Medical Sovereign

Chapter 17 - Li Qiuhai’s Fury

Chapter 17 Li Qiuhai’s Fury

“Many people make some mistakes in understanding acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture is just a name. It includes needle technique and moxibustion therapy. Elder Hu, I carefully inquired about Miss Shen’s treatment process. We just noticed his Nine Ghosts and 13-needle Technique, but ignored his moxibustion. According to Miss Shen’s words, when Ding Ning drew the needles out, he kept twirling the needles. She felt a stream of gas in her body relieving her symptom constantly. She said the stream of gas made her feel unprecedentedly comfortable and relaxed. I’m wondering what it makes you think of.”

With a sparkle in his eyes, Elder Zhang seemed like thinking of something.

“Comfort caused by a stream of gas?” Elder Hu puzzled over it, frowning. Suddenly he said in astonishment with a sparkle in his eyes, “Is it True Qi?”

Elder Zhang stroked his beard and said with a smile, “So it is.”

Other people were all confused, not knowing what they were talking about. Executive Zhou said with a smile, “Elder Zhang, Elder Hu, it’s real happiness to share your happiness with others. Please share your discovery with us.”

Elder Hu said with a chuckle, “In ‘Plain Questions·Theory of Ancient Pure Nature’, it says that stay ideologically carefree and pure, and True Qi would be obedient and harmonious. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, True Qi is the fundamental substance to maintain the vital activity of the human body. Our lives all depend on True Qi. In other words, there is True Qi in everyone’s body. Nevertheless, a human can’t use True Qi without special practicing method. Both Elder Zhang and I are from traditional Chinese medicine families. We’ve cultivated our mind and True Qi since our childhood. We are capable of using the True Qi in our bodies after decades of practice.”

“Is this Qigong?” Director Zhao asked, frowning. During these years, there were not a few people who organized some cults in the name of Qigong. It was natural that he who worked in an institution would reject these messy things.

“True Qi is True Qi. What does it have to do with so-called Qigong?”

Elder Hu was more than eighty years old, enjoying high prestige. He respected Director Zhao, but he wouldn’t fawn on him. On hearing Director Zhao’s words, he said unhappily, “Everyone farts. It’s caused by the clean gas rising and foul gas sinking in the body. It indirectly proves that True Qi truly exists. Nevertheless, ordinary people are incapable of controlling the movement of True Qi without special method and training. It’s like inner force described in novels. People can cultivate inner force through constant practice. That’s what we call True Qi and ancient people called inner force.”

“Isn’t it made up by novelists? How is it possible that inner force really exists?”

Director Zhao opened his mouth wide in shock. He instinctively considered it a heretical idea.

“Director Zhao, you just haven’t seen anything like that. I’m not sure whether what ancient people called inner force really exists. Nevertheless, ancient martial arts families do exist in our country. They are not capable of moving freely in the sky and on the land like the descriptions in novels, but they do have the power far beyond that of ordinary people. Even some top special soldiers are incapable of getting close to them.”

Ye Shulan suddenly interrupted blankly.

“Oh my god, such people really exist?”

Director Zhao opened his eyes wide in shock. He dared to doubt Elder Hu’s words but firmly believed Ye Shulan’s words. After all, she was such a respectable lady with an outlook a lot broader than his.

“You haven’t seen it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. My dad has inner force, and I felt it once…”

Shen Muyang who remained silent suddenly raised his head and showed off. But he then shut up in time under the severe gaze of Ye Shulan.

Director Zhao shut up tamely. He just faintly heard that Shen Muyang’s father was a big shot whose identity was classified as a top secret. He didn’t want to get killed merely out of curiosity.

Sometimes the more a person knew, the sooner he would die. In official circles, the initial law of survival was to keep the mouth and ears shut. Undoubtedly he did a good job at this point.

Supported by others, Elder Hu felt relieved. He said, “I used to deal with the younger generation from ancient martial arts families. They are real warriors. They will never show their martial arts in front of others unless it’s necessary. They look like ordinary people. I accidentally saved the life of someone from an ancient martial arts family when I was young. After that, I realized the existence of these special people. It was the guy who taught me to cultivate True Qi. So it’s normal that you haven’t heard of them.”

Elder Zhang said with a chuckle, “Elder Hu, so that’s the reason why you could cultivate True Qi. I also have a similar experience. I got a guide book about cultivation by accident and managed to cultivate True Qi with the help of it.”

With a sparkle in his eyes, Executive Zhou suddenly said, “Are only traditional Chinese physicians who have cultivated True Qi capable of making outstanding achievements in the field of traditional Chinese medicine?”

“That might not be true. Someone without True Qi can also make outstanding achievements in medicine. We have just cultivated entry-level True Qi. It can just improve our health and make us healthier than ordinary people. Nevertheless, True Qi is effective when being applied to acupuncture.”

Elder Hu shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “It’s a pity that it consumes a great deal of spirit to apply True Qi to acupuncture treatment. To be frank, it’s an arduous but fruitless job. If someone treats a patient with True Qi, it’s very likely to exhaust his True Qi which he has cultivated for more than a decade. It’s impossible for him to recover without a long-term rest. Generally, no one would treat a patient with his True Qi, unless the patient is his closest relative.”

“You said that Ding Ning’s True Qi is natural masculine True Qi. Does it mean that Ding Ning has cultivated True Qi as well and treated Miss Shen with it?”

