Lust Knight

Chapter 383: Breakfast’s Thieves

Chapter 383: Breakfast’s Thieves

In the large bathroom on the second floor, a strange silence leaves the mood unusual while Sophia and Amelia bather in one of the smaller bath pools, usually used by the girls when Lucien is not with them in the bath, or he is bathing with only one girl.

On opposite sides, Amelia and Sophia wash their bodies while they can’t resist looking at each other and compare themselves.

Although both are very confident of their looks, that type of comparison will always happen between Lucien’s wives because they all always want to be as beautiful as possible for him.

And in the case of Sophia and Amelia, there is a rivalry between sisters, like Marie and Lena.

“…” It is only possible to hear the sound of the water, the sponges with soap in contact with their bodies, and their breathing while they do not speak a word.

That silence makes Amelia uncomfortable, and she makes an upset expression at Sophia. “What do you want to say to me???”

Sophia sighs. “I thought we could talk like good sisters now that he… But, I actually was wondering if you would still look at me with this expression.”

“What expression?” Amelia asks as she can’t help but frown.

After making a sad expression, Sophia explains. “The expression that makes it look like I stole your breakfast. You look at me like that every day since fifteen years ago.”

Amelia would like to say that she doesn’t know what Sophia is talking about, but she now understands her feelings. “Do you blame me for feeling jealous of how he loves you? You will have to get used to that look because all his other wives will look at you like that.”

Sophia squeezes the sponge in her hand and gently passes it on her neck as she imagines Lucien kissing her clean, perfumed skin.

Then she looks into Amelia’s eyes. “It doesn’t make any sense. I never pushed you away from him, and I will never try to push his other wives away. Why do you make me look like a villain?”

Amelia throws her sponge into the water. “Damn!! Why do you always have to be so perfect?? Look at you… your body has a perfect size, perfect curves… you have this beautiful red hair just like him, eyes the same color as his… and you are so kind and loving… you are the perfect woman for him.”

Sophia keeps a neutral expression. However, in her heart, she can’t help but thank her mother for giving her perfect genes, which added to her father’s, made her so much beautiful and similar to Lucien.

“Why don’t you stop blaming me for the way I am and be thankful that he also loves you a lot? Also, you can stop being so annoying, and maybe that will make him love you even more.” She speaks.


Amelia loses control of her emotions and punches the pool wall. She is surprised by her new strength and breaks some tiles on the wall.

The tile shards disappear before falling into the water, and the damage to the wall magically repairs itself, making everything look perfect as before.

Sophia smiles. “The house is a storage treasure… so cool!!”

Amelia is also surprised by that, but she remains focused on arguing with Sophia. “The problem is not just you, but the way that… he loves you…”

“…” Sophia is silent, and Amelia speaks again while touching Lucien’s tattoo on her low belly area. “I knew he always loved you very much, but after we got connected like that, I could feel every day how he craved for you every second, even in battles.”

Sophia looks into Amelia’s eyes with a sorry expression. Then she quickly moves forward and hugs her sister.

“Huh?!? Hey!!!” Amelia is shocked by Sophia’s reaction. She knows that she was very jealous and irrational, so she didn’t expect that.

“You so fool, sister.” Sophia giggles while resting her head on Amelia’s shoulder. “Although it is just a little over a year of difference, you are still my older sister.”

“…” Amelia doesn’t know what to say or do. She was so focused on her jealousy of Sophia’s relationship with Lucien that she forgot that they also have a relationship as sisters.

Sophia continues. “I don’t think I did anything wrong by always standing by him and supporting him. Maybe I already thought I could have him only for me… but now I understand that it would not be the best for him; therefore, it would not be the best for me too.”

Amelia sigh. “Believe me, any woman who really loves him will not easily encourage him to love other women; it just doesn’t make any sense.”

“At first…” Sophia makes a thoughtful expression and then explains. “Maybe you don’t like it, but you can accept it if you think that many good women will make him stronger, thus making our family stronger, which will make him happier, thus making us happier.”

“Damn!! That’s what I’m talking about!” Amelia splashes water on Sophia’s face while pouting. “I understand that, but I’m still upset about having to share his love with so many women. And you… you always support him, and that is why he loves you more. You are really perfect.”

“Hey!!!” Sophia dives into the deep part of the pool to prevent Amelia from tossing more water at her face.

Then she quickly comes back up and starts splashing water on Amelia. “You are so focused on others that you don’t realize how beautiful you are.”

While Amelia tries to protect her face, Sophia continues to toss water on her. “I always admired your beautiful white hair, your skin so fair and smooth, your strength and sword skills… I won’t change my way or try to make Lucien love me less, but I don’t want it to hurt you either.”

Amelia turns and counter-attacks with more water. “I know… I’m not mad at you… this is just… my stupid jealous making me feel bad.”

Sophia dives under Amelia’s legs and knocks her into the water. “It’s okay to be jealous; that is Lucien’s fault for being so passionate. But you have to understand that our family has to stay together. Especially we, sisters, must stay together beside him and not fight each other.”

After knocking Sophia into the water too, Amelia smiles. “I know that too. The better we get along, the more he is happy, and the more he makes us happy.”

