Medical Sovereign

Chapter 19 - Murderous Intent

Chapter 19 Murderous Intent

Shanji didn’t care why Li Wensheng desired to get Ding Ning’s cell phone. He just wanted Canhu to get him the phone quickly and exchanged the final payment promised by Li Wensheng with it.

It was a transaction between Li Wensheng and him anyway. He could accomplish his mission by getting the cell phone, no matter how he made it.

Taking a few steps forward, Canhu stood in front of Ding Ning, reached out and said, “Give me the phone!”

When Ling Yun was about to stand in front of Ding Ning, she was pulled to his back. He said, “Stand behind me. Don’t move!”

Staring at Canhu with a solemn face, Ling Yun reached out in an attempt to push Ding Ning away and said subconsciously, “Step aside. Let me deal with him!”

“Stop talking nonsense. Just step aside in a fight between men!”

Ding Ning roughly pushed her hands away. However, seeing her face changing, he instantly realized something and said with an unctuous smile, “Let me deal with him first. If I’m defeated, it will be your turn.”

“Don’t be absurd. The guy is stupendous!”

Ling Yun rashly rushed over at an increasingly fast speed. When she came up to Canhu, she touched the ground with her tiptop, leaped up in the air and ferociously kicked him in the face.

With a scornful flash across his eyes, Canhu stood there without moving. He considered Ling Yun’s movement an impractical skill unworthy of his attention.

When Ling Yun almost hit his face, he could easily avoid her attack by tilting his head slightly, and then hit the overconfident woman to half death with a palm.

Someone like him knew nothing about the bullshit about being gentle to a woman. What he had learned was the skill of killing. Once he made a move, his opponent must be dead or disable. He had gone easy on the punk with white hair.

He seemed to have foreseen that Ling Yun was severely wounded by him and breathed feebly on the ground. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help smiling hideously and coldly.

However, when he glanced at Ding Ning’s calm face and two beams of silver light which were imperceptible to eyes, his face changed.

He immediately felt like he was bitten by a mosquito on his arms where he had accumulated strength. He felt numb all over and became extremely slow in response.

Plop! Canhu was kicked in the face and thrown away with his nose broken and tears streaming down his face. At the sight of Canhu’s situation, Ling Yun felt a bit surprised. She clapped her hands proudly and patted Ding Ning by the shoulder casually.

“I didn’t expect that this guy just appeared to be stupendous. If I have known that he’s so weak, I would have given you a chance.”

“Yeah, you should have given me a chance to show off, since it’s not easy to encounter a weak guy.”

Ding Ning laughed internally, threw out his chest and said proudly, “Anyway, I’m the second leader of Fuxing Road as well as a true man. How could I hide behind your back?”

“Good, little girl… uh, little Ning, masculine little Ning. You’ve improved a lot and can be independent now. From now on, I’ll let you be in charge of Fuxing Park territory.”

Ling Yun stuck out her tongue wittily and patted her bulging chest exaggeratedly. The flutter of her chest attracted everyone’s attention.

Realizing that she nearly thoughtlessly called him a little girl, she corrected her words and called him little Ning at once. She couldn’t call him a little girl at this moment, because she cared about his impression on other people.

Ding Ning secretly rolled his eyes and thought, “Wow, you are so generous!” In fact, Fuxing Park was just a small square covering an area of less than one thousand square meters with some simple outdoor fitness facilities. In normal times, even if you threw a brick, it wouldn’t hit anybody. In the evening, it would be occupied by dancing old women.

They were even tougher than the most powerful urban management officers. Even the most vicious underworld gangs didn’t dare to provoke them.

Obviously, Ling Yun had inherited her mother’s excellent quality of careful calculation and strict budgeting.

Fortunately, Ding Ning didn’t intend to earn a living as an underworld member, or he would definitely starve under the leadership of such a tightfisted boss.

Nevertheless, he had to flatter Ling Yun with a greasy smile, “Thank you for rewarding me!”

“Not at all. You get it because of your loyalty. You deserve it.”

Ling Yun kindly rubbed Ding Ning’s hair with pleasure as if she was patting her beloved dog.

Ding Ning kept shaking his head to show his strong protest and attempt to get away from her. However, it was Ling Yun’s unique skill which she had practiced for years. It was not that easy for him to get away. Rubbed by her for a while, Ding Ning’s hair became as messy as a chicken coop.

While they were “flirting” as if there was no one else present, others fell into a deathly silence. Everyone was looking at Canhu in shock. He lay on the ground with his hands covering his face, attempting to get up but failed repeatedly.

It was so inconceivable that this stupendous guy who had been insufferably arrogant before would be defeated by a nurse.

In particular, those nurses who had a difficult relationship with Ling Yun and those doctors had coveted her beauty, they all maintained a discreet silence.

It turned out that the pretty nurse who seemed to be innocent was a hidden ultimate master. They must avoid offending her in future, or they would never find out how they got themselves killed.

Suddenly Ling Yun became the breathtaking focus attracting everyone’s attention. However, at the moment, Ding Ning was the only one in her eyes.

Canhu felt extremely ashamed and angry. He could totally ignore his broken nose which wouldn’t influence his fighting strength and then got up to tear Ling Yun to pieces. However, what terrified him most was that he still felt numb all over with no strength until now.

