Medical Sovereign

Chapter 12 - Sleeptalking

Chapter 12 Sleeptalking

But there was no reply. Li Wen Sheng suddenly became panicked as he cautiously walked into the room. Yet, Wang Juan was found unconscious under the bed in the staff lounge, with a stinky puddle of water beneath her.

“Something scared the piss out of her? Did that evil spirit come to look for her as well?” Li Wen Sheng thought and became more frightened than before. He hurriedly shook Wang Juan awake and asked, “Wang Juan, Wang Juan. What’s wrong?”

“Spirit. It’s a spirit…sob sob…” Wang Juan said as her face turned as white as sheet. She threw her trembling body into his arms and started wailing.

Li Wen Sheng felt a chill down his spine and hugged Wang Juan tightly. Both of them were trembling at the thought of the incident. However, he was a doctor after all. Since there was someone beside him to keep his courage up, he calmed himself down quickly. He carefully recalled what had happened just now and felt doubtful.

“Wang Juan, have you seen that spirit?”

Wang Juan had also quietened herself down by now and hurriedly shook her head. She replied, “No, why will I have the courage to open my eyes? The moment I heard your scream, I swiftly hid under the bed.”

By the time Wang Juan finished her story, color was drained from Li Wen Sheng’s face. He pushed Wang Juan aside and reprimanded her with his pale-looking face, “You crazy bitch, are you trying to get me into trouble?”

“I… I was just too scared!” Wang Juan had also noticed her mistake as she explained remorsefully.

“Being scared isn’t an excuse for you to betray me. If this news were to spread, I would be caught with medical cases again and worse come to worst, I might even have to go to court.”

Li Wen Sheng was shivering with anger. When he thought of the past incident where his misdiagnosis was exposed by Ding Ning and he had ended up being beaten by the family members of the patient every two to three days, he could not help but shudder.

“Sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Wang Juan knew she was at fault, hence, she quickly tried to appease him with her coquettish voice and gradually slipped her hand into Li Wen Sheng’s pants…

Yet, how would he have the mood for that now? He pushed Wang Juan aside, gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll check out the surveillance camera and see who’s making a fool out of us. I’ll definitely kill him for this.”

“So, it’s him. Damn. This bastard is like haunting me forever.”

Li Wen Sheng’s face turned pale as he saw the image captured by the elevator’s surveillance camera in the hospital’s security section. He angrily gnashed his teeth.

The security officer on duty, Wang Jun, forced himself awake as he asked politely with his half-awakened eyes, “Doctor Li, what’s wrong with his chap?”

“Hng, this chap fooled me. He came to our department’s ward in the middle of the night to scare people.”

Li Wen Sheng’s face darkened. He secretly wondered if Ding Ning had come for his revenge. If he was really here to find him for revenge, then this was really bad.

Wang Jun was taken aback by the news. Everyone in the hospital knew that Li Wen Sheng was none other than Vice Chairman Li’s nephew. This was indeed a great opportunity for him to perform.

In Changjiang Hospital, the main in-charge, Director Zhou, seldom interfere with the matters in the hospital. Hence, the Vice Chairman of Sales, Li Qiu Hai, held the most power and the other vice chairmen were often neglected.

It was rumored that there was a high possibility Director Zhou would be transferred to the health bureau and after his transfer, Li Qiu Hai would basically be the next director candidate.

A good soldier would never be reluctant to be a general. The same logic applied for security industry.

Coincidentally, Wang Jun was an ambitious security officer. If he wanted to be a security team leader, he got to find someone whom he could rely on. No doubt Li Wen Sheng would be his best bridge leading him to success.

As long as he assisted Li Wen Sheng, there was no reason for Li Qiu Hao to treat him badly. A security team leader position would be at arm’s length then.

Thus, Wang Jun must grab hold of this opportunity. He immediately said faithfully and sternly,

“Doctor Li, I am at your disposable. I, Wang Jun, may be just a deputy chief in the security section, but I am a faithful servant too. You often treat me well. Just give me an order and I will help you settle this chap.”

