Lust Knight

Chapter 22 Moon Tigers

Chapter 22 Moon Tigers

Mama Tigress felt better and better with the wonderful smell of that strange man.

It felt something strange about those eyes that looked at it differently than anything before. The tigress could even felt that somehow It could see affection in his eyes.

Lucien somehow liked the tigress very much. Maybe he likes felines very much? He thought it’s incredibly cute and beautiful.

As the tigress did not appear to be hostile, he could not resist trying to pat its head. He tried to reach his hand very slowly so as not to startle it.

The tigress thought of retreating or attacking for prevention, but its feminine instincts screamed that he was not dangerous. So it didn’t move, and when he touched its head affectionately, the mama tigress felt really good.

Its body was very sick and injured, so mama tigress couldn’t help but feel tired. But as long as the strange man patted its head, everything was so good.

Then a ridiculous thing happened. Mama tigress started to purr. It couldn’t believe that a human’s caresses could bring its to that state, but his scent was so good…

Mama tigress wanted to sniff more of that scent and maybe taste him… It can’t help but try to lick Lucien’s face while he was still patting its head.


First, the tigress felt blood. It actually seemed like there were different types of blood on his face, but then it felt an excellent taste, which was even better than his scent.

Mama tigress continued to lick Lucien’s face, and he couldn’t deny that he was enjoying it. Its big tongue was making a wet mess on his face, but it looked funny, and he thought it was adorable.

“Is this how someone who has a pet feels? I can get used to it… maybe I can…”

Lucien really liked the tigress, and he can’t help but think about taking it with him. How bad could it be to have a big fluffy cat by his side?

How strangely it seemed to like him. Maybe something about his changed body by the contract with Lust… He tried to take the soldier’s body off them so he could move and take out the spear, which was still within his chest.

Lucien moved slowly, and the tigress didn’t stop licking his face, letting him move the soldier’s body to the side. The tigress adjusted its body on top of him to continue licking, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hahaha… You are so adorable, big Catie.”

Mama tigress did not know why the man started to laugh but thought that he must be feeling good like it. It continued to lick but felt a sharp pain in one of its wounds and couldn’t help moaning in pain.

“What happened?! Ahhh!”

Lucien saw the tigress fall moaning on his chest, and he couldn’t help but worry. When he moved his body to try to help it, he felt a lot of pain from the spear piercing his organs, and they both groaned in pain.

He realized that the tigress was very hurt while it understood that he was injured too.

“Lust, any ideas?”

“You can heal faster and heal your partner during…”

“I think you would find something in the body of these soldiers. Try the leader; he must have some potion or something.”

Lust started talking about things that Lucien thought was very wrong for the occasion and can’t help but make a strange expression, so Lust quickly changed her suggestion.

“Just a second, big Catie!”

Lucien moved the tigress’s body to the side gently as he crawled over to Gerard’s body. He started looking in his pockets, and it didn’t take much to find two small bottles with a green liquid inside, which Lust concluded were healing potions.


As Lucien touched Gerard’s body, he discovered that the tough man was still alive. But he didn’t think it was bad because he was still furious at Gerard and wouldn’t mind doing more damage before killing him.

But now was not the time to worry about it, and he crawled over to the tigress.


When Lucien turned around, he saw a small white tigress crying near the mama tigress and understood that it was its cub.

“Don’t worry, little Catie. Your mama will be fine.”

The little tigress did not trust Lucien at first and stood between its mother and him while doing a brave pose and shouting faint cute growls.

Lucien tried to pet the little tigress, but it avoided while it was still growling, then the mama tigress gave a slightly muffled growl, and the cub bowed its head and stepped back.

“Here, drink it.”

Mama tigress didn’t know what the human would do to by bringing that bottle with green liquid towards it. But Its senses, which were much sharper than its high intelligence, felt no danger from that man.

Lucien opened the bottle close to its mouth, and the tigress smelled the green liquid and knew it would be beneficial for its body.

The tigress drank the potion Lucien was giving it and could feel its pain subside as the wounds stop bleeding. It couldn’t stop drinking and licked the bottle after swigged the whole potion.

“Do you want more?”

Lucien saw that the tigress was severely injured and didn’t think twice before opening the other potion. He was too confident in his high regeneration, but it would still be stupid not to drink at least a little of the potion.

He drank almost half and took the rest of the potion towards the tigress.

The tigress was smart to understand that he had given more than half of the medicine even though he was as hurt as it was. It can’t help feeling very fond of the strange human.

After drinking a little of the potion, mama tigress stopped and stared at Lucien for two seconds before looking at the cub, who was watching the whole scene very confused.

The little tigress was very afraid of everything because it and its mother have not had not good time until now. But it saw that the man was helping its mother and can’t help but like him a little.