It aroused the endless fear in his heart. Even the anesthetic which could make an elephant anesthetic wouldn’t be able to last more than one minute in his body, because it would be dissolved by his body.

His special constitution was the reason why he was sent to China to carry out a task. Even if he was captured after his failure, he wouldn’t disclose the organization’s secret due to failing to get through the inquisition by torture.

His extraordinary skill and special constitution made him confident of accomplishing his mission. However, at this moment, all of his confidence collapsed due to his underestimate of the opponent.

Although he hadn’t figured out what happened, his intuition told him that it was the trick of the toy boy who was bowing while amusing the pretty nurse unctuously without any masculinity.

“What’s his trick? It’s so horrifying.” Canhu thought while staring at Ding Ning with shock and a trace of subtle intent to kill in his eyes. Capable of making him feel numb all over and fail to seek the cause after that, Ding Ning must be his greatest enemy. Thus, he must kill such a dangerous person.

Ding Ning was still amusing Ling Yun as if there was no one else present, but suddenly he frowned slightly. The intent to kill showed by Canhu was subtle, but it couldn’t hide from his beast-like intuition.

“The guy wants to kill me?” Ding Ning thought with a grievance, “I didn’t break your nose. Why do you want to kill me? Did I mess with you?”

Immediately he thought of something and had the intent to kill. Since he was unable to make friends with such a dangerous person, he must kill him as soon as possible. Being tolerant of his enemy was being cruel to himself.

He didn’t mind Canhu took revenge on him. However, Ling Yun must get killed if she was Canhu’s target.

It could be seen from Canhu’s cruel behavior that he was like a cold killing machine. He could beat his lifesaver without hesitation, which showed that he was inherently ruthless and violent.

It didn’t make Ding Ning feel any guilty to kill such a dangerous person. After all, Ding Ning had seen his father kill over a hundred pigs and killed ten pigs by himself every day.

He had a simple life creed which was to nip all danger in the bud so as not to breed disaster in the future.

He was kindhearted, but it didn’t mean that he was indecisive. He would eliminate all people who might threaten his close friends.

Concerning whether it broke the law to use violence against violence, he didn’t take it into account. After all, he knew numerous measures which enabled him to hide the cause of death.

Besides, Canhu was so ferocious that he must have got involved in a murder. It would benefit the society to kill such an unstable person.

“Wu… Wu… Wu…”

With the siren coming nearer, Ding Ning glanced at Ling Yun in astonishment.

Ling Yun shrugged. They didn’t need to talk and could communicate with simple eye contact.

Ding Ning thought Ling Yun had called the police, but Ling Yun indicated that she didn’t do that.

Ding Ning subconsciously thought that someone among the crowd called the police. It was reasonable that someone called the police. After all, the situation became serious.

Of course, Ding Ning also thought about the possibility of Li Wensheng calling the police. In order to get back the evidence of the medical accident for which he should take responsibility, he had framed Ding Ning and sent these punks here. It was not surprising that he would frame Ding Ning in front of the police by accusing him of stealing the watch.

However, he soon realized he was wrong. There were two bunches of police. One was the police from public security team of the sub-bureau, and the other was the criminal police from the sub-bureau.

The police from public security team was called by the boss of the restaurant called Bighead Carp in order to make Shanji pay the bill.

Meanwhile, the criminal police was called by Director Zhao. After hearing the discussion of the crowd for quite a while, Director Zhao finally figured out the ins and outs of the situation. A watch worth tens of thousand yuan was stolen, so the guards intended to arrest the young man. Meanwhile, the punks came here to take revenge.

Someone had taken a video and uploaded it to the Internet. Thus, it had become a criminal case with an extremely negative effect. It couldn’t be suppressed anyway.

Such a scandal had significantly affected the reputation of Changjiang Hospital. As the head of the health bureau, Director Zhao should take the blame for ineffective supervision.

Nevertheless, as an experienced leader, Director Zhao did well in crisis management. Besides, he could rapidly capture some factors beneficial to himself and turn something negative into something positive.

Thus, he didn’t hesitate to call the director of the sub-bureau and ask him to send criminal police here.

It seemed that he was boiling with rage and kept shouting “outrageous”, but actually he was overjoyed.

After all, handling such a situation properly was beneficial to promote his positive image. Executive Zhou who looked distressed had to take the blame.

He asked the criminal police to look into the case. First, it showed that he required a strict investigation with an impartial attitude.

Second, it showed that as the director of the health bureau, he was excellent in dealing with the crisis of the subordinate institution.

Third, it was the most important goal for him to draw Ding Ning in and promote his administrative achievements.

It seemed to him that since the monitor in the elevator had captured the scene of Ding Ning going to the twelfth floor at midnight, the case must be related to Ding Ning and make him stuck in trouble no matter the watch was stolen or not.

Besides, he had been tied up with the eye-catching event that the punks came to the hospital to seek revenge.

When the time came, he could show his appreciation and kindness to Ding Ning and make Ding Ning indebted to him by helping him get out of the trouble. After that, he could ask Ding Ning to work in the hospital designated by him, which would the breakthrough of his achievement accumulation. It was his ultimate goal.

Therefore, he even indicated that his secretary should secretly call the TV station and major newspaper offices and ask them to send their journalists here immediately. It could be a different sort of propaganda to make the event more influential.

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