Being inspired, Executive Zhou kept asking.

Elder Hu and Elder Zhang glanced at each other, seeing the regret in each other’s eyes. They shouldn’t have exposed Ding Ning’s secret by making a guess in front of others.

But now Elder Hu just had to ease the situation by saying, “We just made a guess. It may not be the truth.”

Executive Zhou was a worldly-wise person. From their expressions, he could tell that they were reluctant to keep talking about it. He could understand that they did that for protecting Ding Ning. It seemed that he had guessed right.

Meanwhile, it made waves in Shen Muqing’s heart. With tears in her pretty eyes, she couldn’t help thinking, “It turns out that it cost him such precious True Qi to treat me. It’s no wonder that he was in a sweat with a pale face after drawing the needles out. It’s because he was exhausted.”

Recalling that he was misunderstood by her brother out of nothing and beaten when he felt so weak, Shen Muqing felt regretful and gave Shen Muyang a hard look.

Shen Muyang looked confused. He thought, “What happened? I didn’t mess with you. Why did you roll your eyes at me? Is it so-called getting shot even when lying down?”

Ye Shulan sensitively noticed what was going on. She instantly figured out the cause and then couldn’t help feeling guilty for what her son had done to Ding Ning.

“He’s such a good kid. He was willing to save a girl irrelevant to him with his True Qi which he has cultivated painstakingly. He really has a virtue more precious than gold.”

“It’s no wonder that he said he couldn’t cure Mu Qing now. His True Qi must have been exhausted, so he couldn’t cure Mu Qing at one go and has to continue the treatment after he recovers.”

“Even Elder Hu doesn’t dare to save people with his True Qi after several decades of practice. Ding Ning is just a young man, so he must have less True Qi. Thus, he appears to be more virtuous.”

Thinking of this, Ye Shulan who believed that she knew about the truth gave Shen Muyang a hard look. Looking at Ding Ning and her disappointing son, she found that Ding Ning was incomparable to her son.

Shen Muyang got more confused. He had no idea what had happened. Why did they despise him so much that they both gave him a hard look?

“I heard that the highly-skilled doctor Ding Ning is in our hospital. Executive Zhou, let’s go to visit the highly-skilled doctor Ding Ning who is always ready to help others!”

Director Zhao was in a good mood. He couldn’t wait to draw Ding Ning in, because it was a great achievement in his official career.

“Okay, let’s go to visit our little hero doctor Ding!”

After thinking for a while, Executive Zhou decided that he must make Ding Ning stay in Changjiang Hospital at all cost. His official career all depended on Ding Ning who had impressed Director Zhao.

Elder Hu and Elder Zhang were overjoyed. They had been looking forward to meeting Ding Ning, the young man who had created a miracle.

“Go ahead. I’ll stay.”

Ye Shulan nodded politely. She needed to have a talk with Shen Muyang after sending them away.

Director Zhao and Executive Zhou attended by the senior executive of the hospital committee went to the emergency ICU on the first floor like a flood.

“Fuck you, damned bitch! I’m about to get even with you! Buddies, go ahead and fix the skank.”

“Boss, is this bitch the one who set you up? She’s pretty. Maybe we can take her back and you can cool down after having some fun with her. ”

“Stop talking nonsense. Beat this guy at the same time. Just talk about it after I cool down.”

“Okay, boss, we will definitely make them pay back.”

Just getting out of the elevator, Director Zhao saw ICU overcrowded and heard a gang of punks yelling.

It got him so angry that a bunch of guards from the Department of Safety and Security just stood aside and seemed to be gloating at it. With his face instantly darkening, he said angrily, “Who can tell me what’s going on?”

“I… I don’t know!”

The sweat immediately dropped down from Executive Zhou’s forehead. He tilted his head, stared at Li Qiuhai and said harshly, “Deputy executive Li, you are in charge of security section. Tell me what’s going on?”

Li Qiuhai swallowed briefly and said unctuously, “I don’t know either. I’ll go to check what’s going on.”

After finishing his words, he trotted over to the crowd while yelling, “Excuse me! Excuse me! What’s going on here?”

Wang Jun was watching in the crowd with a sinister smile. Pushed by Li Qiuhai, he staggered and nearly fell down. He cursed without turning around, “Fu*k, how dare you push me!”

Li Qiuhai got so furious that he almost spat up blood. As the assistant dean in a high and influential position, when had he been cursed by a guard?

He immediately pointed at Wang Jun and yelled with a shiver, “Wang Jun, you are fired from now on!”

“What the hell are you talking about? Who do you think you are? Ah… Li … Executive Li, I’m… I’m not cursing you. I… ”

Wang Jun turned around and cursed in anger. After seeing Li Qiuhai’s ashen face, he failed to talk with a pale face and cool hands and feet.

“I’ll deal with you later. Tell me what’s going on? Have you done your job? You allow a gang of rogues to harass our patients here. You want to get fired?”

Li Qiuhai bawled at the guards angrily.

“Old rascal, don’t poke your nose into others’ business. Brother Shanji is doing his business here. Get the hell out of here!”

The punk with white hair gave Li Qiuhai a scornful look and shouted triumphantly.

His interruption drew the attention of other punks who were about to attack Ding Ning and Ling Yun. They stopped and glanced at Li Qiuhai with unkind faces.

Li Qiuhai shivered in anger. He shouted, “Guards, grab them!”

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