Masked Knight

Chapter 21: Family Degenerate

Chapter 21: Family Degenerate

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Rody’s scream was not too loud when he noticed it and subconsciously covered his mouth with his hands. His eyes stared intently at the screen. If he shifted his eyes away, he could not be called a man.

Fortunately, Nicole had finished putting on her clothes. She walked out and gently looked at the dumbstruck Rody. “Why did you cry out earlier?”

Would Rody dare to tell her the truth? Would he be able to say, “Earlier, I was watching you change your clothes while you were in your undies”?

Fortunately, Nicole did not intend to pursue this matter and lightly told him, “Today, you shall follow me.”

Without waiting for Rody’s reply, she walked towards the door and led the way.

Rody took a deep breath and followed from behind.

Rody’s attention was transfixed by Nicole’s slender figure swaying in front. However, no matter how Rody tried to contort his eyes, the X-ray vision he could use earlier no longer worked.

“What the hell…” Rody sighed.

The Tulip Family was truly worthy of the title of the God of War’s family. Their martial spirit was extremely strong. Their family actually had a frighteningly large training ground which only served to increase the awe Rody felt for them.

The training ground was actually as large as the one in the Imperial Academy! Also, the Imperial Academy’s training ground was, in fact, sufficient to accommodate several hundreds of people at once.

This room was twice as large as an average room. On both sides of the room were rows of weapon racks. They had all kinds of weapons arranged there including spears used for war.

The surrounding walls seemed to be built of solid rocks scarred by slash and stab marks all over. It was nothing unexpected as warriors would train here fiercely. While training, their weapons may slip out of their grips and given their strength, the weapons may even strike the walls on accident, damaging them in the process.

When Rody followed Nicole into the training ground, there were already numerous people training there. It would seem that they were the Tulip Family’s guards.

A guy with a bearded face also seemed to glance around as he stood at the side.

Someone immediately saw Nicole the moment she stepped into the training grounds. Many of the guards that were training immediately stopped and bowed to Nicole. Just from their bows, one could tell that they were official warriors.

In the Empire, the different classes of people were distinctly identifiable. Depending on a person’s status, the proper and accepted etiquette has already been predetermined and established. An official warrior must bow to their superiors such as seniors or masters. They have to put their right hand over their hearts and then bend their bodies. This was the standard warrior etiquette used when greeting one’s superior. Naturally, when greeting another warrior of the same level, a different method of saluting was used.

Rody followed Nicole restlessly into the training ground. The bearded man walked over and displayed his earnest etiquette before asking, “Miss! Why are you here today?”

Nicole looked calm but sighed. “Why else if not for him?” Carter saw the odd-looking Rody standing behind Nicole and quickly saluted again. “Young Master Seth!”

Nicole indifferently said, “In a few months, it would be His Majesty’s assessment. I am really worried. That is why I have to supervise him here to ensure that he trains. Mister Carter, I hope you can discipline him well!”

Carter looked a little helpless but nodded. “Understood! I will not let you down..”

Rody who was standing behind Nicole wanted to cry from the bottom of his heart. He had not yet eaten breakfast that morning! He could not help but remember the delicious food sent to him by the beautiful maid. Unfortunately, he had not even touched it.

“Everyone, halt!” The bearded man, Carter shouted.

The training warriors immediately stopped what they were doing, went to the sides and started to form ranks.

Rody was impressed looking at the warriors’ pace and actions. These guys seem to be soldiers. However, these thoughts merely flashed past his mind, after which he immediately felt at ease. The Tulip Family is a family of military leaders. Their guards would also naturally be soldiers.

Carter bellowed a few orders and the soldiers neatly formed two rows. Each person had a standing posture that was in accordance with the strict standards of the army. Their eyes looked forward and their expression was solemn and respectful.

“Miss Nicole, Young Master Seth, should we start now?” Carter inquired.

Nicole nodded before turning around to look indifferently at Rody. She softly said, “Perform well, my little brother!”

Rody heard Nicole’s hidden warning and helplessly walked a few steps forward.

