Lust Knight

Chapter 382: So Hard, Yet so Relaxing {R-18}

Chapter 382: So Hard, Yet so Relaxing {R-18}

While Sloth has an incredible orgasm due to Lucien cumming in her ass, he moves back a little and pulls his cock back. Envy quickly materializes next to him and licks all the cum over it.

So, he wastes no time placing the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy again, this time without the intention of teasing but rather becoming one with her.

Sloth opens half of one eye and sees Lucien smiling at her with a loving expression, which is even more charming than his teasing smile.

Her body feels so good, but her pussy wants his cock so badly, so she feels even more pleasure when she feels it entering her most special place.

“Ahhh…” She moans as her pussy squirts love juices on Lucien’s cock and low belly.

“Hah…” Lucien takes great pleasure in the tightness of her pussy on his dick. The fact that she is having an orgasm makes everything better.

He slowly moves his hips forward as he leans over her body again. He cannot resist stroking and squeezing her huge breasts while he continues to explore her insides.

Sloth can still feel the warmth that comes from his hot cum in her ass, but she can feel the warmth from his cock inside her pussy even better. Although big, she feels like his hard member is made to fit perfectly inside her pussy, which squeezes and takes the shape of it willingly.

Then she feels the tip of his cock touches her hymen. She had even forgotten that it existed in her real body because she never thought about sex before. It seems to be a waste of energy and hard work that would not bring any benefit.

But now, what used to seem like something meaningless, has several important meanings. Lucien breaking her hymen and making them reach a new level of potential is a change in the way she and her host do things for the first time in thousands of years.

However, that is also not just about power. That means her union as a woman with Lucien, her first lover and the only one she wants to have forever.

Sloth hates complicated things, and Lucien is the opposite of that. He is very direct and can take care of her and Sophia, feeding them with pleasure and power.

So, of course, she is totally willing to give herself completely to his care. In fact, her body has already done so by accepting his tattoo and the mysterious new soul contract.

As she reflects on that, she realizes that Lucien has stopped moving. She opens her eyes again, thinking he wants to tease her again.

But what she sees his face a few centimeters from her, gazing at her with that loving expression.

“You are so beautiful…” Lucien says as his eyes sparkle. He knows that he will have to conquer all the sins or his sisters to bring all the demonic energies together, and he feels so lucky that Sloth is such a kind and loving woman.

Although her body does not like to make unnecessary movements, Sloth cannot resist caressing Lucien’s face. “I’m glad you think this way because you’ll have to take care of me for the rest of our lives.”

“I hope it will be a long time.” He smiles and kisses her delicious soft lips.

Sloth is trilled with Lucien’s response, and her body reaches a new peak of pleasure while feeling his dick break through her hymen and continue all the way to the bottom of her pussy while she still feels his hot cum in her ass.

“Mm~~ !!!” She moans as her lips move along with Lucien’s, and even her tongue dances with his while her pussy squeezes his cock so tightly.

Lucien has a hard time containing his desire to cum again. The interior of Sloth’s pussy is incredibly soft and cozy, also having a wonderful tightness. That feeling is even more perfect than that of her ass and makes him addicted to it right away.

He delights in the savor of her delicious mouth while slowly moving his cock inside her pussy while also feeling her huge breasts change shape as pressed against his chest.

The gentle way he is fucking her is as good as the hard way. She wraps her arms around his neck while she kisses him and speaks between moans. “Just like that… ahhh… don’t stop… mmmm… fuck me like that… much… so much more!!”

“As much as you want… my love,” Lucien speaks as he continues to kiss her.

He keeps the pace of his thrusts slow and brings the tip of his cock up to the entrance of her pussy before going near the end to make her body get used to his size and shape smoothly.

Lucien continues to do it gently for two minutes while having great pleasure and making Sloth have two orgasms in a row.

But then he feels that her body is already prepared for something more intense, so he moves one from his hand to her waist and the other to her thigh.

Sloth is feeling better and more relaxed than ever, so she obviously wants to continue that way. However, her body surprisingly seems to want to follow Lucien’s movements and discover new ways to feel more pleasure.

Her body wants that, and Sloth is also not against it. So she prepares for what is to come while also curious about what it will be.

“Hold tight to my neck,” Lucien speaks as he touches his forehead to hers.

“Mm.” As soon as Sloth makes a sound of agreement, Lucien gets up while bringing her body along.

With one hand, he fits her leg around his waist, and then she does the same with the other leg while he uses his other hand to stroke her waist and ass.

Then he flaps his wings, flying forward and standing on the head of his big bed. He presses Sloth’s body against the wall and begins to passionately kiss her mouth while moving his hips up, fucking her pussy.

“AH! AHH!! AHHH !!!” She moans louder and louder as he thrusts his cock in her pussy faster and harder.

