Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 971 – Spring of Immortality

Chapter 971 – Spring of Immortality

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Open! He was actually able to open the temple’s boundary!”

“What secret treasures are that?”

“The secret treasures of the human Warlocks are really miraculous!”


Gazes of greed fell on the hole. Yet, no one rushes into the hole. They are all aware that once the hole in the boundary collapses, everyone inside will be dead.

Countless runes appeared in Yang Feng’s eyes, and he analyzed the boundary at a high speed.

Yang Feng quietly launched a spell and transmitted his voice to the Taboo Monarch, asking: “Your Majesty, are you interested in going in together with me and explore the Temple of the Eye of Time?”

Since the Taboo Monarch is his ally in the Human Supreme Council, Yang Feng naturally won’t miss this opportunity to rope her in.

The Taboo Monarch replied with a light smile: “This boundary doesn’t pose a problem to us. You can go in first.”

Yang Feng smiled, and then transmitted his voice to the Star Monarch: “Your Majesty, are you interested in going in together with me and explore the Temple of the Eye of Time?”

The Star Monarch smiled confidently and uttered in reply: “We have our own way in. Yang Feng, later inside the temple, if we come across treasures, we’ll be each on our own. Don’t harbor a grudge if you can’t compete with us!”

Yang Feng said: “That’s only natural. If treasures fall into your hands, I won’t fight you over them.”

Yang Feng’s group of three blurred, turned into three streams of light, and flew into the hole.

Yang Feng’s two closest allies in the human race are the Star Monarch and the Taboo Monarch. The other four kings don’t have a favorable opinion of Yang Feng, the seventh chairman who relies on the Brilliant Great Holy and has no deep underlying strength. Naturally, Yang Feng doesn’t care about them either.

Powerful killing intent erupted abruptly, and an emerald-green arrow shrouded in the essence of nature, bound to its target with a karma spell, shot towards the hole.

Light shone, and the Vajra Ruler appeared behind Yang Feng and raised the giant black shield to block the attack.


When the emerald-green arrow blasted into the giant black shield, the shield burst apart at once, and a frightening blast wave spread in all directions.

Green light shimmered on the Vajra Ruler, and many vines emerged, as if they grew out of its body.

The Vajra Ruler shone with dazzling gold light and forced the green light out of its body.

When the green light was expelled out of the Vajra Ruler’s body, it turned into vines full of sharp barbs and stabbed at the Vajra Ruler like poisonous dragons.

The Vajra Ruler retreated briskly towards the interior of the boundary.

Light shone, and a huge amount of demonic qi gathered in the sky and formed a strange eye. Emanating quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power, the eye fired a dark ray barreling towards the hole formed by the Devourers.

The Taboo Monarch wrinkled her eyebrows and flipped her lily-white hand, and a 1,000-kilometer-long archaic dragon turtle, which looks like it is enveloped in the void, suddenly appeared. Then, the carapace on its back, as if it evolved into a world, blocked the dark beam.

When the dark beam hit the carapace, it was engulfed by the world formed by the carapace.

At the same time, dozens of spells containing Warlock Monarch rank power, such as dragon breath, a huge bone claw, fire that can burn anything, shot towards the hole.

Those who are filled with malice towards Yang Feng finally found the opportunity to launch a fatal attack against him.

With a wave of the Star Monarch’s fair hand, countless stars flickered and formed a boundary of stars that blocked the attacks of some of the other race powerhouses.

Even more attacks, however, bypassed the defenses of the two Warlock Imperial Courts’ two kings, and then blasted into the distorted hole.

All of a sudden, the Vajra Ruler appeared in front of the distorted hole and raised the giant black shield to block the incoming attacks.

Boom! Boom!

Along with earth-shaking explosions, the Vajra Ruler was engulfed by the joint attack of dozens of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

After the light from the spells dissipated, the bruised Vajra Ruler emerged. Countless rare minerals entered it from behind and quickly repaired and strengthened it.

“What secret treasure is that?”

“What a terrifying defense! What’s that?”

“When did Yang Feng make such a golem?”


When the powerhouses who attacked saw this scene, their eyes flashed with a chill.

