Masked Knight

Chapter 25: Amazing Rumours

Chapter 25: Amazing Rumours

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Rody regained consciousness and once again found himself on a soft bed. It was clear that this was the playboy’s room.

Rody’s mouth turned into a wry smile. These few days, he had gotten used to inexplicably fainting and then waking up in another place.

He looked at the ceiling in a daze. His body was covered by a soft silky quilt. He was so comfortable it was as if he was floating in the clouds. If Rody had not suddenly remembered Andy’s words, he would have been very complacent.

He subconsciously reached out with his hands to touch the sides of his body. Sure enough, on the right-hand side, there was a long sword. It was hidden under the quilt.

“Young Master Seth…” A very soft voice came from the foot of the bed. Rody raised his head and saw the beautiful maid that he had met a few times earlier, at the other end of the bed. Her hand held a cloth. Her face blushed as she looked at Rody.

Angel walked nimbly towards Rody and used the moist cloth to wipe Rody’s face. Her hands were very gentle and careful as though she was cleaning precious jewelry.

The girl’s body scent wafted into Rody’s nose and he realized she was leaning too close to him. His mind started to run wild as he felt her soft hands wiping his face.

Just as Rody was about to reach out to embrace the girl’s waist, his arm accidentally touched the hidden sword again. The piercing cold feeling startled him.

Rody immediately sobered up and kept his hand on the sword.

Rody sighed and cursed himself. He then looked at the beautiful young maid and she blushed. Sweat beads glistened on her forehead and the tip of her nose. She had been working hard taking care of him all this while.

Rody thought to himself for a moment before stuttering, “N…Now… What time is it now?”

Angel seemed quite happy and smiled. “It is already past dinner time. Young Master Seth. The doctor had already seen you and said that you have no problems and just need to rest. Also, Miss Nicole said, if you are awake, she will wait for you to eat at the dining room. If you not feeling well, it is also alright to eat here. Just tell me to send her a message.”

Having said that, Angel looked at Rody, hoping that he would stay in the room.

Rody thought for a moment. Although he was interested in that charming young maid, he was afraid that Miss Nicole might need to discuss something with him, so he did not want to delay. Besides that, the person the young maid really liked was that playboy, not him, a silly boy. Thinking about it, he felt disappointed. Rody sighed and said, “Well, I am already better. Might as well go to the dining room.”

Angel was disappointed but obediently helped Rody get out of bed, and get dressed. She felt strange when she noticed Young Master Seth holding the sword in bed. However, she also knew that Young Master Seth had always acted strangely so she overlooked it.

Rody was curious and wanted to try out the strange sword he had obtained from Andy. However, the moment he left the room, he was guided by a servant to the dining room and was followed all the way there. Without any opportunity to use the sword, Rody carefully wore it on his waist and occasionally touched it with his hands.

When Nicole saw the servant leading Rody to the dining room, she felt a little bit nervous as she was startled today.

Although Nicole had been standing on the sidelines, she had felt the full power of the sword strike that Rody had executed at the end of the match. As a sorcerer, she had no doubt that the sword skill displayed by Rody was the legendary ‘real power’! It was no longer the simple fighting energy used by high ranking warriors! As for Randt, using his fighting energy to summon an air shield was totally unexpected. She felt he was certainly close to reaching Grade 5 swordsman. No matter where he would be placed in the Empire in future, he could already be considered a master. Yet he was fought to a draw by this boy. Rody’s sudden outbreak of strength was incredible! Although Master Autumn had said that he had great potential, surely this was a frightening display.

My God… could it be that Master Autumn taught him that Half Moon Blade? Imagine, with just one slash, he could break Randt’s air shield.

Nicole also knew that Randt was currently recuperating. That guy collapsed right after Rody but suffered more injuries compared to Rody! There were at least 21 wounds on his body! Some of the wounds were so deep that it almost reached his bones! After Randt fainted, his body lost all of his fighting energy. Without the energy to suppress his injuries, the wounds immediately started to bleed and the whole body turned bloody! The doctor said he was unlikely to recover well enough to get out of bed within the next fortnight.

As for Rody, although he had also fainted, it was just that he had overexerted and was just exhausted. As long as he rested enough he would recover.