“Exactly!” Sophia agrees while laughing and tries to tosses more water at Amelia. But then she stops while she makes a thoughtful expression. “Wait…”

“What happened?” Amelia gets concerned.

Sophia’s eyes shine with expectation as she looks at the huge pool in the middle of the bathroom. “Why are we playing alone when he could be here with us? Or rather, we could play together in that big pool.”

Amelia quickly nods. “Yeah, let’s call him!”

Jumping out of the pool, Sophia falls on top of her floating pillow, which flies towards Lucien’s bedroom quickly. “The first one to get there kisses him first!”

“Wait!!” Amelia focuses on all the spatial mana she has along with Lucien’s demonic energy inside her body and manages to teleport to the floating pillow next to Sophia.

Then she smiles. “Before we get back, we should make him cover our bodies with his hot cock milk, so we don’t waste this bath.”

Sophia also smiles. “Excellent idea!”

They quickly arrive in the bedroom and see Sloth lying with her eyes closed while cum leaks from her pussy and ass.

Meanwhile, Lust is on all fours over Envy while Lucien takes turns fucking their pussies and asses from behind.

Amelia and Sophia look at each other while they realize that those sisters are already in a high level of sync with Lucien, and they will have to work hard to be like that, or rather, much better.

“Oh, you are back.” Lucien smiles at Sophia and Amelia. “I was already missing you.”

“We too!!” They respond and jump on the bed to play a game about which pair of sisters give him more pleasure, while Sloth needs a significant time to recover.

They have sex for a little over an hour before everyone needs a bath. Then they go to the big bathroom where they play for another hour and end up having to stay there even longer to take a real bath.

The result of that incredible love session not only improves their bonds and makes them feel very happy, but it also makes them all have significant improvements in their powers, in addition to Amelia and Lucien learning the teleport ability.


Due to the time difference between the normal world and the purple world, during the hours that Lucien has a lot of fun with those girls, the rest of the group finishes a wonderful breakfast at Laure’s house.

All the girls at the table, or on the chairs or the sofas in the living room feel really satisfied while their stomachs are grateful for the delicious food prepared by Laure, Anne, and Elsie.

And, of course, all of them, except for Little Ko, enjoyed the delicious apple wine brought by Clovis, Anne’s father. However, he really prefers to stay on the apple plantation while there are so many women inside his house, not because of Lucien but because he fears his wife’s fury if he looks at any of those heavenly beauties.

“They are taking too long… so annoying!!” Wrath comments as she rolls her eyes.

“The angels destroyed the flower field, so they must be having a hard time finding a good flower,” Elsie comments while even she doesn’t believe that assumption.

Pride shakes her head. “Don’t be naive; they are fucking all over that forest.”

“It is more likely that they are using the purple world due to the time dilation.” Angela comments.

“Makes more sense.” The other girls agree.

“Why does everything have to be about sex with him? Is fucking all he knows to do?” Wrath rolls her eyes again.

And again, Pride shakes her head. “Pleasure is making him incredibly powerful in a way that it is no longer even possible to measure his strength by normal means, so it makes sense for his focus to be sex.”

Then she looks at Wrath with an inquisitive expression. “If you could furiously fight all the time, wouldn’t you enjoy that?”

“Damn!!” Wrath smiles, showing her sharp teeth. “Of course, I wouldn’t do anything else!”

“So, what’s the problem with him having sex all the time?” Pride sarcastically asks.

Wrath makes a confused expression while stroking her hair. “I… well… that makes sense. But… why do you support everything he does? You don’t look like my oldest sister, the great Pride, anymore.”

Pride sighs. “I haven’t changed. My nature remains the same, that is, I can’t think of anyone being more incredible than me, and I need others to understand that and be grateful for being my servants.”

Then she smiles. “But he has nothing to do with it. He’s getting stronger in his way, and it makes our group stronger, which is good for all of us.”

“I wouldn’t give my servants that much power…” She looks at Lucien’s wives. “But his women are not servants. They are so loyal to him that their power is also his own power, like extensions of his body.”

She continues. “So, I… respect his methods. Also, he’s making Lust, Envy, Sloth, and their hosts stronger. He’s working hard while we’re relaxing.”

Those words make perfect sense to everyone, but Wrath is still shocked by the way she agrees with Lucien. Pride has always been very arrogant and never accepted things if they weren’t her way.

While almost everyone in that room reflects on those words and Pride’s behavior, Donna sneakily tries to pick the last cookies from the plate in the middle of the table.


But then Eve hard slaps Donna’s hand. “Don’t act like Naomi! Also, these cookies are for our siblings.”

As soon as she speaks, everyone hears Lucien landing in front of the door. Then Sophia and Amelia enter the living room and see so many food crumbs on the table, especially in front of Donna’s plate.

Sophia shakes her head and looks at Amelia. “You should look at Donna with that expression; after all, she is the one who is stealing your breakfast.”

Then Amelia strokes her belly while smiling. “It’s okay; I already had a lot of milk for breakfast today.”

All Lucien’s wives pout while they understand how Amelia felt about Sophia, and of course, they feel like she stole the truly best breakfast.

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