Lucien understood that even if the cub didn’t show any external wounds, it shouldn’t be in perfect health. He sympathized greatly with this maternal act of the mama tigress.

So, he took the potion towards the little tigress, who, after seeing its mother’s kind look, did not refuse the strange man’s offer. The smell of the green liquid was delicious, and the little tigress swigged the rest of the potion.

Lust saw the kind act between Lucien and the mother-daughter tigress and couldn’t help but provoke him.

“Do you like cats that much?”

Lucien couldn’t deny that he found them very cute. But he also thought they could be loyal companions because animals would be more reliable than people when it comes to gratitude.

“Look at the size of this tigress. Wouldn’t it be a great companion in battle? If it can grow more, it may even become a mount.”

Lust couldn’t disagree with Lucien’s thinking. She also thought of two things that could help a lot the tigress and the cub grew, but they couldn’t do that right now.

Lucien finished giving the potion to the little tigress and had to resolve the issue of the spear, which was still in his chest.

“That looks like it’s going to fucking hurt!”

He put his hand on the handle of the spear and prepared himself but couldn’t help but frown when Lust commented something useless in his mind.

“Oh, do you think?!”

Lucien took advantage of the moment when he was talking to Lust and pulled the spear out at once. Blood flowed like never before, the tigress turned their faces away not to see that horrible scene.


Lucien felt a lot of pain and can’t help but lie on the floor while trying not to make sudden movements so as not to make the situation worse while waiting for his regeneration to work.

He closed his eyes, and after a few seconds, he felt a hot and wet tongue on his chest. Then another, smaller tongue in her belly.

Animals generally licked their wounds to use saliva as natural medicine. It made their wounds stop bleeding and close faster.

Mama tigress saw the bad state of Lucien’s wounds and wanted to help by licking him. The cub followed its mother’s action, and they both began to treat Lucien gently.

Lucien couldn’t even move after taking the spear out of his body. He lay unmoved on the floor and enjoyed the good feeling of being taken care of by the mama tigress and cute cub.

“Good caties…”

Lust watched them and knew they were in no danger now. The roof had stopped falling, and Gerard was too hurt to wake up. So she comforted Lucien.

“Get some rest while I keep an eye on everything. If something happens, I will let you know.”

Then Lucien closed his eyes and was silent for a while.


While Lucien was quickly regenerating, the girls were trying to make their way through the rocks that covered the mine tunnel.

Mia was already whole dirty by dust as she continued to remove rocks quickly.

“Just wait a minute, Lucien! I’m coming soon!”

Anne and Marie were also trying their best to get the rocks out, but there were too many of them, and that was being too much challenging.

Marie could see how Mia was working so hard without taking that worried expression out of her face and couldn’t help but wonder how they got so close. She started to be curious about what Anne wanted to tell that they did in the bath.

The Light Empire was one of the most significant forces on this side of the world, so even its basic soldiers were very strong, not to mention the captains, who were warriors comparable to adventurers of rank A and even S sometimes.

So it is normal that Mia and the girls could not do anything against them being equivalent to adventurers of rank D and C, but that didn’t mean they were weak, so it didn’t take more than half an hour to get all the rocks out of the way.

Only one last big rock was on their way, which stopped them from getting to where Lucien was fighting the soldiers when they ran away.

Mia wanted to make small controlled explosions to get through the rock faster. She wasn’t thinking rationally and just wanted to be reunited with Lucien. She only felt this bad before when it was about her mother, and she already liked Lucien more than she imagined.

But Marie knew that more explosions would only collapse the mine. Then she told Anne to start breaking the big rock slowly with a mace that they caught from the mercenaries in the clearing.

Marie and Anne, as adventurers, had magic backpacks, which were useful storage tools. A magic backpack could have several levels of size and value. The type they had were cheap but had a good space of approximately ten cubic meters.

Mia didn’t show it, but she had an old space ring that she received from her mother. It’s a nice storage treasure with approximately one hundred cubic meters. She had several tools inside it, like small explosive bombs and weapons.

After another fifteen minutes, Anne managed to break enough of the rock for them to pass without collapsing the mine.

They would remember that scene they saw forever.

There were several corpses all over the top and under rocks. But most did not have their heads, which were everywhere away from the bodies still dripping blood.

In the middle of that bloody mess, there was a big white tigress lying on the side of a cub and…


Mia couldn’t help but cry and run towards Lucien, who was passed out next to the tigress, who was still licking him.

But Marie acted quickly and took her arm.

“It can be dangerous!”

Anne was a demi-human of the fox clan and had knowledge of many magical beasts. She recognized the white tigress species and told her friends not to be afraid.

“Moon tigers are animals that only attack to defend themselves and are creatures extremely loyal to anyone who helps them. It is licking Lucien’s wounds to help him, so they must be friends.”

Mia didn’t need anything else after Anne’s explanation and left Marie’s grip to run towards Lucien.

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