Magic Industry Empire

Book 8: Chapter 71: Making a choice for you

Book 8: Chapter 71: Making a choice for you

A normal looking Frestech Brand Magic Sedan slowly came to a stop. The door opened and Xu Yi came out of the driver’s seat.

The people walking by didn’t pay any attention to Xu Yi or this Magic Sedan, not recognizing Xu Yi right away.

Seeing this, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

If it was ten years ago, because of how expensive the Magic Sedan was at the time and because the production rate wasn’t high, even those that were rich weren’t guaranteed to be able to buy one. So anyone that could have a Magic Sedan was without a doubt an important person.

If a Magic Sedan had appeared at that time, even if you were only a driver, you would attract the attention of the people around you.

But after more than ten years, although Magic Sedans didn’t reach the level of cars on earth, they weren’t that special anymore and naturally didn’t attract people’s attention like in the past.

Of course, if Xu Yi came in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s newest Goddess Anvia Model Magic Sedan, he would attract everyone’s attention.

The Goddess Anvia Model was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s most advanced Magic Sedan and was limited to only a thousand units. Each one had been sent to the most important people of each country, so it was impossible for a normal person to have one.

When Xu Yi was still the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, if he went on business meetings, he would normally be taking his custom made Goddess Anvia Model.

But since he retired, he had given this Magic Sedan to Freya. Because Freya didn’t like the serious design of that model, long periods of time would pass before it was driven out.

The Magic Sedan that Xu Yi had now was a very normal Carroll Model Magic Sedan. It had a price of around five hundred gold coins and was in the line of Magic Sedans for civilians, so it didn’t have any special characteristics.

This Magic Sedan wouldn’t attract people’s attention, so naturally Xu Yi wouldn’t attract attention either when he came out of the Magic Sedan.

For Xu Yi, this proved a fact that made him quite happy.

It was that the Magic Sedans were no longer as rare as they were ten years ago. This also proved how fast the magic machine industry had developed in the past ten years that people were able to get used to this change.

Looking around at the crowd passing by, there were several people holding small Magic Communicators by their ears, talking while walking.

The portable Magic Communicator had only been released seven years ago, but now it was this common.

Other than this, the seven story building that was over fifty meters off the ground at its peak could be one of the biggest representations of the development of the magic machine industry.

This large building that reached the clouds would have been impossible twenty years ago.

But now, with the help of the large construction magic machines and the increase in level of construction technology, these buildings were no longer fantasies and had become reality.

Looking into the distance, in this Lamsia City, which was the second largest city of the Candra Empire’s central Enzio Province, there were many buildings that were like trees that were just as tall or even taller all around him.

Seeing the city that wasn’t that different from the cities on earth, Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling a sense of achievement.

If it wasn’t for the magic machine industry brought by him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would have taken at least a thousand years before the Sines Continent looked like this.

After appreciating the scenery around him, Xu Yi walked into the building with a faint smile.

Because he came alone and he was wearing normal clothing, no one really cared about him and he smoothly came to the receptionist desk in the main hall of the building.

“Hello, sir, may I ask, how can I help you?” The receptionist looked at Xu Yi with a bit of doubt in her eyes.

Why did this handsome looking young man seem that familiar?

“Is Great Magician Troussier here? I have some business with him.” Xu Yi said.

“Great Magician Troussier?” The receptionist’s eyes swept over Xu Yi and her heart filled with even more doubt.

Great Magician Troussier was the most famous Great Magician in Lamsia City. The people qualified to meet him were the most important people in the city or even the entire Enzio Province.

Although this young man didn’t have a normal aura, he was still too young. It wasn’t very likely that he had a relationship with Great Magician Troussier, right?

She did think this, but the receptionist still politely asked, “May I ask if you have an appointment?”

“No.” Xu Yi shook his head before saying with a smile, “But I believe that Great Magician Troussier will be very happy to see me.”

The receptionist’s smile suddenly became awkward.

There were many people that wanted to meet Great Magician Troussier, so she had also met quite a few confident people like Xu Yi.

“I’m sorry, if you don’t have an appointment, I’m afraid that I can’t let you see Great Magician Troussier.” The receptionist gave a firm shake of the head.

“Then report my name. If you contact Great Magician Troussier, he will come and see me.” Xu Yi’s smile became even more confident.

The receptionist knitted her brows.

This young man didn’t know what was good for him. She had clearly rejected him, so why was he so hard to take care of?

