Masked Knight

Chapter 334: Entering Heaven

Chapter 334: Entering Heaven

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A black figure rushed in like a whirlwind. The wind broke the already crumbling walls on both sides of the passage.

With a loud sound, the five meters tall door was crashed open.

The shattered stones crashed. The Mystic Dragon stood there looking indifferently at the forbidden holy area of the temple.

The blood on the ground had not yet dried up. Fielding was sitting there with his back against the wall. Beside him was the ‘Forbidden Door’.

At that moment, the door was completely out of shape. The surface of the slab stone door rippled like the surface of the water and shined with a silver light as though something had just been put into the water.

Fielding looked as though he had fallen asleep. His hand was holding the hilt of a sword with the blade missing. His head weakly leaned on his shoulder. His other clenched fist was dripping with dark red blood.

A trace of resentment and anger could be seen on his face. His messy hair dropped down his forehead and covered his eyes. However, his face looked lifeless.

The Mystic Dragon stood there and stared at Fielding. He suddenly had a strange sad emotion.

“Rody, are you feeling sad right now?” the Mystic Dragon muttered softly.

He slowly walked past and put a hand on Fielding’s head. “He is already dead.”

A trace of hellfire appeared and burned off Fielding’s body. A few sparks flew in front of the Mystic Dragon and his expression turned a bit complicated.

“Did you wake up, Rody?” The Mystic Dragon smiled bitterly. His voice was a bit hoarse, “I suppose you know this person. I know your memories.”

In front of the Forbidden Door, Prometheus was lying on the ground facing upwards. He looked so calm to the extent that he was excited. His silver mask was broken and unable to cover his face.

The Mystic Dragon quietly looked at Prometheus as though he was in a trance.

“Rody, you do not want to fight with me for this body?”

“Mystic Dragon, now is not the time.”

A sneer appeared on his face. The Mystic Dragon pointed at Prometheus and said in a dry voice, “He has gone in. Through that door is heaven! In heaven, the body is not needed. Only the soul. Now, let us enter too!”

Broken to pieces on the ground was the God’s Record.

He stretched out his hand to touch the Forbidden Door. His fingertips slid over the surface of the water, causing ripples.

“The body is not needed in heaven, but if I want to go in nobody can stop me!”

A black aura spread out from his hand and the water burned. A large hole gradually appeared in the middle. Inside it was a formless mass.

With a single step, Rody entered heaven!

After stepping into it, everywhere seemed boundless and indistinct—in front, behind, up, down, left and right. Things that looked like white clouds seemed to revolve around.

Golden stairs 1 were by his feet. It was obvious that the stairs were made of light.

Rody had just walked through the door and with a whooshing sound, his body had burst into black flames. The surrounding ‘white clouds’ burned as well.

He suddenly raised his neck and roared loudly. His body shined with a black light and after that, whoosh, his figure had split into two!

Rody inconceivably looked at his hand. He looked at himself from top to bottom for a while and then frowned. “What happened?”

“We have separated,” the Mystic Dragon replied. His stiff voice came from behind Rody.

Rody turned around and saw another ‘Rody’ standing in front of him. His face and hair looked exactly the same. The only difference was his indifferent expression.

“Did you return my body to me? But how did you divide it into two?” Rody asked coldly.

“I am a god.” The Mystic Dragon slowly walked past Rody. “Having a body here will affect my strength.”

Rody frowned and carefully examined his body. He did not feel anything strange. He secretly checked his fighting energy and also did not feel anything out of place.

“You just gave up my body like this?” Rody frowned.

The Mystic Dragon slowly walked forward. His head did not look back as he said, “I do not need it anymore.”

Suddenly, he looked back at Rody and said, “Aren’t you curious? Follow me.”

Rody looked back. The solitary stone door was stood in front of him. Around it was just a formless emptiness drift. The slab stone stood tall and upright, right there.

“Can I still go back?” He laughed bitterly. He then sighed and followed behind the Mystic Dragon.

The Mystic Dragon walked at the front. With every step, the black flames from his body would burn away the surrounding indistinct mass. Rody felt as though he was walking in the clouds. He was surrounded by boundless whites as though it was a sea of clouds.

God could create a rich and colorful world. So why is it so dull in his own space?

Even until walking to the end of the golden stairs, the Mystic Dragon did not talk to Rody at all. He did not tell Rody the reason for giving up the body. He also did not attack to kill Rody. He simply kept walking forward.

