Masked Knight

Chapter 26: Feigned Illness

Chapter 26: Feigned Illness

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Randt was very badly injured. When Rody first entered the room, he had a strange feeling.

Did I really injure him this guy that much?

Randt, who previously stood like a giant, was completely wrapped in bandages. If not for his massive head which was not bandaged, he would have looked like the legendary mummy.

When Randt saw Nicole entering the room, he struggled to sit up. After all, he was just a lowly chief guard while Nicole was his master.

When he saw the figure behind Nicole, his eyes averted Young Master Seth’s as he started to have mixed feelings.

That match…, nominally, he was the winner. However, he, the winner was currently bedridden and unable to get up while the loser was currently very much alive and well. Not to mention the fact that he was a bungling oaf and a playboy who had always been out looking for women.

Nicole said some words of encouragement to him. Randt blurted out, in reply, with whatever he could cope with as he was bad with words. Although he had won the fight, he felt depressed.

Randt forced a smile and waited for Nicole to finish before speaking, “Young Master Seth’s skill has improved greatly. It is really surprising. Your subordinate concede defeat. Miss Nicole must be really gratified.”

Nicole winked at Rody and he smiled wryly. With a calm expression, Rody stepped forward and explained, “That day, I was merely trying a skill that I learned recently, like that sword technique. If you asked me to use it again, I may not be able to. In other words, you are indeed stronger than me.”

Nicole’s eyes turned to Randt and she offered, “How about this Randt. When you have recovered completely, you will become my brother’s personal bodyguard. Your skills are good and if you follow him, I will not need to worry about him causing trouble all day.”

Randt made a wry smile. “With this subordinate’s ability, how could I catch up with Young Master?”

The smile on Nicole’s face disappeared as she spoke, “The Tulip Family has 200 years of history. As heir to the Tulip Family, Young Master Seth certainly has his reason…”

Randt’s heart immediately tightened. He was aware that his attitude was not right as the other party was his master. No matter what happened, he was only a guard. Even when he return to the army in the future and become a general, he would still be someone’s subordinate. When Miss Nicole and Young Master visited him it was already an honor for him as well as a big face-giving gesture from them. If he kept on being unreasonable, it would no longer be a problem of conduct.

Realizing this, Randt respectfully said, “It’s a heavy task that Miss Nicole has given me. I will certainly try to live up to Miss Nicole’s expectations!”

The moment Rody left Randt’s place he was relieved as he was not very confident of his impersonation as Seth. Fortunately, he was supposed to be the heir of the Tulip Family. Even if he did suddenly become stronger or if the others had doubts, they could only say that he was concealing his strength. After all, the Tulip Family have had 200 years of history and every generation had talented people.

Nicole brought Rody all the way back to the small building. When there were no more servants around Nicole reminded him, “Remember your identity. You are now my brother. No matter what, do not forget your identity and let others suspect you! Today, I have made Randt your personal bodyguard. Do you know why?”

Rody shook his head.

“Idiot! Even if a person can change his face, he cannot change his voice, his expression, the way he talks and the way he walks. How can these change so easily? The past few days, the people you have come into contact with were those that do not normally come into contact with my brother. As a result, they were not able to see any difference! However, if you meet someone who is familiar with my brother, your current face would not be enough. I have long ordered my brother’s original bodyguards to go back to the army. I am afraid that they are too familiar with my brother and you will be discovered! “

“Fortunately, my brother’s normal behavior… that is… most of us do not like to approach him. That is why at the moment nobody has discovered you yet! In the future, when you return to the Academy, you will meet with the children from other aristocratic families that my brother usually mixed with. You will be discovered in no time!”

Rody retorted, “To begin with I am just an impostor.”

Nicole raised her head and said, “I will coach you these few days. I have also declared that you will not be able to go to the academy during that time. After 3 months of training, you should be able to hide the truth from others… provided that you are not an idiot!”

Rody sighed and did not say anything.

Nicole thought to herself for a moment and walked to a cabinet. After searching for a while, she took out a silver bottle and gave it to Rody. “Drink this.”

Rody took a quick look at the bottle and enquired, “What is it?”

Nicole sighed and explained in a soft tone, “This is a liquid medicine that I concocted. After drinking this, your whole body will heat up as if you are sick. You will recover in a few days and after that, your voice would not sound the same as before. I thought of it before, that the biggest flaw is that your voice and my brother’s voice are not the same. My little brother’s voice is more delicate than yours. After drinking this, your voice would change a bit. Although there will still be some differences, we can say that you are still young and still at the growing stage. If anyone suspects anything, we can say that you grew up the past few months and your voice have changed.”

Rody sighed. He had reached a point where she would probably not tolerate him backing out. He took the bottle and drank its contents. It tasted somewhat sweet yet somewhat bitter.

Nicole had said that after drinking this medicine he would be ‘as if he was sick’. However, Rody soon found out that it wasn’t so.

This was not ‘as if he was sick’. He was literally falling sick!

After Rody settled down in the small building. Nicole patiently taught him the habits and lifestyle of the playboy brother. After that, Rody read the books again. At nightfall, Rody returned to his room. But he did not feel right.

His whole body began to heat up. His head started to feel larger and his body felt like it was floating and weak. One of the maids was alarmed and quickly told Miss Nicole.

Nicole, of course, was aware that this would happen. She rushed to Rody in an ostentatious manner. However, she found Rody already unconscious in bed. She called the doctor to check on him and he said that Young Master was in weak health and having a fever. He prescribed some medicines for Rody.

For two consecutive days, Rody was in a daze. The people around him thought that Young Master was not in good health because of the injury he sustained the other day. The injury caused the disease and they could only wait.

Rody felt dizzy and his mind was not clear. His last thoughts were: Shit! She tricked me again!

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