Medical Sovereign

Chapter 18 - Canhu

Chapter 18 Canhu

Watching Shanji who had just left the hospital returned here to stir up trouble, Ding Ning stretched out his hand to pull Ling Yun who was in front of him to his back and watched the punks with a solemn face.

Ling Yun stood behind him obediently, staring fixedly at his tall but gaunt figure. A strong sense of security and indescribably complicated feelings filled her heart.

She was like a mother who had raised her kid painstakingly. Everyday, she expected him to grow up faster into an independent person, while propping up a blue sky for him before he grew up.

She was like a hen who had taken good care of her baby. She would always stand in front of him when they were in danger, protect him from any danger and enjoy doing that for him.

However, when the day really came, it broke her heart to see that her kid didn’t need to be looked after by her. She felt empty as if she had lost something.

Seeing that her kid had grown up into an eagle as she expected and was capable of protecting her instead of being protected by her, she felt gratified, safe and lost at the same time.

Ding Ning would never be sensitive enough to experience her feelings. If he knew that Ling Yun treated him as her kid, he would definitely beat her on her cute butt in embarrassment.

He pretended to be docile and cowardly to satisfy her desire to protect him, because he cherished his hard-earned friendship with her.

In fact, he was a typical male chauvinist.

The situation went up and down, leaving him no time to attend to Ling Yun’s feelings.

During these years, Ling Yun could toughly defeat numerous punks every time and became the female gang leader in Fuxing Road.

It was not because she was strong, but because Ding Ning helped her secretly. He kept pretending to be panic-stricken and cowardly. He did it so well that it had never been found by others.

However, today he had to give up pretending and protect Ling Yun.

It was because he noticed that there was a real master among this gang of punks headed by Shanji.

It was a thin and tall young man in a black T-shirt with spiky hair, single ear stud, and a tattoo shaped like half of a cloud on his neck.

He had a square face with long eyes, a big nose, and a small mouth. At the moment, he was chewing gum indifferently and scornfully, as if he was so familiar with this situation that it was nothing for him to be surprised and nervous about.

He stood on the outermost side of the punks. His position indicated that he must be among the most junior followers of Shanji.

However, it seemed to Ding Ning that the guy exuded the dangerous aura which was absolutely terrified. He might be no match for the guy before today.

Fortunately, Ding Ning had increased his True Qi more than tenfold after practicing for two successive days. He had been so powerful that he had the confidence to defeat the guy.

From the guy with spiky hair, Ding Ning felt a trace of subtle killing intent which was similar to that of his father.

The guy must have killed more than one person. Ding Ning’s father had killed numerous pigs, so he was filled with incredible killing intent. Ding Ning was sensitive to this killing intent after spending a long time with his father.

In front of such a dangerous person, Ding Ning instantly pulled Ling Yun to his back out of prudence to prevent accidents.

In his eyes, there were plenty of people around, but the guy with spiky hair was the only one who had aroused his attention.

It seemed that the guy had sensed Ding Ning’s vigilance. He glanced at Ding Ning meaningfully but soon turned around with a scornful smile.

Ding Ning had practiced martial arts under the guidance of his third master Uncle Xiaowu for many years, so his skill of hiding True Qi was difficult to be seen through. Therefore, the guy considered Ding Ning just an ordinary person who had learned some martial arts and was unworthy of being taken seriously by him.

“Buddies, go ahead!”

On hearing Li Qiuhai shouting angrily, Wang Jun sensed that it was a chance for him to make amends for what he did. Thus, he instantly rushed forward with cries in excitement.

However, Ding Ning was keenly aware that Wang Jun kept winking at Shanji. He suddenly realized something.

He had thought that Shanji came here to take revenge on Ling Yun after finding her trace. Now it seemed to be no accident that Shanji showed up here.

Li Wensheng was really unscrupulous in his efforts to take back the evidence. He not only framed Ding Ning, but also sent Shanji here later.

As Ding Ning expected, after noticing Wang Jun’s wink, Shanji pushed his followers as a sign for them to make a mess by fighting with the guards. Meanwhile, he rapidly grabbed the cell phone on the bedside table. That was his mission.

Although he had received fifty thousand yuan as a deposit, he could get another fifty thousand yuan as long as he took the cell phone. One hundred thousand yuan was a large sum of money for him, so he would never miss it.

He had a good plan that he would surrender immediately as long as he took the cell phone required by Li Wensheng in chaos. Wang Jun worked for Li Wensheng, so he would let them go after they arrived in the office of the Department of Safety and Security.

However, the reality was much crueler than his dream. Ding Ning had already seen through his intention. Ding Ning grabbed the phone before him and shouted at the top of his voice in panic, “They are robbers! They are robbers!”

Shanji ferociously pounced on Ding Ning with clenched teeth while snarling in a low voice, “Toy boy, you want to get killed?”

“Get out! You think I just said it for fun?”

When Ling Yun saw Ding Ning rolling and crawling in panic, her disconsolate mood caused by being protected by him instantly vanished. She then felt greatly refreshed, thinking that she had been so ridiculous before. Ding Ning was still the weak boy needing to be protected by her.

With a clear shout, Ling Yun kicked Shanji in the air.

