Masked Knight

Chapter 24: Skeleton Andy

Chapter 24: Skeleton Andy

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Rody felt like he was levitating while feeling fatigued. After a long time, he opened his eyes and groaned.

What happened? Why am I here again?

His surroundings were dark. It made no difference whether Rody’s eyes were opened or closed. He could not see anything, not even himself. Like the previous occasion, he also had no voice and could only control his thoughts and his motion.

Evidently, this was the same dark and empty place he ‘dreamt’ of the last time he was unconscious.

Wait a minute…

The last time I dreamt of this place, something strange happened. It felt like I could cut through the space in front of me to escape… Hm, that was definitely a strange dream… Cutting through space? It’s not like I am God!

“It is so annoying to have this dream again… Why is it so dark? Give me a light!” Rody sighed in his heart.

This thought merely flashed through his head and, just like the last time, a huge candlestick appeared before him. The soft candlelight lit the place bright.


Rody was frightened for a moment before he calmed down. He thought of his prior eerie experience in this situation.

Perhaps… anything I think of would appear in this weird dream?

Having such thoughts, Rody decided to put his idea to the test.

“I want a sword!”

A longsword immediately fell from the sky and landed in front of Rody!

Rody could not help but cheer in his heart!

This dream is awesome! I can get whatever I want! Ah… Unfortunately, it is just a dream. If only it was real.

Thinking of this, Rody had a strange idea!

I want… want… I want a beautiful woman! Rody could not help but think of it.

There was no response…

Still… no response…

Ah, whatever, it doesn’t seem to work all the time… Rody thought in frustration.

“Hahahahaha!” A burst of laughter rang from the darkness. Rody’s was startled. This laughter is somewhat familiar…

Before he could react, a white skeleton appeared in front of him.

“Ah!” Rody was caught off guard and ended up screaming.

“You fool! It is me!” the skeleton spoke in disdain.

“Are you… Andy?” Rody stared with wide eyes.

Andy’s voice was full of disdain. My God. I really don’t understand how this skeleton can speak! It doesn’t even have a tongue! Was Dandong’s sorcery really that strong?

Andy asked somewhat maliciously, “Boy, did you really think you were dreaming?”

Rody was shocked. “This is not a dream? Then what is this?”

Andy sighed and continued in a gentler tone, “This is where I sleep!”

“You sleep here?!” Andy almost jumped.

Madness! This is madness!

A skeleton’s sleeping place? Is this hell? How did I get to hell?

Wait a minute…

“How can I converse with you? I thought I couldn’t speak?”

Andy spoke with pity, “You’ve only just realized it? We are not really speaking. In fact, you cannot speak in this world at all. We are now only communicating through telepathy.”

Rody was confused and did not understand the meaning of Andy’s words. However, a thought immediately entered his mind.

Telepathy. That means he would know of whatever comes to my mind. Does that mean he would know about anything I think of? That does not seem to be good.

“There is nothing bad about it! In a way, this is my home! In my own place, of course, I would have a special ability!” Andy lightly said.

Rody sat down.

“Why am I here? I remember… I was fighting against that large fellow Randt… after that…”

Andy spoke in disdain as he continued the story and said, “After that, you for some reason decided to use a high-level skill that could only be used by high-ranked warriors. However, because your body could not handle that much energy, you fainted almost immediately. After that, your consciousness was sent here to me. Idiot.”

“Why do you know everything?”

Andy’s expression was as if he rolled his eyes, that was, assuming his eyeballs were visible. “Naturally, I knew. As you wear master’s mask, there is a connection between us. I know your every move.”

Rody groaned painfully as he held his head with both hands and made a wry smile. “Alright, that is enough. My brain is already in a mess! I beg you, Andy, please tell me what is going on!”

Andy shrugged its shoulders. My God, a skeleton would actually shrug its shoulders. He looks really weird.

After that, Andy waved and a huge candlestick appeared. He then stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Immediately, a large chair appeared.

The skeleton moved to the chair and sat down. He then stretched his waist and lazily spoke.

“Where do I start? This place is not your world. This is a space created by Master. Although, this is merely a simplified version. Haha!”

These words made Rody almost jump.

A created space?

Isn’t that the same as God?

The theological book, , stated clearly that only God was able to create a world!

Did Dandong destroy another truth?

“Do not be so excited you idiot! Do you even want to listen to me?” Andy’s tone showed some dissatisfaction. He casually waved his hands and Rody immediately felt a force on himself. He had wanted to jump but was pushed to sit on the floor.

