Medical Sovereign

Chapter 1 - Rescued A Girl

Chapter 1: Rescued A Girl

Ning Hai was an extremely modern city that did not lose the traditional characteristics of Shen Zhou Country. The old western buildings mixed with the modern skyscrapers on the Bund.

At noon, on the riverside, a young man in his early twenties, wearing a blue short-sleeved T-shirt and denim shorts was leaning against the railings. He was quietly enjoying the cool breeze from the river, ignoring the passing tourists as his mind was in a mess.

His name was Ding Ning, and he had just slipped out from his reunion with his classmates who were graduated. Recalling how his classmates who were much weaker than him had flaunted themselves in front of him because they found receiving units, he felt a burst of irritation.

On the other side of the river, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jin Mao Tower were graceful and magnificent, giving people a vigorous, courageous and unrelenting hint.

There were people in the scenery, scenery in people, and people merged in the scenery, which made this international metropolis more unique and charming.

But he didn’t have the slightest bit of mood to enjoy. He hadn’t been home for five years, and he couldn’t get in contact with his father and four masters either. What should he do in the future?

There was still a hint of unfading childishness to his exquisite features that was like a sculpture, and a hint of longing was revealed in his deep eyes that were as clear as black crystals.

If he had a choice, he would rather never come to the university in Ning Hai, but stay in his small town to lean on his quiet father instead of wandering this bustling and impetuous city like a rootless duckweed. At this moment, he truly missed home.

“Come, come on! Call 120. She fainted.”

“What’s wrong with the beautiful girl. She actually fainted!”

“Sigh! Young people don’t pay attention to training, and their physiques are really unqualified. Only a cool breeze can make them faint. ”

“No. Is this girl sick? Look at her face! How pale. It’s a bit hot today. Could it be that she suffered heatstroke?”

… …. The sudden clamor from the surroundings broke Ding Ning’s silence.

He looked up and saw a crowd of tourists surrounding him, blocking his view.

Ding Ning looked through the gap in the crowd and faintly saw a girl in a white dress lying on the ground, as if she was in shock.

His heart skipped a beat at once as he reflexively walked over and yelled: “Step aside, step aside!”

“Who the f * ck are you?”

“Why are you squeezing?”

“F * ck, are you crazy?”

… ….

Ding Ning squeezed himself in the crowd which burst into discontented shouts and curses.

“I’ve learned medicine before. Everyone move aside. I need to give her a check.”

His gaze landed on the fainted girl, and seeing her pale face, which was covered by her long black hair, Ding Ning tensed up, and immediately shouted.

Hearing that he was a doctor, everyone quickly made way for him. But after seeing his looks, many people looked at him with suspicion. This guy was a doctor? Wasn’t he too young?

Ding Ning walked over to the girl’s side and saw that her face had turned blue, her lips were cyanosed, and it was difficult for her to breathe. She was unconscious, and had a painful expression.

Immediately, he reached out his hand to feel her pulse. From the rapid and weak pulse, he immediately figure out that it was the heart failure caused by the heart disease.

The girl was in a very dangerous situation. She would die within two minutes if she was not given emergency treatment. And she would not make it to the hospital.

Without hesitation, Ding Ning carried her and made her lie down on the ground. After touching her carotid artery, he immediately sat on the ground and make the girl’s neck rest on his legs, allowing her to lean backwards.

He then stretched out his hand and pressed onto the girl’s towering chest. His expression was extremely serious, and his actions … were so damn good.

The surrounding crowd suddenly realized something, and looked at Ding Ning with contempt. It seemed that this fellow saw the girl was beautiful so he came to take advantage of her, but he had a bitter and hateful expression on his face.

After Ding Ning had pressed for a long time, he felt the girl’s pulse, pinched her nose, and took a deep breath before bending over to perform artificial respiration. A few young men who coveted the girl’s beauty were already stamping their feet and beating their breasts, regretting that they did not do it earlier.

Just as a few rascally young men were looking at Ding Ning with reddened eyes, wanting to push him away and replace him, Ding Ning, with a solemn expression, pressed one of his ears against the girl’s towering chest and listened.

Then, he took out a box from his pocket and took out seven silver needles. He stabbed them into the girl’s chest at lightning speed and twiddled them. Fortunately, the girl had nipple stickers and didn’t have to worry about breast-baring.

The girl’s pale face had visibly recovered its color. Her long eyelashes trembled and her breathing gradually became even as well. This made Ding Ning heave a long sigh of relief.

“So he really is a doctor, not someone who takes advantage of the girl. He seems to be a Chinese doctor who understands acupuncture and moxibustion. It’s just that his cardiac compression technique looks really lascivious.”

“Holy shit, so there’s actually such benefits to being a doctor. I also want to learn medicine.”

“Go to hell, do you think you can always meet a beauty? If you meet an ugly fat woman with bad breath, will you still perform artificial respiration to her? ”

… …. The few young men teased each other, greedily looking at the girl’s impeccable appearance.

Ding Ning did not notice her beauty, but instead frowned as he looked at the girl. Logically speaking, she should have woken up, but why did she have no reaction?