A sound was then gradually heard. The cluster of cloud-like things gradually became thin. Everything then became open and clear.

At the boundless space, there were only the golden stairs under their foot. At the distance, a tall towering palace gradually appeared. The palace looked golden. Even weirder was that the golden palace was transparent.

It looked as though it was made of golden glass.

As they gradually approached the palace, golden bolts of light suddenly flew over from the sky. Golden angel-like things flew to Rody and the Mystic Dragon. It then hovered around them. The golden angels shone with a bright light. Each of them was as big as a small bird. A pair of wings flapped behind them. Their faces were devoid of expression as they simply looked at Rody and the Mystic Dragon. Only their eyes showed curiosity.

“These are the angels that serve God. They have no gender, no intelligence, and no emotions. Their minds are empty. They only have a simple mechanical awareness. They don’t even have a body!” The Mystic Dragon had an impatient tone. He grabbed an angel with his hand and forcefully crushed its neck.

It burst into a golden light. The angel that was crushed really had no body. Its ‘body’ was just an apparition, leaving behind a golden fog.

The surrounding angels looked astonished. They retreated a little and then came back.

“Look. They do not have intelligence. They do not know how to be afraid. They do not know about death.” The Mystic Dragon coldly said, “I hate these things. I hate them ever since I lived here a long time ago.”

Rody curiously extended a hand and let an angel flew over his palm. Sure enough, the little things did not have any intelligence. Its height was not even as long as Rody’s finger. It had an exceptionally good-looking face with curious eyes.

“Cute little things.” Rody sighed. “Nicole and Mouse would like it if I could take them back.”

The golden stairs reached its end. They were finally under the palace.

The golden door looked lofty and majestic. Although it was transparent and the things behind the door could be seen, an extremely powerful aura shocked Rody.

There was a person standing in front of it.

Prometheus, or rather, Kara, was standing at the entrance and was coldly looking at the door.

“It’s you?” Kara turned around and looked at the Mystic Dragon. He then looked at Rody and was a little shocked. “Rody, you also came here? Then you, big headed lizard. You came back to life?”

“Right now, I will not kill you.” The Mystic Dragon coldly looked at Kara. “Right now, you are just a Domain Master.”

“You are not much better.” Kara laughed. “You and the boy split into two. You are no longer god-ranked! You had split into two, so half of your power is given to the boy. Right now, you are only about as strong as that Hakone Serpent!”

Rody was shocked. He looked at the Mystic Dragon and could not help but ask. “You lost half your strength when you came out of my body?”

“Having a body here will affect my strength,” the Mystic Dragon replied coldly.

Kara coldly looked at Rody. “Boy, you are very lucky, but you are also misfortunate.” He laughed with a bit of a mocking smile. “You have won half the power of a god but because you physically entered heaven, you are not able to use any of it here. Soon, there will be a huge battle here. See if you survive and return back to the human world after that.”

Kara then looked at the Mystic Dragon and frowned. “I really do not like your current appearance. Did you get addicted to the human form?”

The Mystic Dragon was silent for a while before replying. “This is because I have already understood.”

The Mystic Dragon looked at the towering palace and then looked back at Rody. “You know it best. Dragons have nine transformations. Right now, we have already transformed eight times. Yet, we already have the power of a god. Don’t you find it strange? What will happen when I reached the ninth transformation?”

Without waiting for Rody’s reply, the Mystic Dragon smiled as he looked at the door of the golden palace. His voice was filled with a deep anger. “After a thousand years of sleep, I finally understood how cunning the God that created me was. The Mystic Dragon does not have a ninth transformation! What they call the ninth transformation is a lie!”

Kara sighed. “Is it really like that? There is no ninth transformation?”

“…” The Mystic Dragon was silent for a while. “There is. There is a ninth transformation.”

He looked at Kara and coldly said, “At the start, when I first went to war with you. That is the ninth transformation! What they call the Mystic Dragon’s ninth transformation is a lie. A deceit. A joke that made me shackle my own neck!”

“God created me, but he was afraid of me. So he gave me the falsehood of the ninth transformation. I already had the same ability as the gods at the eighth transformation. However, the ninth transformation would make me lose my rationality and become a mindless beast. A beast without wisdom! With my ability, I no longer need to be limited by the form of a body. To pursue the transformation, I ended up remaining with a dragon’s body.”