Li Wen Sheng was tempted. This Wang Jun often listened to him. Although this person was often not engaged in serious work and was a member of an illegal gang, now was indeed a great time to make use of him.

He instantly became friendly with Wang Jun as he patted his back and said, “You’re right. I really need your help this time. As long as you’re done with this matter, I will give you a reward.”

Wang Jun immediately went with the flow as he expressively showed his loyalty and said,

“Brother Li. Tell me, do you want me to break this chap’s leg, or should I break his arm instead? I’ll do whatever you’ve asked.”

Li Wen Sheng’s eyes sparkled and signaled to Wang Jun with his index finger. Wang Jun immediately came closer to him and was at all ears to listen to his order.

Li Wen Sheng placed his arm on Wang Jun’s shoulder and pulled him closer, as he whispered into his ears. Wang Jun instantly tapped his shoulders and assured him, “Don’t worry, Brother Li. It’s a trivial matter. Just wait and see.”

“Sure. Once this is done, I’ll give you a generous reward.”

At that moment, Wang Jun felt delighted. He patted his chest and assured him that this matter would be settled in no time. These two men were like birds of a feather as they smirked evilly at the same time.

It was 2 a.m. Ding Ning unwillingly stopped his joyful conversation with Shen Muqing. He said in an uneasy manner, “It’s time. Let me help you remove the needles.”

“Okay!” Shen Muqing replied softly as she hesitantly lifted the thin blanket. Her ears became red.

Ding Ning subconsciously swallowed his saliva. The two lumps on her chest made his heart beat rapidly and his throat turned dry.

“I am a doctor. A doctor should not judge his patients by the gender. I am a doctor. A doctor should not judge his patients by the gender…”

Ding Ning continuously recited these sentences in his heart and used his strong determination to suppress his desire. He took a deep breath and pinched the silver needle as he continuously twisted it while sending True Qi into Shen Muqing’s body. This went on for a short while before he removed the needle.

“Ah!” Shen Muqing felt a cool breeze entering her heart, making her chest felt so much better, a feeling which she had never felt before. She could not help but give off a seductive moan.

She then realized that this sound was too embarrassing and hurriedly bit her pinkish lips. Her face blushed as she shut her eyes. Her long and trembling lashes showed how uneasy she was feeling.

By the time Ding Ning removed the seventh silver needle, his entire face became as white as sheet. He looked as if he just came out from a pool of water with his drenched clothes.

Shen Muqing embarrassedly opened her eyes and was taken aback by Ding Ning’s drenched look. She did not bother about her exposed bare skin and hurriedly sat up. She asked, “Are…are you okay?”

Ding Ning blushed and looked aside. He panickedly stood up and said, “Then…I’ll take my leave first. For the next three months, try not to get too agitated and avoid spicy food. You’ll be fine then.”

Seeing how Ding Ning ran out of the room, Shen Muqing finally noticed that her chest was exposed. She hastily buttoned her top and covered herself with the thin blanket.

Staring at the ward’s door for a long time, she felt a sense of unknown disappointment.

Recalling that embarrassing moment, she couldn’t help but blush again as her white teeth bit onto her pinkish lip. The corner of her lips raised, and her eyes were brightened. At that split moment, her expression made her look exceptionally beautiful.

“Gosh, why is she so well-developed?” Ding Ning thought. Treating her illness was more tiring than ever.

After exiting the ward, Ding Ning kept shaking his head and smiled bitterly. His legs were wobbly. He was overly exhausted, and his entire body felt weak, as though he just had a vigorous lovemaking session. He supported himself on the wall as he slowly staggered himself back to his ward.

Shen Muqing was a born sex symbol and had an irresistible charisma. She was, thus, extremely alluring for a young virgin man like Ding Ning.

In fact, he did not lose much True Qi in his body. The main factor was that he had depleted all his energy in distracting himself from the temptation.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you go and visit someone? Why do you look so exhausted and pathetic? Did a vixen seduce and rape you?”

