Medical Master

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 An Assistant Physician?!

“Isn’t it inappropriate?”

Fang Qiu did not think Shen Chun would make such a request suddenly, so he glanced at the patient and said, “He is coming to see you. It’s not appropriate for me to give the treatment.”

“Hm hm, I’m coming to see Dr. Shen,”

The patient said hastily.

Just now, Dr. Shen suddenly said to let a teenager treat him, which almost scared him half to death.

As he heard the teenager evading, he hurriedly echoed.

“Haha, that’s okay. I will treat you first. Let’s talk later!”

Dr. Shen did not say anything when he saw Fang Qiu refuse it and began to treat the patient’s ankle.

Fang Qiu quietly watched Dr. Shen treat the patient.

But the young doctor at the side looked up and down at Fang Qiu curiously, inwardly guessing who he was.

Unexpectantly, Dr. Shen, the only expert from the Orthopedics Department clinic, had invited him personally to give treatment.

Shen Chun cured the ankle sprain quickly, instructed the patient carefully to recover from the injury and informed him of all kinds of dos and don’ts. Then he let the young doctor send the patient away.

When the young doctor came back after sending the patient away, he saw Dr. Shen chatting with the teenager intimately and became more curious in his heart. He could not help asking, “Mr. Shen, this is?”

“Let me introduce you. Haven’t I been telling the Director that the Department of the Orthopedics was lacking people? The Director has not found the right person. This is the assistant physician I found – Fang Qiu.”

After Shen Chun introduced Fang Qiu, he said to Fang Qiu, “This is a graduate student under my direction, Cao Ze.”


The assistant physician?!

This teenager???”

Cao Ze looked at Fang Qiu in great shock.

He thought of countless possibilities, such as Mr. Shen’s relatives, or the son of an acquaintance. But he did not expect that this teenager who came to the Department of Orthopedics to be an assistant physician!

“And he was invited by Mr. Shen!

At this age, he looked less than eighteen years old. Is he really able to examine a patient?”

Cao Ze doubted deeply.

He did not doubt Shen Chun’s skill and insight, but the teenager in front of him was indeed too young to be believable.

“Very Surprised?”

Seeing his students’ surprise, Shen Chun said with a smile, “I was also surprised before, but it is true that in the Changjiang River, the new guard will always replace the old.”

“You overpraise me,” said Fang Qiu humbly.

Shen Chun waved his hand and said, “You and I will go to the Director. Now as long as you can pass the Director’s exam, you can officially come to work for treatment.”

After that, he let Cao Ze arrange the following patients to temporarily wait for a while.

Half an hour later, the treatment will continue.

After the arrangement, he pulled Fang Qiu to go directly to the Director’s office.

In the Director’s office.

“This is?”

The Director Su Mudong looked curiously at Shen Chun and a teenager who rushed in.

“This is the assistant physician I talked to you about the other day.”

Shen Chun said as he pointed to Fang Qiu.



Su Mudong looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

“Isn’t he too young?

The boy at his age is just a freshman at most?”

“What is his identity?”

Su Mudong asked curiously.

“A freshman in our university,” said Shen Chun.

“As expected!”

Su Mudong looked at Shen Chun speechlessly and asked, “Are you kidding me?”


Shen Chun quickly shook his head, “This is really the expert of bonesetting that I invited.”

Seeing Shen Chun speak very formally, Su Mudong really began to face Fang Qiu.

He looked up and down at Fang Qiu carefully.

“Nice. He is a very energetic teenager.”

But he could not connect the teenager before him with an expert of bonesetting at all.

“Director, I know you don’t believe it. Haven’t I brought him to you for an examination? We have agreed before that as long as he passes the examination, he can be admitted to the hospital as an assistant physician, whatever identity he has.

And don’t try to trick me with problems like certificates or qualifications and stuff. Everything has hidden rules!”

Shen Chun directly shut Su Mudong up.

Su Mudong also became vexed. “If I knew this guy would find such a freshman, I would not have promised him so easily.

But if I really admit the teenager to the hospital, what will other physicians think of me?

What will other hospital’s Directors think of me!

But I can’t go back on my word since I have already promised him, especially since Shen Chun is still the hospital’s backbone. It’s really a dilemma!”

At this time, Cao Ze rushed in. “Dr. Shen, this is awful. The patient has come again. He is kicking up a fuss in the department!”

“Come again?”

As Shen Chun heard that, he frowned immediately.

The identity of the patient was unusual. It was said that he was quite rich. A month ago, he came to the department to see Shen Chun and said his back felt pain.

Shen Chun personally touched his bone but did not find any malposition, protrusion or anything else of his spine.

So Shen Chun told him all were going well.

As a result, he was not satisfied and said it still hurt.

He also said Shen Chun misdiagnosed him.

In desperation, Shen Chun could only let him take an X-ray.

But finally, he took various X-rays. No sign showed that there was anything wrong with the bone.

Facts spoke louder than words, but the patient still said he was in pain.

Besides, he hung on and made a scene in the hospital at intervals. He insisted that the doctor needed to cure his disease, otherwise he wouldn’t stop.

Furthermore, he came with several bodyguards every time.

But since he was rich and powerful, Shen Chun really suspected that he was deliberately looking for trouble.

Fang Qiu looked curiously at Shen Chun and Cao Ze. “Could there be a patient making medical disturbance?”

Su Mudong lit up his eyes when he heard that.

An idea immediately arose in his mind.

“Let’s go! I’ll go and see!”

Shen Chun said.

In fact, he did not have any method because the patient really didn’t have any disease. He could only pacify him.

As he was about to leave, Director Su Mudong asked him to stop.

