Masked Knight

Chapter 36: Criticism

Chapter 36: Criticism

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That night, Old Mark left Rody in a daze. Before leaving, he said, “I do not care about what you do. You can do it according to the Miss’ wishes. As for your relationship with the Miss, I also do not care. It is not part of my duty. However, there are two things you need to know. First, you cannot hurt the Miss! Second, you cannot tell anyone about me! If you violate either one of these conditions, I will personally kill you! I know you are a warrior but it would be easy for me to kill you!”

Rody spent his following days feeling disturbed.

In fact, since that day, Old Mark continued to play his role as an honest servant and gave him a respectful look whenever they met.

On the other hand, Nicole no longer met Rody as often as usual. When she did meet Rody, her eyes were evasive and she avoided contact with him. Rody started to become anxious like any love-struck youngster would.

Nicole hired many teachers who were responsible for teaching Rody all kinds of academic knowledge. However, her act of avoiding contact with Rody made it impossible for the two of them to get along.

The only good thing was that Nicole no longer got angry with Rody. Even if Rody did something that made Nicole dissatisfied, she would only silently look at Rody with a perplexed expression before sighing.

Rody also became more hardworking. This was because he felt distressed whenever Nicole did not punish him and instead, merely showed a sad and disappointed face. He even vowed to not let Nicole feel disappointed anymore.

Although the surrounding people felt strange that Nicole suddenly hired a lot of teachers, they also guessed that it was because the prodigal son was back. Their other assumption was that because of the approaching major examination, the pressure from it would cause him to focus, reducing all other distractions.

Of course, there were also mishaps.

The teachers gave Rody incessant headaches leaving him terribly bored. He had to spend his entire time studying or training.

The swordsmanship instructor was a senior warrior but he was full of praises for Rody and even commented that the Tulip Family’s descendants were deserving of their reputation.

However, the academic teachers made Rody feel awkward.

Reading a lot of the books from the Tulip Family’s house, Rody’s perspective was now different. When an academic question arose, Rody would frequently ask strange questions. His difficult questions often troubled the teachers. That was because Rody’s questions and the popular, common academic theories were entirely different. Many of his viewpoints and different ways of understanding were too peculiar in the teachers’ eyes. If it was not for the fact that the person saying it was the Tulip Family’s Young Master, the grumpy old scholars who taught him would have cursed him for speaking nonsense.

They did not know that the one speaking ‘nonsense’ was not Rody but the playboy who had already run away. Rody merely looked at the playboy’s notes and went to the teachers to confirm his doubts. This often made the teachers foam at their mouth.

Although the teachers often scolded Rody, Rody felt that the playboy’s opinions were correct. However, he did not argue with the teachers because he did not want to make Nicole unhappy.

Gradually, Rody started to respect the playboy.

One day, when Rody was reading alone, Angel rushed into the room with a panic-stricken face.

“What happened?” Rody put the book down and gave a faint smile.

Rody had recently become more accustomed to his identity as the Young Master. He was now able to keep calm in unexpected situations. Although it was surprising to others, they felt that the Young Master had finally matured and became more stable.

After what he saw and experienced the past few days, there were not many things that could surprise him now. After all, he had already seen a cursing skeleton and a monster who was a few hundred years old. What else could surprise him now?

“Young Master Seth! This is terrible! Miss Nicole is coming here! She looks really angry! You… You better hide quickly!”

Rody froze for a moment. He immediately knew the young girl’s intention.

He understood the young girl’s feelings for him… or rather, her feelings for the real Young Master Seth. He also knew that no matter what happens, the young girl would stay by his side. When Rody did something wrong, she would always try to cover up his mistakes and keep it a secret from Nicole. That being said, Nicole had not been punishing him for his mistakes lately.

“What happened?”

Angel hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Today, a beautiful woman came to the house. When she arrived, she did not seem to be happy. She said she was looking for you. However, Miss Nicole met her first. After a long talk, Miss Nicole became angry and she is now coming over here!”

“Woman? What woman?”

Angel showed a long face and softly said, “I do not know… but… she is very beautiful… very beautiful…”

Yes, perhaps she became jealous when she heard of a beautiful woman looking for me. Then she secretly looked for her to see what happened. After that, she found out about Nicole coming here.

Rody smiled and said, “Alright, I understand. You should hide first. I will speak with Nicole.” He looked at the young girl to see her worried look and then he reassured her, “Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to me.”

Angel felt puzzled.

How could this be? In the past, when Miss Nicole came to ask about the problems the Young Master had caused, the Young Master would become frightened and immediately flee. If he did not have time to escape, I would usually help him climb out the window… but now… why does he look so calm and confident?

Then again, the Young Master has changed a lot recently.

Angel hesitated for a moment before leaving.

Rody watched Angel walk out the door before he made a wry smile.

A beautiful woman most likely came here to settle some kind of debt but the person she is looking for is not me. Seth, you really left behind a lot of problems for me.

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