.

That was the feeling of not being able to protect those dear to him.

His sisters were so strong and talented, but he can never even use mana to do any magic. He was just a weak and useless person…


When Lucien started to feel these negative thoughts, he was unable to dodge in time, and a soldier hit his back with a sharp sword.

He tried to focus again, but his concentration was more shaken. He was only able to keep dodging because the rocks kept falling, preventing soldiers from attacking together.

He remembered not only his mother but Sophia as well. She trusted him so much… He said they would be together forever… but now, he would probably die in the underground of an old mine.

How would Sophia feel knowing that he died so stupidly for being so weak?

And there was also Mia… He met her so recently, but there was so much he wanted to do with her…

Lucien tried to keep moving between the soldiers and the falling rocks. But he received minor cuts and bruises at every moment.

Gerard was very concerned when the rocks started to fall. If the mine collapsed, they would all die here.

But the tunnel was big, and he could just go more in-depth and hope for only one part of the mine to fall apart.

But the naked man was still alive and fighting. Gerard was unsure whether to run or attack Lucien.

It seemed dangerous to fight in the middle of falling rocks. But then he saw Lucien slow down as if he were more tired and started receiving some hits from the soldiers.

“I’ll get this over with quickly!”

Gerard thought about killing Lucien quickly so that he could retreat with his men and leave the area where the rocks were falling.

Then he ran at full speed while Lucien was in trouble with three soldiers. His big spear towards Lucien’s back.

Lucien was increasingly afraid. Not because his life would end like this, but because he’s going to abandon the women he promised to take care of.

Then a soldier hit the sword on his leg, making him kneel.


Lucien felt a lot of pain, but the feeling of physical pain was better than the horrible feeling of being so weak and not being able to protect the one he loved.

Another soldier shoved a sword into his shoulder, which pierced his body deeply.


Lucien felt worse and worse. He felt he was not worthy of the girls who trusted him.

“I’m so weak…”

Lucien’s vision started to go dark. Then he remembered his mother’s smile… She was beautiful as an angel and had a sweet smile.

Lucien loved the way his mother looks kind and loving… but then he remembered Lust’s smile…

Lust was the opposite of his mother. She had a naughty and very sexy smile. But he didn’t hate it… In fact, he would miss Lust a lot.

Why? Why would he lose them?

A desire to reunite with his mother and Lust grew more and more within him.

“Why do I have to be so weak?”


“I just need to try harder!”

Lucien opened his eyes only to see Gerard’s spear less than a foot from his chest.

He still had the soldier’s sword inside his shoulder and a bad cut on his leg, but he made his greatest effort to move his body.

It was not enough to completely avoid the blow, but it prevented the spear from piercing his chest. Still, the blade cut his waist in the same place it had cut before.

A wound opened, and blood flowed again. But something was wrong…

“How could it have been a new cut if there was already another cut there?”

Lucien didn’t have time to think about why his previous cut had disappeared. Now he needed to keep fighting.

Lucien, still on the ground, kicked away the soldier who kept the sword in his shoulder.

Blood flowed like never before, but Lucien stood up quickly and dodged another blow that Gerard had thrown at him.

“Am I going to die in this shit hole?”

Stones still fell while Gerard and the soldiers continued to launch attacks at Lucien. He made quick movements while bleeding from many parts of the body.

The desire to live and find those he loved grew with every move he made. But he was still losing a lot of blood, and he wouldn’t last long.

A rock fell on Gerard, causing him to stop his attack and retreat a step. Lucien took advantage of the moment and got some distance.

But he ended against the mine wall. He had not realized that to dodge some rocks, he went towards the wall and is now cornered.


There were four soldiers on one side and a rock on the other. Gerard was already coming towards him with his spear ready.

Lucien didn’t want to give up even though the situation was pretty bad for him. He wanted to survive and find his mother again. Find his sweet sister, Sophia.

“And Lust…”

What he did with Lust was so good that he could still feel the pleasure she gave him.

How could he die and never feel that pleasure again…

When he remembered the pleasure he had with Lust, his tattoo just below his navel appeared. It glowed with a faint purple light.

