Lust Knight

Chapter 410: Her Second Heart

Chapter 410: Her Second Heart

After Lucien gets up from the table, he walks over to Laure. “My beautiful mother-in-law, this party is incredible. The girls are having a lot of fun… but I will have to leave.”

“Is there something wrong?” Clovis, next to Laure, asks.

“I just have to solve one thing, and maybe I can get back quickly depending on my level of luck.” Lucien smiles.

Laure nods. “I hope it goes alright.”

Anne hugs Lucien’s waist. “Do you want me to go with you?”

He kisses her cute ears. “No need. Just keep having fun with your family and friends… soon we will have to travel.”

While Anne rubs her face on Lucien’s chest, her parents make thoughtful expressions. It is normal for children to follow paths that take them away from their parents, and they are happy that she is with someone who loves her very much. Yet, they know they will miss her a lot.

Lucien tells his wives that he is going to try to heal Daisy and Helena with the help of Sophia and tells them to keep having fun at the party.

That is not a problem they can all help with, so the girls wish them luck, and most of them keep talking at the party. But of course, Rose will not leave her mother’s side, especially at such a moment.

Donna also gets up from her chair and stands beside Helena. “I’ll support you, my friend.”

Helena can’t help but look at Donna with a confused expression. They seemed quite hostile when they first met, mainly because the Fallen Angel seemed hostile to Lucien.

But after getting to know Donna better, Helena realized that she is an amiable and loyal person. Lucien knew that because, despite his sister being stubborn and hot-head, she is one of the nicest people he knows.

“Mm.” Helena smiles at Donna.

Eve also gets up and approaches Lucien. “Can I help some way?”

He lovingly taps her shoulder. “Just have some fun, okay? Sophia and I are going to work this out.”

“OK.” She responds and kisses his cheek.

Then Lucien approaches Sophia, who is talking to his other wives. “Sorry for disturbing your conversation.”

“We can talk more later; after all, we are one family.” She smiles at him.

He hugs and kisses Sophia. Then they walk over to Daisy and Rose. “Let’s go.”

“Alright.” Daisy creates a floating platform below their feet and makes it fly into the sky. Lust, Sloth, and Wrath are also with them, of course.

The other girls continue to enjoy the party while Amelia and Envy look at each other with depressed expressions. They can’t help being jealous even at such a moment, mainly because Sophia is getting along so well with all Lucien’s wives.

In the sky, Daisy looks at Lucien and Sophia with a thoughtful expression. “Where are we going?”

“Any quiet place outside the village.” Lucien quickly responds.

Daisy takes the floating platform out of the village, and after flying for two more miles, she sees a mountain where there are big trees at the top, creating a good spot protected from curious eyes.

As they go toward there, Lucien feels Rose is anxious, so he hugs her affectionately and speaks in her mind. ‘Don’t worry, my dear. We will solve this.’

‘I trust you, hubby… but I’m afraid her problem is very serious, and you end up having to…’ Rose responds mentally.

He quickly kisses her lips. ‘We have to believe that Sophia can heal your mother. She has excellent healing skills and powerful life mana.’

‘But if that doesn’t work… I know you would never let anything bad happen to her… and I would never blame you for saving her life.’ Rose comments as she kisses him more and more passionately.

‘Don’t think about it now.’ He responds as his hand starts to run on her back and waist, going under her clothes and touching her soft skin.

The touch and kisses of Lucien arouse Rose, and her mind starts to go blank while her body enjoys more and more. To make her even more relaxed, he squeezes her ass, and excitement causes her fangs to extend, making a small cut on his lips.

“Mmm ~~.” She moans as she feels Lucien’s delicious blood. Then she quickly passes her tongue on her fangs, cutting it too and giving her blood to him as well.

That floating platform is not big, and everyone notices the scene between Lucien and Rose. They try not to gaze at them, but Donna is curious and notices their blood dripping over their lips, which makes her shocked.

“Uhg! This is a little disgusting, isn’t it?” Like most people, Donna doesn’t understand how Lucien and Rose can enjoy each other’s blood.

Lust shakes her head in disapproval. “There are things that only certain races can understand, yet, it doesn’t hurt to respect that.”

Daisy maintains a neutral expression, yet she can’t help but take a quick look at their bloody kiss. She feels her whole body tremble when she sees how Lucien and Rose seem to enjoy that, and she wonders how that feels.

Donna makes a sorry expression. “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but… it just looks very bizarre.”

Lucien stops kissing Rose, and she continues to lick the blood on his lips. Then he smiles provocatively at Donna. “In terms of pleasure, this is similar to sex, but you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, right?”

She gets embarrassed. “I… I could have sex hundreds of times because I am very hot! But.. I just don’t need it right now!”

“Sure…” Lucien tries not to laugh, as do the other girls.

Daisy lands the floating platform on the top of that mountain, and Sophia looks at her. “So, what exactly is your illness?”

The mature vampire sighs as she looks at Rose and then at Lucien before starting to tell her story to Sophia. That is also the first time she tells her daughter about what really happened.

Rose, Sophia, and Sloth are also shocked by Daisy’s story, mostly about the part of the mysterious woman who may be Lucien’s mother.

