Medical Sovereign

Chapter 2 - In Hospital

Chapter 2: In Hospital

In the emergency room, the doctor and nurses looked at each other in dismay as they saw that the lines in ECG monitor had returned to normal.

In their entire lives, they had never met such a fantastic patient. However, no matter how hard they tried to examine him, they couldn’t find the reason why he was unconscious.

After being given the fluids and blood, Ding Ning’s pale face gradually recovered its color. Apart from the bruises on his body and face, he looked like a healthy man without any signs that he had nearly died.

Doctor Wang could not understand no matter how much he thought about it. He could only in-struct the nurses to push Ding Ning into ICU first and observe him closely to prevent any changes.

“Give me the detailed records and data about the patient’s treatment.”

Doctor Wang instructed his assistant in a relaxed tone. No matter what, as long as the patient was in good health, the credit would go to him, the emergency doctor.

“Doctor, is he all right?”

Seeing that Doctor Wang had walked out of the emergency room, the girl who was saved by Ding Ning walked over in her gown, ignoring her brother’s advice. Her face was pale.

Doctor Wang’s eyes lit up as he praised the beautiful girl in his heart.

The girl was in her early twenties. Her long, jet-black hair scattered over her delicate shoulders, revealing her exquisite white collarbones. Below her collarbone, the wide gown protruded out-wards, sketching out a perfect curve.

Her beautiful oval face was as white as goose fat, her lips were like cherry blossoms, her eye-brows were like ink, her spirit was like autumn water, and her appearance was indescribably soft and exquisite. The ugly blue and white striped gown did not affect her beauty in the slightest.

Her innate noble and elegant temperament let him know that this girl was definitely not the child of an ordinary family.

Doctor Wang secretly swallowed his saliva. His Adam’s apple rolled, and he revealed the most amiable smile he had ever had in his entire life as he said:

“Don’t worry, Miss. With our rescue, the patient has passed through the dangerous period and his vital signs have returned to normal. Besides his bloody nose and swollen face, it seems like …”

“Like what?” The girl was too impatient to wait and asked nervously.

The doctor was secretly envious of Ding Ning, because there would be such a beautiful girl who cared about him. He said proudly. “Like he was never injured before. He can’t be healthier.”


The girl opened her mouth in shock, revealing her sparkling snow-white teeth. Her eyes that were as black as ink revealed a look of disbelief, “How is that possible? He’s injured so badly.”

“Like I said, that brat was obviously pretending. He was taking advantage of you and got caught by me. In order to escape, he pretended to be unconscious, and you’re still worried about him …”

The handsome young man immediately came up to her and chattered on. However, under the young girl’s unhappy gaze, his voice became lower and lower. He then softly muttered, “I really didn’t use too much strength.”

Doctor Wang did not understand the relationship between them. But since he probably wanted to see the girl for more time, he finally said something fair. Of course, his main purpose was to show that he had done well.

“Before the emergency treatment, his life was in danger and his vital signs had reached a critical point. Only after we had gone all out to save him did he finally pass the dangerous period.”

“That’s good, that’s good. Thank you, doctor. All of his treatment fees are on me. Please take care of him.”

The girl glared at the young man, causing him to shut up obediently. Then, she turned around and spoke to the doctor in an amiable manner.

“No problem, this is what we should do.”

The doctor naturally felt flattered as he hurriedly said politely.

“May I see him?”

The girl’s large eyes revealed a pleading look. He actually couldn’t bear to refuse her, so he nod-ded, for some reason:

“Even though he has pulled through, I still sent him to the ICU. To prevent any infections and ac-cidents, you’d better not go in and just see him through the window.”

“Well, thank you, doctor!”

The girl smiled like a blossoming flower which was beautiful beyond compare, causing Doctor Wang’s eyes to widen.

Just as he wanted to find an excuse to chat with the girl, the girl had already turned around and walked towards ICU. The young man unwillingly followed behind her.

“Bang!” Doctor Wang, who thought himself to be very outstanding, seemed to hear the sound of his heart breaking. He held his chest with a face full of disappointment and foolishness as he watched the girl’s frail body disappear into the distance. It was really like the story that King Chu adored the goddess, but the goddess did not have the same feeling for him. (Note: The story about King Chu and the goddess was a Chinese legend that indicated an unrequited love.)

“Doctor Wang, what’s it? Is there something wrong with you? ”

The head nurse, who had just come out of the emergency room, concernedly supported him with her hands. Her huge breasts, which bulged her nurse’s uniform, were rubbing against his arm without restraint.

Doctor Wang, who usually had an intimate relationship with the elder woman who had past her prime but still looked attractive, did not have any feelings for her at this moment.