“Master created this space as a place of refuge as well as a storage space. Do you realize that whatever you thought of would appear? That is wrong. The master had stored a lot of things here. You are now wearing master’s mask which is used as the key to enter this place. Also, the body cannot come in here. Only your soul can come in here. Putting on this mask is to master the ability to open the entrance to this world! Understand? In simple words, this is just a storeroom.

“Storeroom…,” Rody smiled with tears. He did not know whether he should be laughing or crying. “To obtain a storeroom, he created this space…”

My God, this Dandong can already be regarded as the God of Creation!

“That is why this is not a place where you can obtain anything you think of! As you have the mask, you can take out the things stored here for your own use! Those candles, as well as the sword in front of you, were some things the master had left behind. That is why you could take these out if you want to. As for beautiful women… Master Dandong did not store such things here. That is why you will never be able to find them here.”

“Control everything here…” Rody’s eyes shone. Although he was young he understood one thing. It seems I have obtained a priceless treasure.

“Then… during my battle, how did I manage to pull off that move? I should not have been able to do it with my current strength. Is this also because of the mask?”

“Of course not!” Andy shook his head. “What did you think Master’s mask was? Did you think you could become a master just by wearing it? If it was so simple… during those days, Master would not… N..…” Andy was agitated but soon become silent. It seemed like he remembered something. He then shook his head, changed his tone and slowly spoke, “I can see through your body. It seems that a high-ranked warrior left you some kind of power seed. That seed is constantly gathering power into your body. Although that power is weak, it is ‘real’ power! You used that power in desperation. Unfortunately, you are too weak. Whether it was your body or your power, you are still too weak! As a result, you fainted after using that skill once. Useless fellow. How pitiful.”

Although Rody could not see his own face, he knew he blushed at the moment.

“I… I am truly weak!” Rody remembered Randt’s swordsmanship and also the shield of air he used at the last minute. It was close to real power… It was ridiculous for Rody to have even dreamt of defeating him.

“That is also called real power? Don’t joke around! The guy you fought is also half-dead! That guy is not going to recover anytime soon! Real power is not something you guys can use at your level! Nn… Let me think… It has been a long time and my memory is fuzzy… To use real power, you must surpass Grade 5. To comprehend and use it properly, you must reach a higher grade. Perhaps a Grade 6 warrior by your standards. What were you thinking? Young fellow… just a bit of light and power and you are already half-dead. Can you even call this comprehending the power? There is a big difference… a really big difference…”

Andy’s tone was full of disdain.

Rody could not say a word.

It was true. At this moment, he was too weak. Master Autumn could use the technique with ease while he had to muster all his efforts to use it and he even ended up half-dead. Honestly, it was a disgrace.

“Boy, why have you stopped speaking?” Andy laughed.

“What can I say? I… am too weak,” Rody sighed.

Andy suddenly said, “It is not too hard if you want to become strong. Your body strength already contains real power. If you practice well, you would progress faster than others in the future.”

These words and Master Autumn’s were the same. Rody’s heart stirred and said, “Do you know of a way?”

“No!” Andy shook his head. “I am just a skeleton and not a master swordsman like you humans. In your world, a casual strike of the sword would break me apart…”

The small hope in Rody’s heart was immediately extinguished. This Andy bragged so much but in the end, he is also just a bungling oaf!

”A bungling oaf? Boy, you dare call me a bungling oaf?” Andy’s tone was a bit weird.

Rody was also a bit surprised. Shit! I forgot that in here, the other party can read my thoughts.”

Andy seemed to shout angrily and with a wave, something dropped in front of Rody.

“Boy! Take this! This is the lightsaber that Master left behind! If you use this sword properly, you would not need to be afraid of big-sized opponents and even other Grade 5 swordsmen. Hmph! I am a bungling oaf? If I used this sword, I won’t even be afraid of your Sacred Swordsman! I… I… I am the life created by the great Master Dandong! I am the world’s greatest… greatest… greatest skeleton!”

Rody was not stupid. He threw his sword away and quickly picked up the lightsaber from the floor.

The lightsaber had a peculiar shape. The hilt was transparent. A green-colored gem was encased at the tip of the handle. Rody drew out the sword from the scabbard. Even though it was only his consciousness that was here, he could still feel the coldness from the sword penetrating into his bones.

The sword blade was also transparent. It was not evident what the sword was made from. It looked like it was not made from any metal.

“Boy, get out!” Andy waved his hand. Rody felt the space around him distort as he felt himself being sucked out. Everything went dark and he blacked out…

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