“Things would turn the opposite way when they reached an extreme state,” Rody replied and coldly asked, “What is the use of you bringing me here?”

“There is none.” The Mystic Dragon shook his head. “In the human world, we are unable to separate. I was only able to break away from you in heaven.”

“Break away?” Rody gave a wry smile. “I never wanted to break away from you? You are the one occupying my body.”

Kara glanced at Rody with eyes of pity. “Boy. You only have one choice left. That is to wait here. Wait for us to kill the gods. Maybe after the battle, I will break open space for you to go back. Or perhaps you could follow us in and watch us get defeated together by the gods. After that, you would be destroyed as punishment. In other words, you would not be able to return by yourself.”

After a pause, Kara sneered. “Of course, you could also discard your body now and cross the Forbidden Door with your soul. However, without a body, how would you survive in the human world?”

Rody became gloomy and asked. “I cannot go back anymore?”

Kara smiled slightly and extended his palm. “Give it to me!”


“My Divine Primordial Spirit.” Kara smiled calmly. “Return to me what’s mine. When I and this dragon defeat God, I will send you back.”

Rody sneered. “Really? Right now, at the most, you are just a Domain Master, but you ran all the way to heaven. Are you not afraid of courting death?”

Kara shook his head and pointed to the door. “I came here much earlier than you two. Do you know why I did not enter? This is because I was already prepared to wait here.”

“This is heaven! The difference it has with the human world is that the passage of time here is much faster! One day in heaven is one year in the human world! I am ready to slowly cultivate outside this door. It is much faster than cultivating for a century in the human world. Either way, I have already overturned the temple on the Roland Continent. God’s agents in the human world have been destroyed by me. My only wish is to return here and pull that guy out of his throne. Not only do I not need to worry about other things by cultivating here. Cultivating here for a few tens of days is like cultivating for a few decades in the human world! With my godly knowledge, I can soon cultivate a new Divine Primordial Spirit and once again become god-ranked!”

Rody frowned. “You can cultivate in front of this door?”

Kara laughed calmly. “Why not? For ordinary people, standing here would cause the guardian angels to attack. But I am different! I had reincarnated under the light system! The guardian angels would not attack me and the old guy in there would not come out!”

Rody frowned. “Guardian angels? What is that?”

“It is them.” The Mystic Dragon suddenly said as he pointed to the angels flying everywhere.

“Them? They can attack?”

The Mystic Dragon suddenly looked at Rody. He suddenly extended a finger and forced out a mass of black air at his fingertips. It then magically changed into a human form with an evil aura. However, the aura was much weaker.

The angels in the sky immediately uttered an extremely shrill cry at the same time.

Countless angels flew towards them at the same time while little bows and arrows appeared in their hands together and their shrill cries filled the sky. Countless golden lights were shot at the thing the Mystic Dragon created.

The human-like gaseous figure was instantly riddled with the gold lights and was instantly crushed.

“Did you see that? Those little things are not just birds flying around. Once there is something evil, they would immediately destroy it. The fierceness of their attacks are not things you could imagine! More importantly, they are unable to die! Even if you kill them, you would only disperse a ray of light. But the golden light will quickly just turn into an angel again!” Kara sighed. “Although I hate these dumb things, they are really useful.”

Rody looked at the angels flying around in the air, packed densely like locusts, and asked, “Why do they not attack me? Why do they not attack the Mystic Dragon?”

Kara sighed. “They did not attack you because you have my Divine Primordial Spirit! They did not attack the Mystic Dragon because…”

The Mystic Dragon coldly looked at Kara and said, “Enough!”

Kara laughed. “Old dragon, are you afraid I would tell him your most embarrassing story?” He then looked at Rody and continued. “They did not attack the Mystic Dragon because the Mystic Dragon has God’s mark on his body! When he was created, he had that mark to say that he is forever God’s slave and servant!”

The Mystic Dragon’s expression turned bad and looked a little bit angry. But he simply looked at Kara for a while and said somberly, “Enough!”

Rody took a deep breath and asked. “What about me after I give you back your Divine Primordial Spirit? What would happen to me?”

Kara narrowed his eyes and said, “Those angels will attack you. However, with me and the Mystic Dragon here, they would be unable to hurt you. However, without the Divine Primordial Spirit, you may return back to becoming a Domain Master, but you would not be able to use the Mystic Dragon’s power even if it is in your body.”

