Masked Knight

Chapter 27: Donkey Ears Exposed

Chapter 27: Donkey Ears Exposed

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In a daze, Rody felt his head gently supported and placed onto a warm and soft place. His nose and mouth then felt a sweet fragrance.

Someone then dabbed at his face with a wet towel. Rody was having a fever so the towel was cool, refreshing and comfortable. His tight eyebrows gradually relaxed.

His mouth was gently prised open. Immediately, a sweet and refreshing liquid entered his mouth. Although some of the liquid trickled out from the corners of his mouth, someone would immediately wipe it clean with a cloth.

He was not fully conscious, but he could feel the cool liquid going through his mouth and into the stomach. It felt like his body, burning-hot like a raging fire, was being placed onto an ice block. The comfortable feeling reached his bones and Rody groaned in comfort.

Then someone sponged his hot forehead with a wet towel. The effect was so relaxing and comfortable that he gasped.

Two small and warm hands started to gently stroke his face. From his head to his eyebrows, and then to the eyes, nose, and mouth… and then the hands clasped the face and slowly slid down both the sides. Finally, the hands gently touched Rody’s ears.

Rody, still in a daze, felt his ears, which had been covered by the ear-muffs, suddenly unfold and hang loose. The long ears, which had for many days been cramped tight, finally found relief from the constant pressure. The sudden release, that slight ache, and relief made Rody shake his head.


A short and surprised scream sounded followed by the clattering sound of something being knocked down. As a result of the loud clatter, Rody finally woke up. The lethargic boy slowly opened his eyes as the silhouette in front of him gradually became clearer. His eyes focussed on the person in front of him.

A beautiful maid was tightly holding a towel in one hand while looking at him with a surprised face. Her eyes showed disbelief and fear.

On the floor beside the bed was an overturned golden container. The water inside had spilled.

Rody subconsciously felt not too good. He soon understood those eyes… the other party’s gaze…

That beautiful young maid was looking with a dumbstruck expression… at the long rabbit ears on his head!

Rody’s face suddenly turned pale. He became so afraid that he immediately regained almost full consciousness. His whole body also started to sweat.

“Young Master Seth…” Angel was already starting to weep. “Your… your… your ears…”

Finished! The biggest secret has been exposed!

This was the first thought that came Rody’s mind.

What to do now?

Rody was slow in his response. Moreover, he was sick. He struggled for a solution.

He could not just kill her right?

Angel’s eyes were already red. She could not imagine that the playboy, the handsome and charming Young Master she was fascinated with, had a pair of terrifying long ears. Those were not human ears! Don’t tell me, the Young Master is not human?

Angel was terrified and seemed like she was about to scream.

“This… Don’t scream, yet!” Rody quickly spoke. His first words had startled him. His voice had become heavier and more mature. However, this was not the time to worry about his voice.

“Young Master…,” Angel was so terrified, she could only remember these two words.

“Softer!” Rody tried to support his weak body and sit up but no matter how he struggled, he could not muster the strength.

Angel’s love and affection for him finally overcame her psychological fear. She walked a few steps forward and carefully helped Rody to sit up. But, she then quickly retreated a few steps back.

Rody did not know whether to laugh or cry. He lowered his voice and said, “Do not be afraid. About this ears… It’s a long story… You… you must definitely not tell the others!”

“Umm…,” Angel subconsciously nodded her head. It was a conditioned response. As a servant, whatever the master said, they would immediately nod. However, as she did that, she retreated a few steps as well.

Rody sighed. In fact, he did not care that the beautiful maid was looking at him in fear. Rody’s original Yin Yang face would not have fared any better. Since young, he had often experienced that kind of stares. That was why he was not really angry with the way the young maid looked at him.

“Do not worry… I am not a monster… I will also not harm you,” Rody whispered as softly as he could.

Reassured, Angel calmed down a little bit. After all, she was attracted to this man. Although the initial panic had almost gone, she was still surprised. She inquired, “Young Master Seth… but your ears..”

Rody’s brain churned at high speed as he looked for a plausible excuse to calm the maid. He said, “Come over here. I will tell you. Just… be sure not to scream…” Pausing for a moment, he remembered that the maid seemed to be afraid of Nicole. So he added, “If you shout and the others find out Ni… my sister will punish you!”

That worked as Angel looked fearful but walked forward.

Rody racked his brains and dished out some baloney. “This ear? It is a secret… Nicole…” The moment he mentioned her name, he felt a bit resentful. These hateful ears, wasn’t it her fault to begin with?

Thinking that way, he blurted out, “This is actually the Tulip Family’s secret. Our family members are born with such ears. We normally hide them so that others do not know. This is inherited from the blood of the family! It is congenital!”

This statement was hardly credible. However, not so for Angel.

Members of Tulip Family had such rabbit ears? This is bizarre, right? Never seem to have heard about it before…

However, come to think of it, this matter is not something to be proud of. It is also not something one wish to make public. Obviously, one would do anything to hide it. Didn’t Young Master say that this is a ‘family secret’?

Moreover, the Tulip Family has 200 years of reputable history. In these 200 years, nobody knows how many eccentric people were born into this family. Compared to the common people, they would naturally have ‘a lot of areas that are different’.

The young maid was silent. However, her facial expression revealed that she only believed a part of it.

Rody looked at her and felt relieved. He continued to comfort her. “I did not lie to you. Just to let you know, my sister, also have a pair of… rabbit ears. It is just that her hair was so long it normally covers her ears. If you don’t believe me, the next time you are with her, brush aside her hair to take a look!”

Rody felt guilty. Although this young maid was easily deceived, she did not seem to have the courage to actually brush aside Nicole’s hair to look at her ears.

Sure enough, Angel now looked more convinced.

Rody hastily continued. “I have let you in on this secret but you must not let others know! The things I have said, you must also not let my sister know too! If not… I am afraid… afraid that she might beat you until your buttocks ‘blossom’ (punish)!”

Rody said that but in his heart, he thought: If Nicole were to find out that I said that she also has long rabbit ears, I am afraid that the one that will end up with a ‘blossoming’ buttocks will be me.

Although there were many flaws in his statements, they were sufficient to just deceive that young girl. On top of that, Angel had an amiable bond with the Young Master and believed most of what he had said. Although there was still some panic and fear, she had mostly calmed down.

Without a word, Angel quickly picked up the golden container and carefully wiped the floor with a cloth. After that, she packed the container and left.

Rody hurriedly reminded Angel to keep this matter a secret and she quietly agreed.

After settling that young maid regarding his secrets, Rody felt relieved. However, he was still worried about his rabbit ears. They could too easily be discovered. He had to think of a way to conceal them properly.

Or else, he could ask Andy for help. Since Andy was a creation left behind by that old fellow Dandong, he should be able to find a way out.

Rody now had a little less respect for Dandong, the creator of the mask, because his stupid ‘God’s Smile’ transformed his face into his current absurd face.

After Rody had rested for a few days, he gradually recovered.

Angel’s panic and fear have also subsided. After the initial panic, the young maid had different thoughts. He even let me in on his secrets. This shows that I have a different place in his heart…

Every day, Angel carefully and gently took care of Rody. She was a little bit guilty about her fears the other day. Angel had a soft and kind heart. She was empathetic and knew that a person with such long ears would not feel happy about it. Her fear the other day had undoubtedly hurt her Young Master’s feelings. Her guilty conscience made her decide to serve Rody more gently than usual. She silently gazed at Rody, with her gentle eyes, causing Rody’s heart to quicken.

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