“Hold on!”

Shen Chun looked at Su Mudong questioningly.

“Didn’t you say that I should examine this little brother? Here comes a patient. If he can cure the patient, he will pass the examination. I will give him the green light to let him see patients in the hospital. How about that?”

Su Mudong said.

He knew about the patient.

It was very hard to deal with.

The patient was rich and powerful. And this is a hospital, so they can’t use force.

And he really couldn’t blame Shen Chun. Indeed, each index showed the patient was not ill. Misdiagnosis or nonfeasance didn’t exist.

Since he was not ill, it would be an excuse to stop the teenager.

Director didn’t believe the teenager could pass the examination!

“Isn’t that inappropriate?”

Shen Chun said with a gloomy face.

“That patient was not ill at all. How can it be an examination and let Fang Qiu treat a patient who is not ill at all?

Isn’t he purposely making it difficult for Fang Qiu?”

“There is no appropriate or inappropriate. He needs to prove himself through his ability!”

Su Mudong waved his big hand to show that it was settled.

Shen Chun sighed and took Fang Qiu away.

On the way to the department, Shen Chun said to Fang Qiu with an apology, “I’m really sorry. I did not let you get into the hospital.”

“But I haven’t been examined? Why do you say I can’t get into the hospital?”

Fang Qiu asked doubtfully.

Although he knew there was something wrong inside, he didn’t know what it was.

“You can’t cure him!”

Cao Ze opened his mouth with a hint of gloating in his tone. “That patient is not sick at all.”

Ever since he knew that the teenager in front of him was an assistant physician invited by Shen Chun, he felt very jealous.

He was jealous that Fang Qiu was so young but was better than him!

So when he saw Fang Qiu about to be rejected, he kind of couldn’t help gloating.

“What’s going on?”

Fang Qiu frowned slightly and asked curiously.

Shen Chun immediately told Fang Qiu about the whole matter.

“He doesn’t have a disease according to the check-up but feels pain all the time?”

Fang Qiu frowned slightly, also feeling that the problem was a little tricky.

This Director was up to no good!

However, as for what was going on exactly, and whether he could be treated or not, Fang Qiu still had to check up on him.

As soon as they arrived on the seventh floor, they heard a confident voice.

“Call Dr. Shen for me! He does not live up to his name. He has such a big reputation outside, but he hasn’t cured my disease even though I have come so many times. Today I will not leave if I’m not cured!”

“Don’t say that I’m unreasonable. If I’m cured, I’m willing to pay, no matter how much it is. If I’m not cured, I will spread this news all over the streets!”

As soon as Fang Qiu got off the elevator, he saw a middle-aged man sitting boldly and uninhibitedly on a chair in the waiting room.

Around him stood four bodyguards who were wearing black clothes and sunglasses.

There were also some young doctors standing there with a woebegone look.

“Why have you come again? I have told you that you’re not ill!”

Shen Chun went downstairs and said to the middle-aged man directly.

But the middle-aged man didn’t believe him and said angrily, “Finally, you’ve come. I thought you ran away. If I’m not ill, why do I feel pain, night after night, such that I can’t fall asleep!”

“If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go to other hospitals for a check-up!”

Shen Chun said helplessly.

“I went but they also said I was not ill. Since all of you said I don’t have any disease, I will find a more excellent doctor for treatment in comparison. Which is you.”

The middle-aged man said very naturally and then smirked.

But Shen Chun smiled bitterly.

What could he do with such a patient who was not ill but depended on him?

He could not fight him, drive him away, get rid of him, or cure him.

“You must cure my disease today, otherwise, I won’t leave! But I am also a civilized person and I understand queuing to see the doctor. You go to see other patients first. This is my casebook and registration form.”

The middle-aged man said and leaned back. He crossed legs and started shaking them.

The action of the middle-aged man made Fang Qiu’s eyes flash with light.

“There is indeed something wrong with his spine.

This sitting posture will lead to spinal oblique in the long term.

And also a problem with the spine will make a person habitually cross legs.

These two affect each other and cause each other.”

Since the expert in the Department of Orthopedics, Shen Chun, who had a big reputation, could not find the illness, he couldn’t explain anything. For specific information, he still needed to touch the bone with his hands for the check-up.

“There is no need. I will see you first today!”

Shen Chun said and then apologized to the other patients.

The other patients quickly said it was okay.

“Such a powerful man, who has tall and mighty bodyguards, came to our clinic. We can’t afford to offend him. Only if he is sent away, the doctor can see us at ease.

If he stays here, the doctor will have no mood to treat us and our disease can’t be fully cured.”

And they were afraid of a real fight.

So from the perspective of either emotion or principle, it was good to send this great man away quickly.

“Oh, you changed your way today. Before, you always left me to the last every time.”

The middle-aged man surprisedly glanced at Shen Chun and stood up, following Shen Chun to walk into the consulting room.

“Unrelated people, don’t come in!”

Shen Chun saw the four bodyguards want to come in, he immediately made a sound to stop them.

“What about him? Who is he?”

The middle-aged man pointed to Fang Qiu.

“This teenager isn’t wearing a white gown, so he is certainly not a doctor. Anyone who is not a doctor for me is an unrelated person.”

“This is your attending physician. He will treat you today!”

Shen Chun said sarcastically, “You Sheng, aren’t you doubting my skills? Today I invited an expert for you. Sit down!”


You Sheng cried out in shock and looked up and down at Fang Qiu, who was wearing a calm expression.

Then his face suddenly became gloomy. He suppressed his anger and said, “Dr. Shen, you’d better stop kidding, otherwise, I’ll ruin your consulting room. Believe it or not!”

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