Masked Knight

Chapter 8: Sword Master

Chapter 8: Sword Master

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Rody had a strange feeling that the man in front of him was a warrior! Not just that, he was also a swordsman! He could not tell why he had that feeling but he was extremely certain of it.

The middle-aged man seemed interested in Rody and smiled faintly. “Alright. I heard that you are a swordsman. First, we shall test your sword skills. Do you have a sword?”

His words made Rody’s face turn red. He remembered the sword he picked up yesterday. He immediately straightened his chest and loudly said, “I am not an official swordsman but I will be one! I… I had my own sword but last night… they were confiscated!”

The middle-aged man nodded before looking back at Nicole. Nicole did not speak but she nodded. The middle-aged man then shouted, “Alright then. Somebody, please return the young warrior’s sword back to him.”

It would seem that the middle-aged man’s ranking was not low. Immediately, a servant ran off and came back moments later with the sword Rody took last night.

“This is your sword?” The middle-aged man smiled. He seemed to be looking casually at the rust on the sword.

Honestly speaking, the sword was actually quite good. Not everyone could carry weapons in the streets in the Empire. Although it looked a bit old, the sword was still sharp. Anyway, as the sword was given by a hired hand in the bar, its quality can be considered acceptable.

However, Rody’s face could not help but turn red. His youthful arrogance did not allow him to lose face in front of Nicole. He straightened himself and said, “Yes, this is my sword. I have a better sword but I do not have it now!”

The middle-aged man nodded and pondered for a moment before saying, “Well then, let me see your sword skills. I am going to attack you and we shall see how long you can hold out.”

“Okay!” Rody immediately held up his weapon in readiness and agreed loudly. In the presence of such a beauty, if she wished, this virgin youngster would slay a dragon let alone fight this man.

The middle-aged man bent down towards the chair and picked up a broadsword. He gave Rody a glance and said, “Prepare yourself. I am coming!”

Rody concentrated on the middle-aged man, braced himself and assumed a defensive stance.

“From the left!” The middle-aged man cried out and slashed at Rody. The sword was frighteningly fast. Rody only sensed a white flash coming towards his left. All he could do was rely on his instincts to block the attack.

‘Wham!’ Rody felt like he was kicked by a galloping horse. He staggered back a few steps to find his balance. The middle-aged man did not wait for him to recover and shouted again, “Right!” The sword slashed down again.

Without time to adjust his stance, Rody hastily held the hilt with both arms to support it. The power of the strike was greater this time. Rody backed to the wall before stopping. His face was already red.

The middle-aged man stopped his attack and smiled. “Not bad. Your physical strength is passable and your reaction is quite good. However, your defensive posture is too tight. Not flexible enough!”

Rody took a deep breath and stepped forward. He loudly said, “Just now I allowed you to attack me while I defended. Now it is my turn!”

The middle-aged man smiled, “You?”

What was Rody trying to say? Rody realized that Nicole, sitting on the chair, was smiling mockingly at him.

Rody looked down only to find his sword cracked in 2 places. Rody’s facial expression changed immediately. This sword was worth a few silver coins! Although it was inferior to Rody’s own sword, when he was done with it, he was going to sell it for some living expenses!

Distressed, he gently touched the cracked blade only for it to break into several pieces and fall clanking to the ground. All that was left was the sword hilt on Rody’s hands.

Rody’s face turned white and he felt extremely dejected.

The middle-aged man faintly smiled and replaced the sword on the chair. He turned to Nicole and laughed. “He is not bad. At his age, to be able to take two strikes from me is quite rare!”

Rody put on a long face, “Not bad? You broke my sword in two strikes!”

Nicole gave Rody a glance and said, “Silence! Who do you think you are? Do you think you could actually defeat a Master? Master Autumn is the Imperial Capital’s top swordsman! He is publicly acknowledged as the most probable candidate for being the swordsman that would unsheathe the Sacred Sword.”

“Master Autumn?” Rody exclaimed. “You are Master Autumn!!”