The cute pink walls of her pussy hug his cock so tightly while her body feels that moving and reacting to Lucien’s body is much more pleasurable than standing still.

“Hnh!! Hah…” Lucien feels outstanding as his hips move on their own, and his hard-rock cock runs so excitedly inside that soft and delicious pussy.

He kisses her lips, neck, shoulders, and of course, those breasts he loves so much. The smell and taste of her skin resemble fresh flowers, which are so good and addictive.

Sloth doesn’t realize that her body really starts to move. Her hands run on his shoulders and back, also stroking the base of his wings and making them flap while her tail wraps around his as they caress each other.

She feels so much passion and lustful feelings coming from his body and also being sent from her body to his. It seems that he wants to devour her and her body very much wants to be devoured by him.

One minute in that position is enough for her to have two more incredible orgasms in a row and pour more and more love juices on his body and the bed.

Sloth’s body still has Lucien’s cum in her ass, and she remembers how good that cumshot was, so she starts craving a cumshot in her pussy too to have the greatest and best orgasm of all.

“Ahh… Lucien… cum with me… mmmm…” She asks between moans as she strokes his hair and horns.

Lucien bites her nipple while squeezing her ass. “Call me your husband, and I will do that.”

Sloth doesn’t have to think twice. “My husband!! Cum inside the pussy of this lazy wife of yours much as you can!”

“DAMN!!” Lucien did not expect such a good answer, so he feels so fucking horny and an urge to cum inside her pussy.

His tail dances excitedly along with Sloth’s tail while his wings flap hard, making him fly towards the ceiling, which is seven meters from the room’s floor.

They stop at the corner of the ceiling, and Lucien presses his body against Sloth’s, which has her back touching both the wall and the ceiling.

With his wings still flapping hard, he thrusts his cock to the bottom of her pussy so hard that Its tip penetrates her cervix, which makes both of them feel so damn good.

Then he cum, while she has another orgasm, which gets so much improved by his hot cock milk entering inside her cervix before filling her entire pussy.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” She moans louder than ever while she feels so much of his baby seeds entering her most private parts.

Along with that incredible feeling of warmth and power, Sloth’s female instincts also feel that she should get pregnant with that wonderful cumshot, of course, if that weren’t a version of her original body made of just energy.

“Hnh!!” Lucien continues cumming so much hot cock milk inside her pussy without any desire to stop.

Due to their position, after his cum fills the little space left inside her pussy while his cock is filling her, the huge amount of cum that leaks it falls into the mouths of Lust and Envy, who are flying below them.

“Mmmm… so good… so much of my husband cum is filling me up!!” Sloth moans and speaks while Lucien kisses her on the cheek.

With that incredible orgasm, her whole body trembles and feels limp while he embraces her. Sloth never imagined that she could feel so good and relaxed while she also feels more powerful than ever.

After many seconds cumming, Lucien stops flapping his wings and falls down with Sloth on his bed, which endures the weight of their falling without any trouble, showing that it is made of really incredible materials.

Sloth lays her head on Lucien’s chest while feeling his cock still rock-hard inside her pussy. Due to the general knowledge she has, she knows that Lucien is a man like no other, and she is very happy to have waited so long to have this relationship with only him.

Her body feels very good but also tired because Lucien’s life mana has no invigorating effect on her due to her lazy nature. So, she really wants to just relax now but without his dick coming out of her pussy, or they move from that perfect position.

Now, having that soul connection with Sloth, Lucien can feel how she really feels and what she wants. So, he doesn’t move their bodies and just slowly strokes her beautiful blonde hair while even their tails are immobile while still intertwined.

‘That was so good…’ Sloth speaks in Lucien’s mind because even her lips refuse to move.

‘Yes… that was fucking amazing! And we’re going to do a lot more of that from now on until the end of our lives, as you said.’ He responds.

‘I want it… I really want it, my husband.’ Sloth speaks honestly while for the first time in her life, she feels like she has a goal that is hers alone and has nothing to do with her people or host.

Lucien feels really good when she calls him a husband. Unlike Envy, who will do anything to achieve her goals or the other sins that seem very complicated, Sloth seems more and more a simple and direct person.

He still respects the nature of all the other sins and doesn’t blame them for being like that, yet he can’t help but be happy that Sloth’s peculiarity is that she is lazy, as it doesn’t cause any problems to him, who actually like to be the only person dominant during sex, besides the fact that he has nothing against Sloth and Sophia spending all the time sleeping in his bed and waiting for the moment that he will come to fuck them.

[That looks like another scene to be immortalized in a painting…] He thinks as he imagines Sloth and Sophia sleeping in his bed, with flushed and satisfied expressions after he has satisfied their needs.

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