Ling Yun, who had already been awake from her nap, was slacking on his bed while blowing a whistle when she noticed the pale-looking Ding Ning entered the room. She was taken aback by his look and instantly stood up to support him.

Ding Ning rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, “Vixens are nothing when compared to you.”

“That’s true!” Ling Yun beamed and pushed out her chest, showing her large breast. She said proudly, “I am the most seductive vixen here.”

The “flame” within Ding Ning’s body had finally extinguished, until her actions made the “flame” go wild again within him. He hurried and flopped himself in bed to hide his embarrassment. He then said, “Ahem, I’m tired. Time to sleep!”

“Ah, your body is drenched. Hurry and remove your shirt. I’ll help you clean your body. Otherwise, it’s easy for you to catch a cold.”

Ling Yun pulled him up and began to remove his clothes.

Ding Ning was surprised by her actions as he instantly covered his chest with his arms, curled and turned his body to one side before he asked timidly, “What are you doing? I sell my skill, but not my body.”

“You pervert. What are you thinking all day long? Hurry and take them off.”

Ling Yun blushed upon hearing his words, so she fiercely stuck out her long and fair finger to poke his head.

Ding Ning scratched the back of his head, chuckled and said, “Why do I feel as though I am forced to sell my body?”


Ling Yun couldn’t help but burst out laughing. She played along and folded her sleeves up. She then stuck out her index finger and lifted Ding Ning’s head from his chin. She gave an evil smile and said, “Good, babe. Hurry and remove all your clothes!”

Ding Ning gave an unreluctant look, as if he was being bullied, and obediently removed his shirt, revealing his muscular physique.

Ling Yun’s eyes sparkled with astonishment and revealed a greedy look as she gently touched his muscles. She exclaimed, “Wow. Babe, I thought you’re just slim. I never know that you’re so well-built.”

Ding Ning chuckled and said, “All right, Master Yun. Stop acting. I’m always half-naked at home. You should have seen it.”

“That’s different. I’ve seen it but I’ve never felt it. Now I can touch it as much as I want.”

Ling Yun sat by the bed side and crossed her legs. She shook her leg like a hooligan as she enjoyed the touch of Ding Ning’s muscles. This had somewhat aroused him.

Ding Ning hit her hand away and said unhappily, “Go go go. Hurry and get some warm water to clean my body.”

Ling Yun stood up instantly and looked pissed. She placed her hands at her waist and roared angrily, “Babe, aren’t you getting more daring? How dare you ask me to serve you.”

Ding Ning hurriedly sat straight and bowed his head. He smiled cautiously and said, “Master, it’s my fault. Please help me get a bucket of warm water. I will clean it myself.”

“Hng, that’s better. Babe, be good and stay. I will get you some warm water.”

Ling Yun arrogantly shook her buttock and walked out of the ward.

Ding Ning stretched his body and laid in bed with spread limbs. His body felt sore and he suddenly felt tired. His eyelids became heavier and soon, he started to snore.

“Babe, I’m back…”

Ling Yun came in the ward with a bucket of warm water, yet she discovered that Ding Ling was asleep. She hurriedly stuck out her tongue and kept quiet. She carefully walked over and squeezed the warm towel dry, before she tried to clean his body gently like a virtuous wife. There was no sign of arrogance, but instead, she displayed a sweet and warm sense of beauty.

As she watched the messy old scars covering his chest and back, she looked heartbroken. She mumbled softly and sadly, “What have you been through? How much hardships and pain had you undergone to get wounds all over your body?”

Her long and slim fingers trembled as she touched those scars. It looked as though she was touching the skin of her lover and she wanted to share his pain. Even though those scars came from old wounds, she could still feel the pain that Ding Ling had undergone at that time.

“Father, don’t go. Don’t you want Ning Ning anymore? Ning Ning misses you…”

Ding Ning curled up his body like a ball. She did not know what he had dreamt of but hearing his soft sleeptalking voice and seeing his helpless look made Ling Yun feel distressed.

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