“I will return you your Divine Primordial Spirit if you send me back out!” Rody coldly said.

“Deal!” Kara then sighed and added. “However, we must wait until everything is finished. Otherwise, I will not be able to send you back.”


Kara gritted his teeth and slowly said, “Obtaining the Divine Primordial Spirit would restore my strength to semi God-ranked. However, I would still not be able to cut the space and stand you back. Did you think it would be easy to return to earth from heaven?”

Rody shook his head. “I don’t believe you. I have seen God’s Vanquish before. You can forcibly separate the passageway to heaven.”

The Mystic Dragon suddenly said, “He is not lying. The only passageway to the human world is inside. We cannot leave through the door we came in.”

Rody sighed. “In other words, I would have to follow you in.”

A black fire was shot outside the palace. A black screen spread out and protected the three inside.

Rody had already spat out the Divine Primordial Spirit from his body. He initially did not know how to spit it out and needed Kara to teach him.

Kara held his Divine Primordial Spirit with excitement and muttered silently in a strange language.

The angels now sensed Rody’s aura and flew down. Countless golden arrows were shot towards Rody. However, the Mystic Dragon’s protective screen was like a huge umbrella. The light arrows fell onto the screen, pitter-patter like raindrops, and exploded. The sky lit up as though there were fireworks.

“Boy! Cover your ears!” Kara said with a somber expression. The Divine Primordial Spirit slowly became dim but his face shined with a holy brilliance. “Hmph. Did you think the Divine Primordial Spirit was something to swallow? Without my incantation, you would not be able to use the power inside! Now cover your ears if you do not wish to break to pieces here.”

Rody saw the Mystic Dragon took a deep breath and he quickly covered his ears…

Suddenly there was a long and loud cry filled with anger and a hostile aura. Although Rody covered his ears, he still felt his body tremble and his heart shook.

The angels in the sky were all destroyed by the roar, lighting up the sky shine with a golden brilliance. Only Kara coldly smiled as he stood at a side.

“Hmph. This dragon is still as bad-tempered, just like a thousand years ago. Are you calling that guy out to challenge him?”

Kara had already stretched out his hand to gently tap the golden transparent door. His movements were very gentle, and he lightly knocked twice as though he was visiting a neighbor’s house.

There was a loud sound. The large door in front of Kara suddenly shattered into thousands of golden rays of light.

Numerous fierce and sharp whirlwinds almost cut Rody’s face. Rody was sure that if his body was not strengthened by the Mystic Dragon’s blood, he would have been long cut into thousands of pieces.

Kara’s cold voice resounded. “Mystic Dragon. Let us cancel off our enmity with each other from a thousand years ago! You were sealed off for thousands of years and my body was imprisoned after being destroyed. After we get rid of that old guy today we can each go our separate ways!”

After that, Kara led the way and took a step towards the palace.

The Mystic Dragon coldly smiled. He pulled Rody lightly and walked into the palace.

What was behind the door was a different world compared to what was outside.

Rody took a step in and immediately felt a calm and peaceful atmosphere. He looked around and saw that it looked like a fine spring day. There was lush and thick grass; the trees were blooming; the leaves and flowers were lush and flourishing. The sun and the moon co-existed in the sky. He clearly knew that this place was heaven and it felt like a paradise.

“Aren’t we inside the palace?” Rody frowned.

“Hmph. Did you think heaven is a broken palace? This is just an illusion. It is also the place where God breed the Mythological Beasts!” Kara coldly sneered. “Yes. You released the Mystic Dragon, so I suppose you have seen the Sphinx? That guy is also a Mythological Beast. Similar Mythological Beasts like it are plenty here.”

Kara then pointed to a towering tree and laughed. “For example, that bird on that tree is also a Mythological Beast! These guys can be considered God’s watchdogs!”

Just as soon as Kara said that, a shrill whistle came from the tree. A roc with seven-colored wings flew over. A flap of its wings brought forth sharp, cutting winds.

The Mystic Dragon waved his hand and the bird immediately gave a blood-curdling scream. Its wings broke into two. Its golden colored blood sprayed out as it fell from the sky.

“Let’s go,” the Mystic Dragon coldly said, “I don’t like the atmosphere here.”

Kara sighed. “Hmph. You do not like a clean and peaceful place like this but you like the scorching hell?”

A man, a god and a dragon walked into the depths of the fairyland.

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