Masked Knight

Chapter 22: The Colossus Randt

Chapter 22: The Colossus Randt

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Fendell looked at the playboy in front of him. For some reason, he felt uneasy. This was a warrior’s innate vigilance. However, he never expected that this famous bungling oaf figure in front of him would be a threat to him.

Using the most basic attacking posture, Fendell cried out as he dashed forward. He then slashed from top to bottom.

Rody’s expression was serious. This was the first time he had a formal match against an actual warrior. Although he had fought against other students before, this was the first time it was against an official warrior.

Both the warriors fought with basic skills as they moved about attacking each other. It was a rather lively scene with the sound of swords clashing.

Standing at the side, Carter was surprised. As far as he was concerned, for the bungling oaf to last three rounds against Fendell was already a miracle. Everybody knew that Young Master Seth’s skills was in womanizing and not in swordsmanship.

However, Young Master Seth and Fendell seemed to be equally matched in strength! The most surprising thing for Carter was that Young Master Seth was actually using the most basic skills of swordsmanship. From Carter’s many years of experience, he could see with a glance that Young Master Seth’s swordsmanship was definitely not inferior to Fendell! In fact, he was probably stronger and more skillful than Fendell! Also, he could see clearly that Young Master Seth had obviously gone through rigorous training in swordsmanship! Although he had not yet gained the upper hand then, it was only because he was nervous.

The other warriors were also surprised. When did that bungling oaf suddenly become so strong?

Two months ago, Nicole had also brought this bungling oaf to participate in training. However, in just a short while, the oaf had ended up running away with the sword while being chased by one of the guards! As a result of Seth’s disgraceful display, Nicole had looked terribly disappointed. That was why Instructor Carter specifically looked for the weakest warrior to train with the young master.

While these varying thoughts ran through the onlookers’ minds, the two men fought on.


The two swords clashed again! Rody backstepped twice and watched his opponent’s movements.

This was the ninth time the swords had clashed. Rody could feel that his opponent’s wrist strength was weaker than his own. Most likely, his opponent’s wrist had begun to feel numb. It was well known in the Academy that Rody’s wrist strength was the strongest. To continue fighting with Rody so recklessly would only result in Fendell’s defeat!

Fendell’s face had already turned red from the rush of blood. No matter how he thought about it, he could not figure out when did this ‘famous bungling oaf’ suddenly became so strong. At this moment, his right hand had started to tremble. The pain in his hand was genuine.

He had also realized Young Master Seth’s proficiency in swordsmanship was now higher than his!

Nicole was secretly pleased as she watched from the side. Rody’s current strength satisfied her. She had arranged for today’s training so as to test out Rody’s real strength. Naturally, Nicole also had another intention. She was smart and knew that these men had complaints about her little brother. If things continued as such, the Tulip Family’s heir would have no dignity. Today, it would be better to make use of Rody to redeem their trust towards the heir of the Tulip Family. Otherwise, they would forever assume that the Tulip Family’s heir was a useless bum.

Rody’s nervousness dissipated gradually.

His movements became smoother and his mind became less distracted. His strikes were now being parried by Fendell in an increasingly frantic manner to the point where Fendell could no longer cope.

Sensing Fendell faltering, Rody shouted, “Go!”

With another loud bang, Fendell could no longer hold his sword and the sword was sent flying by Rody. Taking advantage of his opponent’s surprise, Rody gave him a flying kick. Fendell was kicked in the waist and fell down. Rody then put the sword at his neck.

“Stop!” Carter shouted at the right time.

After that, Rody nodded and stepped back. He said in a low voice, “You lose.”

Fendell’s face turned red. Without saying a word, he got up and picked up his own sword. He then bowed to Rody before striding back into formation.

Carter’s face had a puzzled expression as he said in a peculiar voice, “Young Master Seth seemed to have made a lot of progress recently. Congratulations to Young Master and to Miss!”

Nicole showed a satisfied smile. She looked at Rody gently now, unlike on previous occasions.

“Randt! Step forward!” Before Rody could speak, Carter had issued another order.

With Carter’s orders, a large man from the first row stepped out with his head held high and his chest pushed to the front.

Carter looked seriously at the large man and commanded loudly, “Come over here and train with Young Master Seth!”

The large man, Randt, nodded his head and walked to the middle of the yard.

The other warriors on the sidelines did not speak. However, their expressions revealed their surprise.

Randt is summoned? Did Instructor Carter lose his mind?

Randt was the strongest warrior among them! He had already reached Grade 4 as a warrior! He was also not that far from the instructor in strength and was one of the disciples Carter was most proud of! If properly trained, a person with Grade 4 strength could become a valiant general of the Empire!

More importantly, at the training session two months ago, it was Randt who had slashed at Young Master Seth and made him run away crying. It had also made Miss Nicole enraged for a week!

Everyone knew Randt was a dim-wit. The other warriors knew when to hold back and always made sure that the Young Master did not lose too badly. However, this blockhead did not understand this at all.

In fact, Instructor Carter also did this as he had no other alternative!

He had clearly seen Young Master Seth’s level. Young Master Seth’s strength had already surpassed the level of a Grade 2 swordsman. He was probably not much different from a Grade 3 swordsman. Among his disciples, Randt was a Grade 4 swordsman but the others were stuck at Grade 2. No matter who he sent out, they would only lose.

Within his heart was also a hint of selfishness. His pride as a soldier made him unwilling to watch his disciples lose one-by-one to someone else. Especially not in front of their respected Miss Nicole and most definitely not to this famous bungling oaf!

In other words, it could also be said that the playboy Young Master Seth must not win the next match.

“Young Master Seth! I am going to attack!” Randt spoke in a low voice as he lifted his weapon.

Although Rody was tall, Randt was taller by at least a full head! His whole body was like a small hill to Rody. His uniform appeared tight as his muscles seemed like it was about to rip the uniform apart.

He was using a broadsword that was also commonly used on the battlefield. The difference was that his broadsword was larger than the common broadsword used by others.

Rody’s pulse quickened. He knew that this opponent was not so simple. Just from a physical point-of-view, it was clear that the other party was much stronger than him. Rody concentrated and held the hilt with both hands. His muscles all over his body tightened and he adopted a fighting stance.

“Kill!” Randt suddenly roared! His broadsword came down like a fierce black light.

Rody gritted his teeth, stepped forward and blocked the attack. The swords clashed. Rody felt like his sword was hit by lightning as his hands were tingling. He also felt like he had run into a wall and could not help but retreat a few steps.

He looked at his own sword as it trembled like a leaf. The sword itself also seemed to whine in protest. If he were to block such a blow several more times, even if his strength could support the sword, it would without a doubt break apart.

Randt slashed again, forcing Rody to stagger back several steps. Before Rody could catch his breath, he stepped forward and swung his sword at Rody in an arc.

Before the sword even reached him, Rody already felt the strong wind from the imposing momentum of the sword. He dared not block it head on and evaded to the side.

The other warriors could not help but smile when they saw this scene.

In the end, it is still the same! The bungling oaf is still a bungling oaf! Last time, he ran away from Randt. Now it seems that history is repeating itself!

Rody stopped in his tracks and frowned. He looked at Randt who was like a giant and was lost in thought.

What the hell! This guy’s strength is too strong! How should I deal with him?

A scene suddenly flashed in Rody’s mind! The sword stroke that Master Autumn showed him that day! That sword stroke that can shake heaven and earth!


Hmph! Power? Your muscle power is strong indeed! But what is the use of such measly power when it encounters real power?!

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