Was he ignoring something? Ding Ning carefully examined it, and his gaze quickly focused on the girl’s knee that was injured when she fell down. It was only a very small wound, and it should have stopped bleeding long ago.

But even now, that wound was still slowly but persistently bleeding, causing the girl’s knee-length white skirt to turn red.

Ding Ning’s pupils contracted intensely, and his face revealed a trace of pity. This girl was so pitiful, for that not only did she have a heart disease, she was also suffering from severe aplastic anemia.

Without any distractions, he lifted up the girl’s dress, revealing her long, snow-white legs. He rubbed his hands together and then rubbed around the girl’s knees with his hands.

What a smooth, warm and soft feeling. Ding Ning who was still a virgin felt his heart shake and his face reddened.

He hurriedly gathered his thoughts and forced the pitiful amount of Innate Qi that he had painstakingly cultivated for more than ten years into the girl’s skin through his scalding hands, and performed the enhanced compression hemostasis for her. His forehead was oozing sweat.

“Bastard, let go of my sister!”

Right at this moment, a handsome young man who was holding two bottles of drink got into the crowd and saw this scene. His face was ashen as he shouted in rage, kicking towards Ding Ning’s back.

Ding Ning was caught off guard. He felt a scorching pain from his back, and he almost fell to the ground, but he couldn’t let go of the girl. The girl hadn’t completely stopped bleeding, and if he gave up now, all his previous efforts would waste.

He forcefully swallowed the sweet bloody taste in his throat and glared at the youth. “Don’t mess around. I’m saving your sister.”

What made him sad was that none of the surrounding onlookers stood up to explain for him. The few young men who were envious and jealous even had expressions of schadenfreude on their faces.

“F * ck, playing hooligan and getting a new level of that? I think you are courting death.”

The young man became enraged when he saw that Ding Ning was still “vulgarly” stroking his younger sister’s leg. He rushed towards Ding Ning and attacked him with vicious Foshan Shadowless Feet.

He was an expert, and his attacks were heavy. Ding Ning muttered in his heart, and after the pitiful amount of his Innate Qi had entered the girl’s body, she finally stopped the bleeding. His mind also relaxed a little.

He hurriedly stood up and wanted to explain, but he suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell down.

Right at this time, the young man rushed over with red eyes like a madman. If it was under normal circumstances, Ding Ning would not care about his showy but not practical martial arts.

But now, he was extremely weak and exhausted, so how could he possibly dodge? “Bang!” The young man’s fist landed solidly on his head.

Ding Ning felt a buzzing sound in his head as he fell straight to the ground, and the young man kept on punching and kicking him like a storm.

Ding Ning instinctively used his hands to protect his head and stooped down to bear this unexpected misfortune.

His weak body seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer. Blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth, instantly dyeing his blue t-shirt red. His vision went black and he saw stars.

Before he completely lost consciousness, he seemed to see the girl in his embrace open her eyes and shout something at him with a terrified expression. The young man’s face was a little awkward as he said something.

The sound of an ambulance came from the distance, but his vision gradually became blurry. Everything he saw seemed to be moving slowly, and he could not hear anything. His eyelids became heavy, and fresh blood was rapidly flowing out. Immediately, his vision went black and he fainted.

The surrounding people were all dumbstruck. Ding Ning’s body was like a deflated ball, limply lying on the ground and fainting.

The paramedics hurriedly carried Ding Ning and the girl into the ambulance which drove away with flashing blue light. The crowd finally dispersed.

No one noticed that Ding Ning’s mouthful of blood was continuously flowing into the black stone statue on his neck. The stone statue emitted a layer of faint blood-red light, but quickly returned to normal.

In the Ning Hai Changjiang Hospital’s emergency room, the electrocardioscanner beeped a “beep beep beep” alarm.

“Doctor Wang, the patient is in coma and has difficult breathing. His pupils dilated, muscles relaxed, and he’s unconscious. His body temperature and blood pressure both dropped. He had ischemic symptoms, and his vital signs had dropped to a critical point.”

“Immediately give him the blood, and the ventilator. Prepare for the abbreviated laparotomy and figure out the reason why he faints. Be quick.”

“Doctor Wang, the ventilator and the blood is ready. The patient’s back, face, and head are all injured by external forces. There are no obvious bleeding spots.”

“Let’s do the abbreviated laparotomy first. Do we have the brain CT scan result?”

“We do. It shows that the patient has no obvious brain injury. At most, it’s only a mild cerebral concussion. The abbreviated laparotomy shows that his spleen was damaged from an external impact, resulting in three hematomas …What?!”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s weird. The hematomas in the patient’s abdominal cavity disappeared by itself, and his heart and brain waves started to recover, meanwhile his vital signs started to return to normal.”

“How is it possible? Let me see, ah! ”

“The patient’s blood pressure returned to normal, and his spleen……has no signs of injuries. There are no abnormalities in his heart and brain waves, and his vital signs have started to recover significantly. They have been restored to their normal state.”

“Ah, how could this be?”

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