Carter hesitated for a moment. From his many years of service in the Tulip Family, he had understood the level of ability of Young Master Seth. Although he did not dare to say it, his heart was sure that Young Master Seth was not soldier material! His strength was akin to rubbish and a Grade 1 swordsman could easily cut him down. However, as he needed to train the young master today, he felt a bit awkward.

To train seriously, one of the soldiers under his guidance might accidentally make him lose face. At the end of the day, Young Master Seth was still their Master and it would not be appropriate to do so. Although Miss Nicole asked him to seriously train Seth, if the bungling oaf was shamed, Miss Nicole would also be unhappy.

It was a known fact that the guards of this family did not think highly of Young Master Seth. Although they were full of respect and worshiped the Tulip Family, Young Master Seth’s usual behavior made them unable to even show the slightest bit of respect for him. To them, Young Master Seth’s greatest contribution was to smear the proud name of the Tulip Family.

However, Miss Nicole was different. She was outstanding in all aspects. She was deserving of her perfect appearance and the Tulip Family’s blood. She also treated everybody well in any occasion. Her beauty was so celestial that it felt like no mortal could ever be her equal in appearance. The young warriors were already worshipping Nicole like a goddess while giving her their utmost respect. Many people believed that if she were a boy, she would be the rightful family heir.

If the bungling oaf of a young master lost face, Miss Nicole would also be unhappy. This was not something the young warriors wanted to see as well.

“Fendell! Come out!” Carter pondered for a moment to decide before lightly calling out.

A young warrior stepped out immediately from within the formation.

The warrior was very young. When he heard Instructor Carter call for him, he was extremely excited as he was in front of Miss Nicole. He did not shout in front of Instructor Carter but he exclaimed in his mind. His excitement was understandable. As for the two rows of warriors behind him, although they were silent, their eyes were full of envy.

Carter told him loudly, “Fendell, you will train with Young Master Seth today!” After that, he told him in a low voice that was difficult to hear. “Go easy on him. Understand?”

Fendell stood straight and replied, “Yes!”

Nicole watched the young warrior and quickly opened her mouth. “No! I want you to go all out! My purpose is to hone the skills of my little brother! Do not show him mercy just because he is my little brother! If that happens, I will feel disappointed! You understand? Warrior Fendell?”

Fendell looked at Nicole respectfully and excitedly said, “Yes! I will not let Miss be disappointed!”

Carter wanted to say something but he swallowed his words.

Forget it. Why bother speaking and risk angering Miss Nicole? What’s more, if we really insist on Fendell going easy on him, Young Master Seth would also lose face.

Fortunately, Fendell was the youngest and weakest warrior training under me. He just only passed the examination this year and is merely a Grade 1 swordsman. Although Young Master Seth is weak, at the very least, he would not lose in an unsightly manner. As long as there are no injuries, it should be enough. As long as I am here, nothing serious should happen.

Rody also pursed his lips in disappointment. Yet, his reasons were different from Nicole’s. He had already figured out the strength of this young warrior with a glance.

Nicole was a sorcerer and did not understand the strength of warriors. However, Rody was already a standard warrior. Although he had not passed the examination, Master Autumn had said that he was already as strong as a Grade 2 warrior. The young warrior in front of him was no match for him.

However, Rody was also not an idiot. He naturally understood Carter’s intention when he chose such a person to train with him.

Sigh. That Seth is really no ordinary oaf. How did the great Tulip Family give birth to such a fellow…

Urged by Nicole’s gaze, Rody reluctantly walked to the middle and faced the young warrior.

Fendell was truly excited. He was young and full of vigor. When he was first transferred to be a guard of the Tulip Family, he saw Miss Nicole from a distance. He was shocked by her peerless beauty. Although he never dared to have any hopes, he was already worshipping Miss Nicole like a goddess. At that moment, Miss Nicole entrusted him with a task. How could he go easy on his opponent now? He had already forgotten about Instructor Carter’s words.

Fendell took a deep breath and slowly drew his sword. He swished his sword to the bottom left part of his torso and nodded to Rody. This was the common courtesy and etiquette performed between warriors before dueling.

Rody smiled in his heart. He drew his sword and returned the courtesy. Then he quietly looked at his opponent and smiled. “Bring it on.”

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