In other words, Rody had no injuries. He had only lost a sword.

All the other warriors, including Instructor Carter, were all dumbfounded by the outcome of the fight!

Everyone believed that even Instructor Carter would not be able to injure Randt that much and yet remain almost unharmed!

When did this infamous bungling oaf of a Young Master become so strong?

For a while, the warriors exchanged a lot of comments. These warriors were all elites in the army. These so-called elites, to put it rudely, were also rascals. What good could come out of their babbling mouths? In the end, those words reached the ears of the muddleheaded stablehands and the rumors became even more ridiculous.

“Do you know? Young Master Seth was possessed by a spirit today! He caused severe injury to a Grade 4 swordsman!”

“Let me tell you, Young Master Seth has mastered the legendary ‘Buddha’s Palm’!”

“Hey, what are you talking about! The sword technique that Young Master used… Obviously, he was using the ‘Ancient Devil’ technique, the ‘Destruction of Heaven and Earth to kill the Gods with Ten Thousand Sword and One Hundred and Eight Style’!”

“I heard that Young Master is not the Master’s real son! I heard that he is really a Super Saiyan! Today, he transformed and killed a Grade 4 warrior!”

“Don’t tell me, you haven’t heard? The Tulip Family is actually a vampire family! Today, Young Master was forced to show his real self! That is why he killed the guard!”

“Nonsense! Let me tell you, Young Master all along has hidden ability! With just a punch, he could actually blow out a parallel space!… Huh? What is parallel space? How would I know? Some author gave me this line…”

“Seth, come over here!” Nicole called out and smiled slightly at Rody. She was relieved. The boy seemed to have extraordinary vitality.

When Rody approached her, Nicole told him in a soft voice, “Remember. When someone else is around, you must address me as ‘sister’. Remember that!”

Rody glanced at Nicole before sighing and loudly said, “Yes! Sister!”

Rody’s voice sounded a bit helpless. When Nicole heard his helpless voice, her heart quivered slightly.

Nicole gently coughed twice and waved to Rody to sit down at the opposite end of the table.

This was the family’s private dining room. Although it was much smaller than the banquet hall at their home, Rody felt that this dining room was ridiculously big!

Naturally, ‘ridiculouly big’ also applied to that long dining table!

This dining table was seven or eight times longer than the ordinary dining table in the Academy! On the middle of the table was also a large metal candlestick with more than 10 candles on it. It so happens that the large candlestick was also obstructing his view. He could not see Nicole, who was sitting opposite him.

More importantly, because the two were sitting at different ends of the table they could not talk. If they wanted to communicate, they would need to shout.

“Nicole… err… sister!” Rody almost shouted ‘Miss’ when he noticed a servant nearby and quickly changed his words.

“You fool!” Nicole voice suddenly rang in his ears. Rody was startled. How did she manage … from so far away?

“Do not speak while eating! If you wish to say something, speak later! A real aristocrat should not speak with food in his mouth!” Nicole’s tone sounded like she was reproaching him. However, her innate gentle voice made it sound like it was a gentle rebuke between men and women. Strangely, Nicole was not shouting at the opposite end but merely moved her mouth subtly. Yet, Rody was able to hear her voice clearly.

Rody did not dare reply to Nicole but his heart quietly spoke, “It seems that a sorceress is capable of many things.”

After dinner, Nicole’s words put Rody in a difficult position.

“You and I are going to see Randt! He had suffered severe injuries from you! As Young Master, you ought to go and see him! After all, he is the family guard!”

Rody was immediately taken aback. Heavily injured? That guy was really heavily injured? The skill I used was that powerful? Oh right, Andy had said that the guy would not be able to recover for at least a fortnight. But is it alright for me to go since I was the one who injured him…

After all, he was just a fake Young Master. He did not have the courage to go.

Nicole looked at Rody’s face and realized he was worried. She looked at him and whispered, “Don’t think of escaping. You definitely have to go. Now they are already beginning to have doubts because my brother was absolutely not that powerful. Now you should go and show your benevolence. More importantly, I have already thought of an excuse. That is why you must come out and personally explain.”

“What excuse?” Rody sighed and thought faintly. I am afraid my performance was too eye-catching.

Nicole rolled her eyes and curled her lips into a sly smile …

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