Masked Knight

Chapter 7: Abnormal Family

Chapter 7: Abnormal Family

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That night was the most difficult night Rody had ever experienced so far. He was certain there would be more tough nights ahead because he was captured by Nicole.

After finishing her interrogation, Nicole returned to her room and did not let anyone enter. Throughout the night, the servants could hear angry smashing sounds and the sounds of glassware breaking coming from the room. When the servants came in to clean the room the next day, they found that all the furniture except the bed had been destroyed in Nicole’s anger.

For Rody, that night, he was preoccupied with a fear of the unknown future.

He was only 18 years old this year. In the past 18 years, he had worked hard towards qualifying as an official warrior. After his father’s death, he had sold off all of his heritage (his father didn’t leave him much anyway), enrolled as a student of the Imperial Academy, and had been working hard to survive. But that night, his whole world had changed. All his life’s goals suddenly disappeared. He could no longer return to the academy as he did not have enough money. Besides that, he was also captured by that noble girl. All this was because of that despicable playboy! He actually dared to get me into such trouble! The next time he sees that playboy, Rody would not listen to a single word he says and would immediately break his nose.

Although he was locked inside the firewood store, the night passed by fairly well. Other than the incident of that senior guard secretly kicking him for his sneaking into the house, he was actually given bread to eat. It seemed that this God of War family was not as bad as the other noble families.

Star was sleeping beside Rody like a corpse. No matter how Rody shouted or called out to him, there was no response.

When it was dawn, Rody finally realized he was about to start a new phase of his life.

Rody had a sudden thought. Fortunately, I was not sent to public security and thrown into prison. Compared to prison, being captured by a beautiful girl is incomparably better. Oh, that girl is really beautiful.

After dawn, Rody finally fell asleep. Unfortunately, in but a few moments, the door to the store suddenly opened. Some sturdy servants barged in and hauled Rody away without so much as giving him an explanation.

While he was yelling he was dragged into a large room with windows and curtains. There was also a small door in the room. He did not know what was inside that small door.

Before Rody could react, the large man with a beard immediately pulled his pants down. Rody was taken by surprise. He screamed and tried to kick. Unfortunately, his body was hurting all over, especially where he was kicked by the horse. When he lifted his leg, the pain subsided. The fellows in front were seemingly not bothered. In quick order, they stripped his clothes off.

Rody was now very frightened. He had heard that among the nobles, there were some with queer tastes, including those that prefer handsome little boys. However, he was so ugly. Would they be interested in him as well?

He was a young man and a big boy after all. But now, he was so frightened he was about to faint.

Fortunately, the men did not do anything after stripping him and just pushed him into a room behind the door. They all left after closing the door.

It was very misty inside the room. In the middle, there was a large barrel taller than Rody. Hot mist rose in a cloud above the barrel.

Rody was immediately relieved as he understood that they wanted him to take a bath. Rejoicing, Rody jumped into the barrel.

Just as soon as he thought that he had escaped disaster, the small door opened, or rather, it was kicked open.

Rody looked and almost cried out.

A giant, at least 2 meters tall, walked in. His bare upper body bulged with muscles and he had a ferocious face. His eyes stared at Rody as if sizing him up. Rody, frightened, quickly retreated back into the barrel.

However, the giant walked over and reached out with his giant hand. As if grasping a chicken by the neck, the giant effortlessly carried Rody. He carefully looked at Rody’s naked body before grinning and throwing him back into the barrel.

With a splash, Rody’s head hit the bottom of the barrel and he choked on some water. Before he could even gasp in protest, the giant grabbed his feet and pulled him up.

As the giant held Rody with one hand, the other one suddenly took out a brush from somewhere. God! That was a brush for horses!

The giant obviously regarded Rody as a horse. Wetting the brush with a bit of water, he brushed up Rody’s body.

