Master of Untold Daos

Chapter 498 - Oh My Freakin’ Poodle!

Chapter 498: Oh My Freakin’ Poodle!

Chen Ming sat as Almighty Crownless spoke, “What do you think of Xuan Ji?”

“Uhm, who is Almighty Crownless speaking of?”

“Seems she didn’t tell you her name. It’s the girl outside.”

In Chen Ming’s heart, How did it come to this? “I’m not too familiar with her.”

“Please look past her lean and thin stature since she’s a growing child. Her physique is great for how young she is.”

Chen Ming felt something was off, It can’t be!

Why is Almighty Crownless showing her off? A look can tell this Xuan Ji is very close to him. Is playing the matchmaker in the script?

Bu his heart cooled, At least he doesn’t come screaming at me bloody murder.

Is he trying to hook me?

Almighty Crownless spoke, “I have come in your domain and should be considered a guest. Aren’t you going to give your guest a tour?”

Chen Ming smiled, “Uh, umm, Almighty Crownless is peerless and am afraid of dirtying your eyes with such a desolate and plain place. Since Almighty Crownless came to speak, it’s just like the saying ‘kindred spirits shall always meet, put to death regardless of distance’, ptui, I mean, enjoy out talks. I will take Almighty Crownless on a Yan Mountain tour.”

Chen Ming walked out and took the reins then looked no too happy at Xuan Ji, “Best get it!”

She just sat there next to him, “You’re not going in?”

Xuan Ji said, “I drive the carriage. If I’m not outside who else?”

Chen Ming drove it outside the city in a leap and said to Duan Shou, “Return, the matter is finished.”

Chen Ming was careful in his driving, not understanding Almighty Crownless’ purpose.

He stopped here and there for a meal and drove like that for half a month before arriving at Yan Mountain. Of course, Chen Ming’s only impression of the Almighty Crownless was a kind and good-natured old man, not at all the ruthless tyrant everyone drew him as.

Ling Xian came to welcome them, “Master!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Tell the disciples to enter seclusion. None is allowed to leave Yan Mountain branch!”

A voice came from the carriage, “No need. I want to see the lifestyle of Yan Mountain’s people.”

Chen Ming was whining inside, I just hope this bunch of little bastards won’t run Master’s reputation through the mud!

Ling Xian inquired, “Master?”

“Do as he says.”

The old man continued, “Help me out.”

Xuan Ji took a wheelchair from behind the carriage while Chen Ming eased Almighty Crownless into it.

Then he pushed him up the mountain.

Chen Ming spoke, “Ling Xian, bring Heart Enlightenment Fruits, we have guests!”

Chen Ming knew he couldn’t hide his Tree of Martyrs now that Almighty Crownless was here.

But the man waved instead, “Just a few to feel their taste, not too many. You are still young and growing, it is not something you can afford to waste.”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “That won’t do, Almighty Crownless is an honored guest! Ling Xian, what are you waiting for?”

Ling Xian watched the old man in alarm, Is he the legend? But what’s with Master pushing him around?

Ling Xian was soon back from the Scarlet Tide Continent with some fruits.

Almighty Crownless eyed Ling Xian with a smile, “This babe’s luck is extraordinary and has a strong heart.”

Chen Ming smiled, “They are all but kids, none important.”

Almighty Crownless didn’t reply but looked to where Zhuo Qingyao was comprehending the sword, “Is that place for your head disciple, the one who defeated Wu Fu?”

“Correct, it is where my humble disciple lays.”

“Calling Zhuo Qingyao, who has the best foundation, humble… If she becomes Immortal King, her achievements will be limitless and what’s even more important is that this is her first life.”

“Please wait here Almighty Crownless, I shall return with water.”

Moments later, Chen Ming poured some water in front of him, “This is the River of Time. With this water, one can train in cicada’s cultivation method.”

Almighty Crownless laughed, “Are you going to lend me the Nine Year Cicada at your waist for a thousand years next?”

Chen Ming smiled, “That would be wonderful!”

Almighty Crownless laughed harder, “I am a man with a foot in my grave. I have no need for your things. If I could’ve trained in cicada’s cultivation method, I would’ve done so ages ago. With my power, I can rein in their 5th stage Tree of Martyrs. But do you know why I didn’t?”

“Why?” Google search 𝑓𝗿e𝐞𝓌𝙚𝙗𝑛o𝚟e𝙡. c𝚘𝚖

“Only my current cultivation can control it, but if I train in cicada’s cultivation method, I will no longer have the right. Cultivation it needs a certain perception, as well as luck. Leaving aside the fact that I have little time to left, even if I had trained it from the start I wouldn’t have reached the peak that I am right now. Each man has his own path. As I walked my own to its peak, it proves that this path is the most suited to me. If I took cicada’s approach, I might have stopped at Supreme Gold Immortal.

“Why do you think cultivators only train in a single cultivation method?

“Because a cultivator can only walk a single path for all his life.”

Xuan Ji stepped in, “Almighty Crownless, you believe this guy can reach Relentless’ status?”

“If Chen Ming’s life isn’t cut short, he can not only become one but might even attain my rank.”

It was at this particular moment that the disciples below began shouting out their new motto, “Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!”

“Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!”

“Trample the four Great Immortal Domains, down with Almighty Crownless!”

Chen Ming’s thought, Oh my f*cking poodle!(1)

Xuan Ji: …

Almighty Crownless: …

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