Lust Knight

Chapter 8 Sis?!

Chapter 8 Sis?!

About one hour ago.

Sophia walked from one side to the other in the great hall.

Her anxiety was visible, making the Evil King very annoyed. He tried to argue with her again.

“My daughter, you have to go to the inferior world with your great demon…”

The Evil King took many years to be able to get in contact with the powerful great demons that came from a superior world.

After explaining to them about the war he was already losing by living in the part with fewer resources of the planet, they decided to take the chosen ones to a less dangerous world.

So the chosen ones could create a solid bond with the great demons and becoming strong enough to be able to fight against the enemy forces of the kingdom here in this middle world.

Sending his children to an unknown world to fight is something that only Evil King could do. He thought of the kingdom before his children, and that plan seemed perfect to him.

His five daughters had already been going to some unknown world with their great demons, but one was still waiting for his useless son.

He couldn’t help but be nervous. This plan took several years and most of the kingdom’s resources. Now Sophia didn’t want to go, and he couldn’t just force her.

She is part of the kingdom’s hope, so even he needs to show some consideration for her. But he would not stop trying to convince her. Of course, in a respectful tone.

“Please, my beloved daughter, you should not keep the great demon waiting.”

Sophia didn’t care what her father said. Before, she always showed a lot of respect for the King, but after Sloth told some things about Lust, she couldn’t think of anything except…

“Why did it have to be like that? I spent several years trying to improve our relationship for a demon bitch just come and take him so easily…”

Sloth who was already inside Sophia could only roll her eyes, listening to those jealous murmurs. Even she, who was a great demon, didn’t think that kind of relationship between siblings is right.

Maybe it was Lust’s things. It would definitely be something she would like. But it was not something that Sloth had to do with. Who Sophia loved would not interfere in their relationship.

Sloth had already thought a lot and didn’t want to care about that kind of thing. In fact, she just wanted to be quiet inside Sophia while she improved her healing skills.

Sophia kept walking in circles in front of the large ornate door while she murmured things about someone taking what was rightfully hers.

But she can’t ignore everything her father said and had to answer when he started talking about the great demon.

“She is not in a hurry. I don’t think she even can be in a hurry…”

Evil King had no way of continuing to argue when the great demon was willing to wait. He didn’t understand why Sophia cared so much about Lucien.

He began to think that it was usual for the elder sisters to want to protect a weak younger brother. While he was thinking things like that, time passed, and both he and Sophia became impatient.

The ritual between a person and a great demon was essential, and the Evil King did not want anyone to get in its way. But even he was worried about Lucien now, and if anyone is better suited to go check it out, it would be Sophia.

Sophia quickly went to check him just to discover that Lucien was no longer inside the temple. She knew there were other ways out, but she didn’t think he could have run away, but that Lust forced him.

She returned to inform the Evil King, who left with several servants to look for Lucien. They went to many places, but there was no trace of him, even in the portal chamber. So he is still here, and they just had to look for more.

After a while, Sophia had the idea of ​​looking in the room where Lucien slept. Evil King did not think he would is there, as there was nothing special about the bedrooms.

But they went looking for him there. And the scene they saw would never leave their mind.

The wall in Lucien’s bedroom just broke as he flew through it, holding a wonderful woman while they were both naked and moaning loudly.

The servants’ thoughts were things like why it couldn’t be them in Lucien’s place, hugging that beautiful woman. They were also upset that Lucien was hugging the woman, preventing them from seeing any sexy part of her body.

Evil King’s thought was how his useless son could have the most amazing woman he had ever seen or imagined. It didn’t take him long to think it must be Lust, and he was almost drooling by envy.

Sophia’s thoughts were all about Lucien. First, she was very excited to see his broad back. He looked so beautiful and incredible, protecting Lust, and Sophia really wanted to be the woman in his arms.

But then she thought about what they were doing and couldn’t help but be angry. She tried to get closer to him for so many years and never made good progress, but now Lust barely arrived, and they had already done the action.

She was angry at Lust for stealing the man who was supposed to be hers. She was already a girl in love who didn’t care if they were blood siblings. She just felt that he couldn’t be with anyone else but her.

But then she thought he was just as guilty as Lust or even more because he didn’t choose her, who was always by his side, but the great demon bitch.

Even so, she wouldn’t give up on her dream and prepared to fight everything and everyone to have the man she wanted that much.

Everyone had these thoughts while the wall in Lucien’s room was still falling. Dust flew everywhere, causing everyone to close their eyes as they coughed.

But Sophia did not close her eyes. She walked through the dust towards Lucien, who had not stopped hold Lust.


Lucien heard several people coughing and could think of nothing but to prevent anyone from seeing Lust’s body.

“Shit! What happened to me?!”