He didn’t notice the tattoo as he continued to remember Lust, so he remembered the pleasure he had with Sophia, and then Mia.

It was all swift, and when he noticed Gerard’s spear coming again, he thought of dodging, but then two soldiers attacked at the same time, preventing him from moving.

Lucien was still thinking about Lust when he raised his arm in an involuntary movement to defend himself from Gerard’s spear.


A loud sound of a metal hitting metal echoed through the mine when Gerard’s spear collided with a red blade that appeared in Lucien’s hand.

Not only Gerard, but Lucien was shocked.


Lucien didn’t know when the red katana appeared, but he held it firm as it just saved his life.

He stared at the red blade, which seemed to fit perfectly in his hand and couldn’t help but smile when he heard a familiar voice in his mind.

“I’m here! Sorry for the delay.”

Lucien only kept the smile for a second after hearing Lust’s voice as two soldiers thrust swords on his waist, making him felt high pain.

But then Lust said something that he had already started to realize, and now it made sense.

“Do not care about the wounds as it will regenerate quickly. Use the weapon and kill them now!”

Lucien didn’t care about the two swords piercing him and made a horizontal strike with the red katana aiming at the soldiers’ heads.


The movement was swift and accurate. After cutting off a soldier’s head, it continued, and the other’s head fell too, less than a second after the first.

As Lucien was unable to use magic, he trained a lot with weapons and was more functional with katanas. It seemed that this weapon had materialized perfectly for him as if it knew his inclinations.

Gerard would not wait for Lucien to recover, so he attacked again with his spear.

But Lucien can feel his movements in the air. His senses only got better with time, and he had no trouble deflecting Gerard’s spear.

Lucien used the force of Gerard’s strike to deflect his spear and aim it in the soldier’s direction. It was all swift, and Gerard was unable to stop the spear before it pierced the soldier’s chest.

“Bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

Gerard was scared and angry at Lucien as he began a series of savage attacks against him with the spear. He was hitting faster and harder, but Lucien was deflecting everything with his katana.

Lucien has never felt so attached to a weapon before. The katana seemed to react to his every move by helping and improving everything he did.

He didn’t have to worry about its weight or size as it was so natural in his hand.

The katana was quite large with a ninety-centimeter blade. It looked like a mix of red and black metal.

It has a black handle of thirty centimeters with a red finish of a material that Lucien did not know, but it feels very comfortable.

It has a dark red guard in the shape of a pentagram that seemed to glow a dusky light.

Lucien couldn’t help but find the katana very beautiful and perfect.

He continued to deflect Gerard’s blows just to get used to his new weapon. After he realized he was entirely in harmony with the red katana, he started the counterattack.

Lucien deflected the last time before kicking Gerard in the stomach and delivering a strike that cut deeply into his chest.


Gerard stepped back as he pushed a soldier toward Lucien.

His chest was bleeding heavily from the severe wound. He quickly took a bottle of green liquid out of his pocket and drank it while Lucien faced his soldiers.

When he finished drinking, he realized that there were only ten soldiers left, and Lucien was cutting off their heads quickly, so he didn’t think twice about taking a black pill out of his pocket and eating it.

The pill was a medicine of the army, given only to people of high rank. It would be used to face large numbers of enemies as it significantly increased strength and speed for a short time at the cost of severe side effects later.

Lucien continued to kill the soldiers coming towards him. He had no problem dodging falling rocks or the blows that other soldiers threw at him from behind.

He was making a great effort to resist the pain of his injuries. But that pain was decreasing very quickly as his wounds recovered at a tremendous speed.

He couldn’t see the wounds just closing, but he felt it wouldn’t be long before all his cuts closed. While he continued to kill the remaining soldiers, he cannot help but thank Lust for returning on time.

“It was quick, but I missed you, Lust.”

Lust replied with her usual sensual tone.

“You worked fast so that I could recover mana like that.”

The work that Lust talked about was clearly the fun he had with Mia. Lucien couldn’t help but smile, thinking about Mia’s ass.

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