His movements were very meticulous and there was not a single part of Rody’s body that was missed. He was also very careful in cleaning the dirt from Rody’s body. Rody felt like a pig about to be slaughtered as he was being cleaned by the giant. Honestly, it was sheer torture!

This was mostly because the giant did not know how to be gentle, especially when washing certain parts of the body.

The giant washed Rody’s body for half an hour. Finally, he poured a bucket of water over Rody’s body and looked at him with satisfaction. At that moment, Rody’s body was red and clean like a newborn baby.

The giant nodded before dropping his brush and leaving without sparing Rody another glance.

Rody immediately started cursing. He started cursing everybody, from the giant to the Tulip Family to his teachers in the Imperial Academy.

What shitty teacher! What shitty history! What shitty Tulip Family! It is more like the world’s most abnormal family ever!

His kept cursing, unaware that after being washed by the giant, his injuries from that night seemed to have recovered. That included the injuries from being kicked by the horse. Now he seemed to no longer feel any pain in his body.

At this time, Rody suddenly heard a voice, “Have you finished cursing? When you are done, come out of the room and put on the set of clothes on the chair outside the room.”

Rody immediately shivered. That was the voice of the noble lady! He did not dare to offend that woman!

As he stepped out of the room, he saw the new suit outside the room. Rody reached out to it and touched the cloth. It had a very soft feeling. Anyway, he could not differentiate between high-quality cloth and low-quality cloth. Rody put on the clothes. The underwear was a bit tight but the other clothes fit quite well. As he had never worn such beautiful clothing before, he was also a bit excited.

Based on his memory, only the noble children in the Academy wore this type of clothing.

Feeling nervous and uneasy, Rody opened the door and walked out of the room. In the courtyard, Nicole who was dressed in a white robe coldly looked at him as she sat on her chair.

Just one glance at Nicole had Rody stunned.

Although it was not the first time he saw Nicole, it was much clearer and more vivid during the day. Nicole’s golden hair seemed to shine in the sun. She had deep blue eyes that seemed to be bottomless and soft glossy white skin. She was so beautiful that she did not seem real! A goddess! Her figure exuded an aura of an inviolable noble.

“I am going to die!” Rody’s heart silently spoke. If I have to be beside her every day, I would not live long. Last night, why did I not…? Even if she bit off my entire mouth, it would have been worth it!

While Rody was thus confused Nicole asked, “Have you washed up?”

Rody was still dumbstruck as he kept looking at Nicole. However, he still managed to nod. When Nicole noticed his staring eyes, her face turned red and then her face sank. “If you continue to look at me like that, I will dig out your eyes!”

Rody was shocked and immediately lowered his head. However, his eyes could not help but secretly look at Nicole.

Every man would experience such a period, and especially so for teenagers. There would always be a phase where he lusts and admires women. Rody who was a young boy would also have this blind admiration and impulse. Not to mention the fact that Nicole was an exceptional beauty.

“Enough!” Nicole’s delicate voice called out. Although the tone was cold it was also delicate. Therefore, it did not sound cold but instead had a certain charm to it. She continued to speak, “Now, I will see if you are qualified to be a Tulip Family’s… servant!”

Rody’s entire attention was focused on Nicole’s body, so he failed to notice what was wrong with her words, or what she was getting at. Also, it did not occur to him why a servant would need to be tested for skills. Let alone testing his skills, if Nicole had wanted him to kill, she merely needed to point her finger at him and he would immediately rush out.

Seeing Rody’s silence, Nicole nodded and a middle-aged man came out from behind her.

Rody’s attention was entirely on Nicole since he entered the courtyard. Even if it was not a person standing behind her but a train, Rody would still fail to see it.

However, Rody started to look at this middle-aged man seriously the moment that man walked in front of Rody.

The man was wearing gray clothes. However, most of the impression came from his silver white hair that was bundled up. The man squinted watching Rody. His hands were behind him and he showed a trace of a smile.

Although the man was just casually standing there, Rody had a strange feeling that this man was not a person but a wall!

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