He tried to get that thought out of his head, but a possessiveness for her grew more and more inside him. He hugged Lust’s body tightly and tried to get up but saw Sophia’s angry face.

“Sis! Help me quickly! Give me any cloth or pieces of clothing.”

Sophia is a brilliant person and should have understood his intention. But a girl in love did not think very rationally.

She wasted no time and gave him her cloak. It was an additional part of her outfit, and it wouldn’t make much difference to her look, but it would help a lot Lucien who was completely naked now.

But she couldn’t help cursing when she saw him wrap the cloak around Lust’s sensual body with all the kindness and affection he never gave her.

“I’m so stupid!!! Idiot Sophia! Idiot Sophia! Idiot Sophia…”

Lucien paid no attention to his sister’s strange murmurs and focused on taking Lust back to the bedroom to dress her up completely.

Now that he thought about it, he concluded that the white dress she wore before would not be enough to cover her entire body. He didn’t realize that he was already overly protective and possessive about her.

He looked for the only person who could help him in this situation.

“Sis! Help me again, please! I need clothes for her. Better huge clothes that cover everything.”

Sophia did not believe what she was hearing. She just wanted this to be a nightmare. And she can’t help thinking…

“How so cover everything? It wouldn’t be better for him to carry her inside his own clothes or keep her inside the closet so that no one could steal her from him.”

Sophia couldn’t think straight with so much jealous clouding her mind. She even forgot that the great demons could materialize their clothes and stay in spirit form within the hosts.

She turned and walked away without answering Lucien, who was very confused.

“Why was she upset like that?”

Lust, who was enjoying Lucien’s embrace so lovingly, can’t help but roll her eyes.

“You fool! Don’t you even see?!”

Lucien could only get more confused. He was always focused only on his mother. First to be with her, then to avenge her death and now to rescue her. He never had a good relationship with anyone and couldn’t understand Sophia’s feelings.

But things couldn’t go on like this. Lust could only make them both strong if he conquers many women and did all lustful stuff with them.

She couldn’t help but think that fucking his sister would be an excellent thing not only for him but could strengthen her as well. That would be so naughty and lustful that Lust was already wet just thinking about joining in the whole thing.

Evil King saw when Sophia left while snorting and didn’t know if he was happy or sad that she had a conflict with Lucien.

He just wanted them both to make the contract with the great demons and go to some inferior world to start strengthening themselves.

He started walking towards Lucien to ask how the contract went. But he stopped when he saw something scary.

Even though the difference between the strength of his and his son was so huge, he couldn’t help but fear the threatening look that Lucien gave him when he tried to get closer.

It was the kind of look that one man gives another to warn them to stay away from his lover. And the Evil King, even though Lucien was the most useless of the chosen ones, still didn’t want to have that kind of problem with him.

He knew that mistreating him or beating him wouldn’t make Lucien revolt, but about getting between him and his girl would be something entirely different.

Then everyone left the place to avoid problems with the current jealous Lucien.

Lucien went back to the room that was now a mess and tried to find some clothes to cover Lust’s body. But then she explained about being able to materialize clothes with her mana and about being invisible inside him.

He couldn’t help rolling his eyes, thinking about how she could have helped him avoid going through that awkward situation.

“So why were you wearing that tiny white dress?”

Lust explained quickly because her mana was almost gone.

“We great demons use a lot of mana to come up here and make a soul-bonding contract with you and your sisters. Now I hardly have any more mana, so I don’t want to spend it unnecessarily.”

Lucien asked how she would get more mana just to see her roll her eyes again.

“Each great demon has different ways to strengthen and renew their mana. In my case, isn’t it obvious?”

Lucien was not stupid and understood quickly. But he still wanted more details.

“But we’ve done it for so long… Aren’t you supposed to have a lot of mana now?”

Lust had already gone through this process with other hosts, and she had to be like a patient teacher. After all, Lucien was just a young human from an average world.

“I spent a lot of mana making the contract. And no, we haven’t done it for a long time. I am the great demon Lust, sex will never be enough for me, and you will need to work harder to we have a chance.”

After talking more about subjects related to great demons and the contract between them, Lucien concluded that it was time to go to the other world to begin his journey to strengthen himself. What Lust had already explained that it would inevitably be forming a vast harem.

But before he went to the portal chamber, Lust said something that made him excited.

“I have an idea to strengthen you before you go to the new world, and it will be a lot faster than having sex with me for several days.”

He trusted a lot on Lust because they were connected by the soul so that she would not try anything bad against him. But when he heard the second part, he couldn’t help but worry.

“This will also strengthen your sister so you both will have an initial advantage.”

Lucien had already understood a part of how Lust’s powers worked, so he took no longer to understand what her plans were, and he can’t help asking…

“Do you want me to do that with my sister?!?!?!?!”

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