Shanji wasn’t just a simple punk. He had been aggressive and learned some martial arts since childhood. Fighting had been part of his routine, and he got rich fighting experience far beyond that of an ordinary person. In particular, his active reflex nerve rendered him as agile as a loach. At this moment, he didn’t hesitate to resist her kick with his hands crossed in front of him.

If it were not for Ding Ning’s secret help, it would have been difficult for Ling Yun who didn’t have practical experience to defeat Shanji.

Shanji had stayed in the hospital for half a year because Ling Yun broke his leg. He remained unconvinced by that. He believed that if he hadn’t get numb and weak suddenly, he would never have been defeated by a delicate woman.

Therefore, he believed that it was just an accident that he was defeated by Ling Yun. He intended to stand up from where he fell down by defeating Ling Yun and seizing back the leadership of Fuxing Road.

Shanji was a man, while Ling Yun was a woman. A woman was naturally at a disadvantage in strength.

Bang! Ling Yun kicked Shanji in the fists. Shanji was pushed to take half a step back, while Ling Yun barely landed after a rotation in the air, staggered to her feet and finally stood firm after taking two steps back.

With a hideous smile, Shanji jumped forward and punched Ling Yun in her belly ferociously.

However, fourth Dan Tae kwondo black belt wasn’t just a title for Ling Yun. In particular, the feeling of regaining what she had lost made her extremely excited at this moment. Touching the ground with her tiptoe, she fully showed the flexibility of her body. She leaped up in the air with both long legs apart to avoid his punch. She highly raised her right leg, causing roaring wind which blew towards Shanji’s head.

Shanji sensed the wind around his head and immediately got a shock. His rich experience in fighting enabled him to instinctively roll on the ground to avoid the attack.

Unexpectedly, Ling Yun didn’t perform a routine movement. Touching the ground with the tiptoe of her left foot, she completed a 360-degree rotation in the air, and then vigorously kicked Shanji in the back with her right leg when Shanji just stood up.

With a heartrending cry, Shanji failed to stand firm and pushed towards Wang Jun.

Wang Jun knew that Shanji was making a mess in order to take the cell phone in chaos. However, with Li Qiuhai standing there and watching, he had to pretend to fight with Shanji’s followers with a rubber stick.

Unfortunately, he picked the guy with spiky hair who remained calm and hadn’t joined the fight. Perhaps he considered the guy thin and vulnerable.

Although the guy disdained to fight with these ordinary guards, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t counterattack.

It turned out to be a tragedy. The guy stood upright and raised his right leg to kick Wang Jun out as fast as a flash without moving his left leg.

After that, the guy raised his right leg to his shoulder, making his right leg in a vertical line with his body. He seemed to be showing off his skill with a scornful face.

Wang Jun felt like being hit by a running train. His body was thrown away like a stringless kite, ferociously colliding with Shanji kicked over here by Ling Yun.

“Crash… ouch!”

With the sound of bones getting broken, both of them fell on the ground heavily with a grunt and spat out blood.

The guy with spiky hair groaned coldly and cursed in a low voice, “Overconfident!”

Wang Jun and Shanji uttered a heartrending cry. It was so unlucky that Shanji had his leg broken again when he had just recovered. Wang Jun had at least three of his ribs broken. The pain drove them to cry wretchedly.

“Canhu, what the fu*k are you doing? You hit our boss.”

At the sight of this, the punk with white hair was foamed with rage instantly and cursed loudly.

With his face darkening, Canhu grabbed the punk’s hair and kicked him in the face. He said with a fierce sparkle in his eyes, “Stop talking dirty, or I’ll kill you!”

The punk’s nose was broken by Canhu. His face was covered by tears and blood, which made him as hideous as a ghost.

Overtaken by anger, the punk covered his face and cursed at the top of his voice, “Fu*k you! If I haven’t saved you, you would have been dead! Now you dare to hit me!”

“Crash!” With a cruel face, Canhu crushed the punk’s right foot without hesitation and said coldly, “If I haven’t considered that you saved me, you would have been dead now.”

“Ouch… ” The sharp pain made the punk grab his foot, keep rolling on the ground and utter a heartrending cry.

He made such a big noise that it aroused everyone’s attention. They looked at Canhu in panic.

Canhu remained calm, leisurely drew out a wrinkled cigarette and lighted it up. He coldly said to the punk with tears streaming down his face,

“I owed you and I’ll pay you back. You want the brat’s cell phone, right? Now I’ll get it for you, and we can get even after that.”

Shanji who was staring at him with angry eyes instantly got overjoyed. He thought regretfully that why he hadn’t found the uncommunicative guy was so good at fighting earlier. If he had got such a powerful follower earlier, it would have been possible for him to be the head of the entire underworld of Ninghai, let alone just a Fuxing Road.

Nevertheless, considering that the guy was so cruel that he even dared to kill his lifesaver, Shanji thought that if the guy really stayed to be his follower, he would probably lose his leadership.

Thus, he instantly said in a loud voice, “As long as you can get the cell phone, we’re done.”

Canhu didn’t respond to him. It was the punk with white hair who had saved him, not Shanji. If it didn’t help him hide his identity to join this gang of punks, how was it possible for him to stay with these lousy guys?

His vicious nature made him dismissive of these punks’ behavior. Now he just wanted to pay his lifesaver back and got away hurriedly.

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