Only Holy Spirit Warlocks proficient in defensive spells would be able to block this joint attack of dozens of Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses.

Therefore, since the Vajra Ruler blocked their joint attack, its defense has already reached the standard of some weak Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

After the Vajra Ruler blocked the shocking attack, light shone, and Yang Feng and his party disappeared from the boundary of twisting time and space.

Once they crossed the boundary, the exquisite, luxurious, full of exotic style palace complex of the Eye of Time appeared in front of Yang Feng and his party.

Yang Feng took a look at the palace complex, and his heartbeat accelerated and his eyes filled with excitement: “This time, I made a killing!”

The palaces in the palace complex are made from top ores. Those top ores are resources that can be used to refine top battle robots.

Spatial ripples rose in front of Yang Feng, and a swarm of 5th generation battle robots rushed out like a tide and swept in all directions.

Boom! Boom!

Along with loud noise, the 5th generation battle robots broke the defensive barriers of the palaces one after another and collected all treasures like locusts.

“This is a Spring of Immortality! As expected of an Empyrean grade treasure house that has never been opened before, it even has such a treasure!”

Yang Feng’s eyes suddenly shimmered with elation. He spread the fingers of a hand, shone with the light of teleportation, and appeared in front of a Spring of Immortality of about 20 meters in diameter. Under the effect of a spatial spell, the Spring of Immortality shrank to the size of a palm and flew into his hand.

“Previously, I had to go to the lengths of killing a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse to get my hands on a Spring of Immortality. Yet now, I randomly found a Spring of Immortality in the Temple of the Eye of Time. No wonder the temple attracted so many powerhouses.”

Yang Feng swept the Spring of Immortality with his gaze, and his eyes flashed with mixed feelings. He put the Spring of Immortality away and flew straight to the temple’s main hall.

Boom! Boom!

World-shaking explosions rang in the palace complex incessantly.

There are many guards hidden in the palace complex, and some of them even possess Warlock Monarch rank battle prowess. But, as soon as the guards wake up, they are eliminated by the swarm of Dazzling Light Units.

One after another, Springs of Immortality were delivered to Yang Feng. When he arrived at the main hall, Yang Feng already had 25 Springs of Immortality in his possession.

In addition to Springs of Immortality, Yang Feng also obtained 70 plus precious treasures that can enable you to break through the heaven-man boundary and enhance your soul aptitude to level-8. With them, he can upgrade the soul aptitude of Regina, Wu Meiying, Huang Yihe, Yue Wuxian, and other experts he is close with to superior level-8. Yang Feng also found many secondary materials for the construction of a level-7 stronghold.

Just the treasures found outside the main hall of the Temple of the Eye of Time are enough to move the heart of Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, let alone the treasures inside the main hall.

“This is the main hall of the Temple of the Eye of Time!”

Yang Feng stopped in front of a towering and spacious temple.

At the entrance of the temple, there are rows of strangely-shaped archgod statues. These archgod statues look like are alive, yet they have no vitality.

There is a huge gold gate blocking the entrance of the temple. On the gold gate, there is a keyhole. Evidently, you need a special key to enter the gold gate

Yang Feng glanced at the archgod statues at the temple’s entrance and said with a cold smile, “Little Yu, get rid of them! Don’t give them a chance to resurrect!”

In the archgod are, the method of petrifying and turning living creatures into a kind of stone golem existences to serve as guards was often used. The best way to deal with this kind of method is to destroy the stone golems before they are resurrected.

“All right, big brother!”

Shi Yu smile and raised her fair hand, and gray light containing the essence of petrification shrouded the archgod statues one after another.

One by one, the archgod statues quivered, looking like they were going to come to life. But then, they turned into dust. All their power and essence were absorbed by Shi Yu.

As a heavenly earthen emperor, Shi Yu is a noble existence among earthen and innately wields the essences of petrification and power. Stone-type extraordinary life forms are her subjects and resources for evolution.

After the archgod statues were petrified, they became strange existence similar to earthen. They naturally could not resist Shi Yu’s power.

All of a sudden, the gold gate radiated gold light, and the archgod statues revived and emanated Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power.

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