Lust Knight

Chapter 7 Harder *

Chapter 7 Harder *

The purple light that came from the union of Lucien and Lust illuminated the room.

And it quickly began to fade as some symbols started to appear on the skin of Lucien’s pelvic area.

The symbols looked like tribal tattoos and had a dark purple hue. It was actually quite stylish, but Lucien didn’t care about it, but the fact that these symbols are proof of the contract between him and Lust.

Of course, he would think about the symbols later because now he only had pleasure in his mind while his cock meets the inside of Lust’s wet pussy.

Everything he thought about pleasure while playing with Lust before was overwhelmed by the hot sensation and the tightness that Lust’s pink is giving to his dick now.

The only thing he could think is that her pussy was made particularly for his dick. It was like he was incomplete all his life, and when he penetrated her, found his missing half.

Now it would be challenging to think about putting his dick out and leave that heavenly feeling.

Lust felt the same way. She thought Lucien’s cock was made just for her and complete her pussy as perfectly as any other could. She, the great demon of Lust, could only think of one dick now and would hardly think of another any more.

It had only been a few seconds since they were connected, but both are still moaning because even without making any movement, the pleasure they felt is astounding.

Lust’s pussy was squeezing Lucien’s cock willingly excitedly. She was still riding him with hands resting on his chest while both were trembling by great pleasure.

Part of the great pleasure was a side effect of the contract ritual, but most of it is by the high compatibility between Lucien and Lust. Their bodies are absurdly complete to each other.

Lucien could not deal with such much pleasure, so he said the inevitable.

“I’m coming!”

Lust was having the same problem. Even if she is “Lust,” such a tremendous amount of pleasure was new even for her.

“Damn… I’m coming too!”

Lucien’s body acted involuntarily, and he lifted the pelvic area by also lifting Lust while pushing his cock as deep as he could into her pussy.

She lowered her upper body, hugging him tightly as they started kissing while they both had their first orgasm together.

Lucien cummed a lot on Lust’s pussy, which devoured all it willingly. He felt not only the pleasure of coming but also the pleasure of Lust’s pussy suck his cock very vigorously.

They kept kissing for a few minutes while still connected, getting the most of that incredible orgasm. Then Lucien stopped kissing and looked affectionately at Lust as he spoke in a timid manner.

“It was the best I’ve ever done in my life… But I thought it would last longer…”

Lust first looked seriously at the confused Lucien, making him anxious. But she couldn’t take it long and started laughing.

“Hahahaha… Idiot!!!”

“It was good to be quick to complete the contract promptly, but that is far from over.”

Lucien was more confused. As he didn’t have a lot of experience in relationships and neither did his brothers, he had a lot of mistaken thoughts, but Lust cleared things up quickly.

“Is your dick still hard, right? I can feel it hitting deep inside me, and while it is so hard like that, we are going to have so much fun!”

Lucien understood more and more about sex with Lust and found the idea very good because his hard dick wanted to play much more inside her pussy.

“I will love it!”

Lust couldn’t help but laugh excitedly. Then she turned their body quickly without letting Lucien’s cock out of her, changing their position.

Now he was on top of her while she wrapped her legs around his back. She gave him the most seductive look she could while speaking words that made his cock twitch by excitement.

“So fuck me as hard as you can!”

Lucien wasted no time and started pushing his body against hers making his cock explore every part of that beautiful wet pink pussy, which he was already addicted to.

He found that position very good because it allowed him to push as much as he wanted and at several different speeds.

Lust used her legs to pull her body against him by making movements together. So he gave her many thrusts leaving her pussy a happy mess.

This time they managed to hold on for longer, but it still didn’t take so long time to Lucien cummed again in Lust’s pussy, which never tired of devouring it all still begging for more.

Lucien did as before, and during the orgasm, he started kissing Lust. This time not in the mouth but in her big beautiful breasts, which becomes very harry by receiving such attention.

As he pushed his cock deep inside, she pulled him hard against her and sucked all the cum with a big smile on her face and eyes shining lasciviously.

Lucien gave a great sigh of pleasure as he faced that wonderful woman who seemed to look more and more beautiful the more he looked at her.

“You are so beautiful… I want to look at you all the time… “

“I also want to smell you… enjoy the delicious taste of your mouth…”

“I want to suck your beautiful tits… and I want to touch your soft ass…”


Lust heard everything that Lucien spoke intensely and can’t help but smile while blushing a little. She didn’t want to use words to describe how she felt, so she tried actions.

She turned their bodies once again, changing positions. But this time, she got off his dick, and when he fell lying on the bed, she sat on his knees while giving him a naughty look.

“Let me clean you up so you can fuck more and more…”

Lucien already had an idea of ​​what she was going to do because he had already done it to her. But he was not prepared to experience another new kind of pleasure so good.

He loudly groaned when he felt her mouth sucking his cock in such a vigorous way. She was not at all delicate and took the whole thing deep into her throat.