His face flushed, the astonished young man exclaimed, “You are the chief swordsman of the Royal Court, Master Autumn! You are acknowledged by the public as the one who would unsheathe the Sacred Sword!”

Rody stared at the middle-aged master swordsman in admiration. Master Autumn was indeed a legendary figure, truly almost like those heroes in fairy tales. For a young swordsman like him, there was no better person to worship!

The frown on Rody’s face was immediately swept away!

He was surprised that Master Autumn had tested him and that he, Rody, was even able to block two strikes! The opponent was a master swordsman! In fact, during next year’s Swordsman Assembly, if Master Autumn could really unsheathe the Sacred Sword, he would become the first person to do so for the last few centuries. It was the kind of legend that was born once every few centuries.

Master Autumn gave an indifferent smile and said, “Miss Nicole. I have done as promised. This man is really good. If I am not wrong, he is about to reach Grade 2 swordsman level. Compared… Compared to your little brother, he is much stronger.” At this moment, Master Autumn assumed a strange expression.

Nicole nodded. Suddenly she stood up and walked towards Master Autumn. She leaned towards him and whispered into his ear.

After listening to her words, Master Autumn frowned and shook his head. “No! I have said this before. Unless he is from the Tulip Family, I will not accept anybody else!”

Nicole looked at Master Autumn’s firm expression and gently sighed, “Fine then.”

Master Autumn thought for a while and smiled. “However, I can give him some guidance. I will come again tomorrow afternoon.”

Rody was still looking stupidly at Nicole and Master Autumn. Actually, his eyes were looking more towards Nicole’s body. Nicole glared at him and scolded, “Fool! Quickly thank Master Autumn! Master Autumn has promised to teach you swordsmanship tomorrow!”

Rody did not react as his heart continued to run wild. Why are her eyes so beautiful even when she is glaring?

Nicole stamped her feet and shouted loudly, “Rody!”

Rody was shocked and immediately woke up from his stupor. Master Autumn repeated his sentence, “Remember, I will come to this yard tomorrow at noon.”

After that, the Master turned around and left.

Nicole gave Rody a harsh glance before calling out to a servant, “Take him away and let him put on that stuff we prepared last night!”

Nicole turned and walked to the east side of the courtyard. Two servants quickly went to the courtyard, propped up Rody, and followed from behind.

Rody finally recovered a few moments later. He finally shouted, “Oh my God! Master Autumn is teaching me swordsmanship! Master Autumn is teaching me swordsmanship!”

“Shut up, you idiot!” Nicole turned back and shouted.

Rody was so extremely excited he struggled free from the two servants, ran in front, and shouted. “Just now Master Autumn said he would teach me swordsmanship. Is it true? Is it true?”

“Shut up!” Nicole lost her patience and shouted again. “It seems that I need to teach you a lesson!” Nicole then raised her head, pointed her finger at Rody and raised it ever so slightly. Without knowing what happened, Rody suddenly flew into the air and crashed sprawling down onto the ground.

“First things first. The next time you talk to me, do not forget to add the word ‘Master’,” Nicole coldly looked at him.

She then turned and continued to walk forward. The two servants hastily grabbed Rody and followed.

Although Rody was a little bit confused from his fall, he was still foolishly saying in a low voice, “Oh my God, Master Autumn is teaching me swordsmanship.”

Nicole angrily walked in front.

She herself did not know why she was so angry! She was not a bad-tempered person but every time she saw this person with the Yin Yang face, she started to feel angry. His every move would also make her angry. That was especially true when he was stupidly looking at her. Every time she remembered the previous night, Nicole wished she could grab a sword and cut him into a thousand pieces.

Rody followed Nicole to what seemed like an old two-storey building. The servants had stopped at a distance much earlier, not daring to approach.

Nicole looked at Rody and said, “Follow me up.”

Rody looked at the rundown building that was in disrepair. The walls were covered with withered vines and trees. Two towering trees also shaded the place from the sun, giving the entire area an eerie feeling.

Rody’s started to feel a sense of unease.

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