Masked Knight

Chapter 34: Sinful Love

Chapter 34: Sinful Love

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Their lips connected. Nicole’s body froze for a moment. However, it gradually relaxed. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her body could not help but tremble lightly.

Rody also felt nervous. The restlessness in his heart made him exert more strength as he held Nicole tightly in his arms. His lips could feel the softness of her lips. He could also hear Nicole’s breathing becoming heavier and he felt Nicole’s heart beating faster.

Suddenly, Nicole pushed Rody away. She looked at Rody with a confused expression. Her eyes looked puzzled yet guilty.

Immediately, Nicole turned away and gently pushed Rody further away from her side.

Her face was still red and her eyes still teary. However, her expression was not entirely shy. Rather, it seemed to be some other kind of feeling.

“You… you are my little brother, ah…” Nicole said but did not elaborate more.

Rody could not help but grasp Nicole’s shoulders again. His voice this time was not loud but his tone was firm, “I am not! I am Rody!”

Nicole relaxed a little but when she looked at Rody’s face, her eyes revealed a complicated expression. “But… but your face… you…”

The man in front of her, that face, along with that inexplicable faint smiling expression, as well as his eyes and golden hair all belonged to her brother, Seth.

“Ugh… ” Nicole groaned painfully and quickly covered her own eyes with her head looking down.

Nicole was now confused.

He… his face is Seth’s… and I actually kissed him! Actually…Could it be that I… or…

For a moment, Nicole was filled with a variety of complex emotions. There was shame, guilt, anger and confusion. She was unable to gather her thoughts.

“No… Definitely not!” Nicole muttered. Her voice was almost too low to be heard but the tone was full of guilt.

Rody could not laugh or cry. He held up Nicole’s face and forced her to look directly at him. He then slowly said, “I am not Seth. I am Rody!”

The tenderness in Nicole’s eyes flashed by and then, she suddenly stood up. She looked down, not daring to look at Rody’s face and spoke with a tone full of confusion, “I… I really cannot do it… I cannot be like this with you… You… ”

Oh my God! No way… No way can I kiss someone that looks like Seth… These feelings of guilt… If someone sees me…”

Nicole whispered, “I am sorry.”

I am sorry?

Wasn’t I the one who took the initiative to kiss her? If anyone was to apologize, shouldn’t that person be me?

Rody had a strange feeling but when he saw Nicole leaving, Rody hurriedly blurted out, “Nicole! I… I really like you!”

The boy’s first confession was very rigid. There was no cover nor were there sweet words. It was just a simple confession.

Nicole suddenly paused.

“I….” Rody’s face was pale but his tone of voice was truthful. “That night, when I saw you looking weak in the horse shed, I already… I already fell in love with you! I speak the truth! I…”

“Don’t say anymore… I beg you not to say anymore,” Nicole said as she turned around. Her tone was weak as she slowly moved backward, looking at Rody with tenderness and confusion. She was undecided.

Finally, she retreated towards the door, opened it and left.

Rody slumped down onto the chair as if he was drained of energy. He looked at his shoes in a daze and was unable to say anything.

Could it be she doesn’t like me? Possibly… What is her status? What is my status? However, based on her expression, this does not seem to be the case. Is it because of my current situation? Or is it because… because of this face?

Rody exerted all his strength trying to rub off his face in frustration.

Any man in his youth no matter how unconventional or audacious he was would need to gather his courage before he could confess to his first love. He was, after all, facing his first favorite of the opposite sex and expressing his true affections for her.

That night, Rody spoke what was his heart because he was agitated. However, the situation had unexpectedly turned. Originally, it seemed like happiness was just a step away. No, rather it was already in his embrace. Nonetheless, for an inexplicable reason, Nicole suddenly retreated with fear.

Rody did not know that the moment Nicole went out the door, she did not immediately leave. Instead, she leaned against the wall, feeling weak all over.

Why is this so?

The first man I have a good impression of… has to be him?

What is the reason?

Is it because he was the first person who was frivolous towards me? Is it because he took my first kiss? Or is it because during the sparring match, that stubborn boy stood in the middle of the field and loudly said, “I did not lose!” in an oath-like tone?

But… why must it be him?

He is now my very own brother, ah!

His face is the same as Seth’s! Kissing him is like kissing my own brother!

Nicole’s heart was full of guilt.

Dragging her heavy legs, Nicole slowly left.

Rody was still filled with frustration when there was a knock on the door. Without waiting for Rody to react, the door opened. It would seem that the other party only knocked on the door out of courtesy.

Rody looked up to see the old groom, Mark, standing at the doorway. His eyes narrowed with a deep gaze as if he was sizing Rody up.

“You should not have done that!” The old man suddenly said.

Rody frowned.

What did he mean?


“You should not have done that,” Mark repeated but then he said something else that frightened Rody, “Boy!”


Why didn’t he call me ‘Young Master’?

Rody suddenly jumped up from his chair.

Old Mark did not panic and simply walked in. He walked till he was in front of Rody and suddenly slapped Rody in the face.


Immediately, a clear palm print was left on Rody’s face.

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