“Ohhh… Ahhhhh…”

Lust thought about going slow at first to surprise him later, but when she tasted his dick, she couldn’t help but take it all and suck it like the most delicious thing in the world.

The sounds of slurp filled the room again as Lust gave Lucien an insanely fantastic blowjob.

At first, he had his hands on the bed, but the more she sucked, the more pleasure he felt, so he started to lose control of his arms and held Lust’s head while pushing his cock even deeper into her throat.

Lust found the action damned hot and was fine by accepting that he thrust his cock in her mouth even harder and harder, but then she thought of something and pushed him back quickly.

“I don’t have enough mana to keep my physical form for much longer, so I want your cock inside my pussy again, now!”

“When we get stronger, I will suck your cock as much as you want and drink all your cum.”

Lust always spoke seductively and made graceful gestures, which made Lucien more and more crazy. He couldn’t refuse anything to her, even more, if it is about fucking that pussy, which his dick already missed a lot.

When he was pushed on the bed by her, Lucien had an idea and acted quickly by taking Lust and laying her on the small bed.

Lust didn’t resist and let him do whatever he wanted with her. Then he lifted her legs tightly together, making her stand at an angle where he could see her pussy and ass while keeping her legs raised vertically.

Lucien was trying to use all the creativity he had to fuck her over and over. He stood with his knees slightly bent while holding her legs and started pushing his dick in her pink.

As he was holding her legs tightly together, the grip his dick received on her pussy was even tighter than before, which gave them both more pleasure.

Lust was very fond of Lucien’s effort to think of other positions for them to have sex. She was, after all, Lust, and always wanted to make the most of everything about sexuality things.

Pleasure only made her more powerful, and now it would be like that with Lucien too.

This time Lucien held on for almost twenty minutes before coming, surprising Lust, who was happy that he is very resistant.

She was not proud of coming more than three times. She could only blame her pussy for loving his cock so much.

As they both enjoyed the orgasm together, she realized that he was looking at her ass a lot. She knew which position would put the most emphasis on her ass and wasted no time.

Lucien was surprised when Lust rolled on the bed and turned on all fours in the opposite direction from him. He tried to understand what her intention was but then…

Lust raised his butt keeping his legs close together still on all fours, then looked back with a seductive look and used a hand to move one of her buttocks showing its fantastic wet content.

“Do you like it?”

That caused an earthquake to strike Lucien’s mind. That view made his cock harder than ever, and he couldn’t help but drool a little.

“I LOVE IT!!!”

Then he climbed on the bed and started to touch her cheerful ass. He held both buttocks with his hands and opened just to see her pussy dripping love juices eagerly.

He also saw a lovely pink button that caught his attention. Then he started to lick that pussy, which he loved so much, but he also licked the pink button, which tasted different but nothing bad, so he can’t help but love it too.

Lust was delighted and couldn’t help but widen her eyes when he licked her back door. She was loving it all but felt that her time of physical body was almost over, and she begged Lucien what she wanted so much.

“Put it inside!”

“Please push hard your big dick in my naughty pussy!”

Lucien couldn’t deny that request, and his cock wouldn’t let him deny it. Then he got on his knees behind her and pushed his cock hard deep into her pussy, making Lust scream by pleasure.



“Just like that…”

Lust was lost in pleasure, and Lucien was no different. He was enjoying the feeling of hitting her soft ass. Each thrust made a sound he loved and a wave of force that made her ass tremble to the delight of his eyes.

He was pushing very hard, but Lust was still moving her ass against him while squeezing his dick in a way he loved very much. She moaned louder and louder and started to beg him to go harder.


“Push it deeper!!”


Lust begged, and Lucien pushed harder and harder. The small bed was shaking a lot and making several creack noises, but they continued in an increasingly wild way.

It didn’t take long for them to hear a loud creack noise and the bed collapse. They were so focused that they were easily thrown on the floor.

To Lust’s great happiness, Lucien didn’t care about anything and stood up and pressed her back against the wall, leaving her in a position that could wrap her legs around his waist while he managed to penetrate her pussy while still standing.

They said nothing but moans as Lucien continued to fuck her. While she hugged his head, she started to beg him to go harder again.

And so he did it, harder and faster.

But the wall also showed signs that it would have the same end as the small bed.

They both heard the creack sounds again but had no control over their bodies, which just wanted each other more and more.

Then the loudest creack noise came along with the loudest moan they’ve made so far.

It was all swift, and while they both came together, they also fell with the wall.

The dust raised in a mess. Then Lucien closed his eyes, still holding Lust.

Then he breathed some dust and started coughing. He also heard Lust start to cough. But then someone else started coughing.

Then someone else… and more one… and other…

Lucien quickly understood what it meant, but he very much wished it were not true.

But for his bad luck, it was all real. He opened his eyes just to see a super-angry face of his sister, Sophia.

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