But seeing the refreshing smile on Xu Yi’s face, the receptionist hesitated a bit before asking, “Then may I ask what your name is……”

“Xu Yi.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

“Xu Yi?” The receptionist blinked for a bit in a daze before her eyes opened wide and she realized something.

It was no wonder he looked that familiar!

It turned out…..It turned out that he really was Xu Yi!

The receptionist looked at Xu Yi’s face with wide eyes for a while. This face finally started to connect with the face that she had seen in the Magic Illusion News many times.

“Gods! You really are Xu Yi!” The receptionist didn’t know what to do with her excitement. She kept going back and forth, not knowing what to do for some time.

Xu Yi helplessly shook his head before tapping on the table.

“Please help me contact Great Magician Troussier.”

“Oh? Oh……Oh……Alright, alright. I will contact his excellency Great Magician right now. He will definitely be happy to see you……” The receptionist said this while also quickly turning on the Magic Communicator on the receptionist desk.

Xu Yi’s lips curled into a smile as he thought differently.

When Great Magician Troussier saw him, he definitely wouldn’t be happy.

After a while, there was a raised voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

“Xu Yi? Why is he here!”

“Great Magician Troussier, I am Xu Yi. If you have some time right now, can we have a talk?” Xu Yi raised his voice with a smile as he spoke into the Magic Communicator in front of the receptionist.

After a moment of silence, Great Magician Troussier’s calm voice came from the Magic Communicator.

“Let him come up.”

After a while, Xu Yi was shown to a very spacious office at the top of the building. He met the owner of this building who was also the owner of the Alturias Array Design Chamber of Commerce that this building belonged to.

“Chairman Xu, I never thought that your honourable self would pay me a visit. This really has surprised me.” When he saw Xu Yi, Great Magician Troussier came out from behind the desk and passionately welcomed him.

While he said this, he looked around Xu Yi before asking in a surprised voice, “Chairman Xu, did you come alone this time?”

“I came to discuss a rather private matter with you this time, so it wasn’t convenient to bring too many people.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Or could it be…..that Great Magician Troussier prefers that more people know about this matter?”

Great Magician Troussier’s expression changed before he revealed a smile again.

“Chairman Xu, you are quite humorous. What matters do I have that I would be ashamed about?”

“Of course there are. The things that you did in Zidanru Town, do you want everyone to know about that?”

Great Magician Troussier’s expression fell. After looking at Xu Yi for a bit, he was about to speak, but Xu Yi cut him off.

“Don’t try avoiding it. Since I’m here, I’ve already done my investigations. Great Magician Troussier, during December of last month, you accepted a commission from the Candra Empire army to develop a special Magic Array for them. Isn’t that right?”

Great Magician Troussier shut his mouth.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to reply since you have signed a confidentiality agreement with the army headquarters. If you can’t admit it, I won’t force you to speak.” Xu Yi didn’t mind as he continued with a smile, “I came here this time just to give you a choice.”

Great Magician Troussier was silent for a while before slowly saying, “If you want me to betray the empire, please go back. I definitely will not agree to this.”

“How could I force you to do something like betraying your homeland?” Xu Yi shook his head, “The choice I’m giving you this time isn’t as serious and terrifying as you think. Actually, the choice is very simple. The first choice is to continue working with the Candra Empire army headquarters and develop new military magic machines for them.”

“I didn’t help them develop military magic machines!” Great Magician Troussier angrily said.

“Really?” Xu Yi looked at him with a smile.

After a while, Great Magician Troussier lowered his head.

I didn’t know what they were doing in the beginning……”

“This doesn’t seem like something a Great Magician should say.” Xu Yi said with a sigh, “But no matter what, since you’ve already done this, there should be consequences. The second choice I’m giving you is to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, solving the problem of magic machines breaking down because of external magic fluctuations.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention “working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”, Great Magician Troussier’s face was like dying ashes. However, when he heard the latter part of Xu Yi’s words, he looked up with a surprised look.

“You just want me to work with you on developing this?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “What else do you think?”

Great Magician Troussier deeply knitted his brows as he looked at Xu Yi for a bit, but he couldn’t see any clues from Xu Yi’s expressions at all.

Finally, he could only give a bitter smile.

“Can I not make a choice?”

Xu Yi spread his lips to reveal a full smile that seemed very gentle.

“What do you think?”

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