But now, they are focused on Daisy’s illness. Sophia makes a thoughtful expression. “I really don’t understand much about vampires… What do you think, Sloth?”

“I have heard of vampires who have had their Blood Nascent damaged, and even with the best possible treatments, they haven’t been able to cure that…” Sloth comments.

Rose makes a sad expression while Daisy maintains a confident posture, so Sloth smiles at them. “However, they never had the help of Great Sin and a person with life mana as powerful as Sophia.”

“So you think we have a good chance here?” Lucien asks.

“Sophia alone would have a good chance, but boosted by your demonic energy and suppled with your life mana, I’m sure we can do that.” Sloth responds confidently.

Rose smiles with relief as her father’s honor will remain intact while Daisy is also more relaxed.

“So let’s not waste any time,” Sophia comments as she walks over to Daisy.

Daisy creates a stone chair behind her and others around them while trying to control her eagerness. She has been battling that problem for over forty years and cannot believe that now she can really solve it.

Sophia sits on a stone chair in front of Daisy while Lucien is next to Rose. Donna, Helena, Lust, Sloth, and Wrath watch everything from the side.

“Tell me what to do.” Sophia talks to Sloth.

She quickly begins to explain. “First, you have to find her Blood Nascent. Infuse your life mana into her body and look above her heart.”

“Is it alright?” Sophia asks Daisy as she holds her hand and looks into her eyes.

“Yes.” Daisy quickly responds.

Sophia does as Sloth told her and begins to infuse her life mana into Daisy’s body as she always does to use her healing skills.

She closes her eyes as she continues to hold Daisy’s hand and begins to feel her body inside. Using her life mana, Sophia can feel every cell in her body and everything that is wrong.

The first thing she notices is the differences between Daisy’s body and her siblings’ bodies. However, she notes that the mature vampire’s body is completely weakened because her Blood Nascent is damaged, causing her unable to absorb nutrients from blood efficiently, and her body naturally cannot absorb nutrients from food, which results in her becoming weaker and weaker.

The only reason Daisy is still alive is that she uses alchemy to feed herself and only drinks animal blood to satisfy her desire.

As Sophia’s life mana runs inside Daisy’s body, she can feel it trying to strengthen her. But at the same time, her body naturally fights against that energy because it needs blood and not other energies.

“It’s not working…” Sophia comments as she finds it difficult to heal simple parts of Daisy’s body.

“You have to use all your energies, be it your demonic energy and also Lucien’s demonic energy.” Sloth explains.

Daisy makes a concerned expression when she hears that. “Wait! What does that mean? I’m going to have his…”

“Do not worry.” Sloth quickly responds. “Lucien’s energy inside Sophia’s body is only hers now, so it won’t make you fall in love with him or anything.”

Lucien and Lust make an effort not to laugh because of Daisy’s concern, while she doesn’t seem really confident not to fall in love with him for any other reason.

Sophia would also laugh at that situation, but she remains extremely focused as she infuses the mix of energy made up of her and Lucien’s demonic energy into Daisy’s body.

Daisy’s body again tries to fight against that unfamiliar energies, however, at her first contact with that energy, her whole body becomes more relaxed, and she starts to feel good.

Sophia’s demonic energy in the mix makes Daisy’s body feel tired and relaxed, while the energy that came from Lucien makes her feel really good and stronger, while the life mana boosts all the positive effects.

Even the vampiric nature of Daisy’s body cannot resist those pleasurable energies, and Sophia begins to heal her weakened state while continuing to look for her Blood Nascent.

Daisy’s skin starts to turn slightly flushed as her eyes shine. An expectant smile appears on her face, which makes Rose smile and Lucien next.

“I found it!” Sophia exclaims as she finds Daisy’s Blood Nascent. She can’t see exactly inside the mature vampire’s body, but she can feel an organ similar to her heart but smaller.

Also, she starts to analyze it and realizes that there is a few drops of different blood inside it. That is her original blood, and it should have a lot more of it there, but it was sucked in by the violent bite of the prince who attacked Daisy.

“Now you have to restore her original blood using the demonic energy mix and heal the damage in her Blood Nascent.” Sloth explains.

Sophia quickly opens her eyes and looks into Daisy’s eyes. “But that…”

“That will make her Blood Nascent always have a portion of your energy, as well as Lucien’s. But that’s the only way.” Sloth had not spoken of that before as there was a chance that Daisy would refuse.

Daisy is really worried because she is going to have to live with some of Lucien’s energy inside her, and she doesn’t know what side effects it will have. However, her body is feeling so good now that she just can’t refuse that.

“Do it!” She talks to Sophia. “I… I want to live and be with my daughter for many years.”

With Daisy’s permission, Sophia wastes no time and begins to infuse the mix of demonic energy in her Blood Nascent. Those powerful energies begin to nourish what little remains of her original blood and heal any damage around it.

That is the first time anyone has tried something like that, and Daisy’s original blood will become more powerful than any other vampire’s. However, power is not the only thing that those energies will give her.

While feeling strangely well, Daisy looks at Lucien as he hugs Rose. She is very grateful to him, as well as to Sophia, but a small part of her begins to desire more… more than just heal.

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