There was no harm if there was no comparison. After seeing the 100% young goddess and now looking at the old lady who was like a worn-out yellow pearl, Doctor Wang’s interest was imme-diately gone.

Without batting an eyelid, he took out his arm and said, “Nothing. I’m just a little tired. I’m going back to my office.”

Seeing that there was no one around, the head nurse said softly, “Let’s meet at the same place tonight.”

Doctor Wang looked at her crow’s feet which were barely covered in a thick layer of BB cream and the fat on her lower abdomen. He felt disgusted, as if he had swallowed a fly. So he coughed dryly, then turned and hurried away.

“Let’s talk about it another day. I’m too tired today.”

The head nurse looked at his departing back with a baffled expression and curled her lips in dis-satisfaction:

“Isn’t this lover usually more active than me? What’s wrong with him today? Sigh, it seems that I can only find that old pervert Dr. Liu. Otherwise, how should I spend the long night? ”

Outside the ICU, through the isolation window, the girl stared blankly at Ding Ning who was still unconscious. Ripples of light circulated in her eyes, and it was unknown what she was thinking about.

“Mu Qing, that brat is clearly a pervert and was taking advantage of you. Since you lack social experience, please do not be fooled by this brat.”

Shen Muyang, as an experienced man, spoke sincerely and earnestly into the girl’s ears, causing Shen Muqing to be extremely helpless.

“Bro, don’t think so badly of him, okay? Even though I was in coma at the time, I was still con-scious. If it was not him, you probably wouldn’t have been able to see me. ”

Shen Muyang’s expression darkened, and looked at his sister in pity: “Mu Qing, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that your illness would occur right after I left. When you leave the hospital, I’ll bring you back to Yan Jing. Dad, mom and grandpa really miss you.”

“Alright, brother, I know you’re doing this for my own good, but I don’t want to go back, so don’t say anymore.”

Shen Muqing’s face revealed stubbornness, and said resolutely.

Shen Muyang knew her personality, and sighed helplessly:

“Then go back to the ward and have a rest, for you’ve been waiting here ever since you got the fluids in hospital. Now that you know he’s fine, you should be relieved. I say, little sister, you weren’t moved by that brat’s heroic actions and fell in love with him, will you?”

“Bro, what nonsense are you spouting!”

A layer of unnoticeable redness surfaced on Shen Muqing’s face as she gracefully scolded him, but right after that, her eyes revealed a hint of faint excitement:

“Bro, do you know? I have a feeling that this person can cure my illness. ”

Shen Muyang froze for a second, then shook his head and laughed bitterly. He knew how much pain his sister suffered from her heart disease.

Ever since she was young, she had never dared to exercise intensely, speak loudly, make friends, cry or laugh, fearing that a single unstable emotion would lead her illness to occur.

It could be said that she was racing against the Death God all the time, and could lose her life at any time. Every day she lived was borrowed, and she didn’t even have the right to fall in love once.

He also hoped that his sister would be cured and be able to live a healthy life as an ordinary girl did. However, his family had already brought her to see the world’s top cardiologists, and no one could do anything about it.

But now, his sister had placed her hopes on a young man whom she had never met before. In Shen Muyang’s opinion, she was too worried to see a proper doctor.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I know that every time I wake up from coma, my chest was very tight, as if I’m being pressed against a rock. But it’s different this time, I’ve never felt so com-fortable before. My breathing is smooth and my whole body is relaxed. I’d never felt like this be-fore.”

As if to prove what she had said, Shen Muqing even extended her arms and made an exaggerated hug gesture, showing her beautiful curves. However, her movements were pimping and seemed very unnatural.

“Are you serious?” Shen Muyang’s eyes lit up when he heard it. After all, he understood his sis-ter’s illness too well. Every time she escaped from the hands of the Death God, she would look sickly. But this time, she did seem a little different.

“Of course, why would I lie to you? He … he had the needles in my chest, as if they had vented the gloomy Qi from my chest, giving me a … open and clear feeling. Even my breathing has become a lot easier.”

Shen Muqing didn’t know how to describe her feeling with words, so she tried to describe it with her hand gestures that were easy to understand.

It was just that when she thought about the fact that Ding Ning had performed artificial respira-tion for her in order to save her. Could it be considered that she had lost her first kiss? This caused a trace of a strange ripple to arise within her heart.

Shen Muyang’s heart was stirred, and he hurriedly said: “Then go back to the ward first. I’ll go to the doctor’s office to check your report.”

“En!” Shen Muqing gave the ICU another deep glance before returning to her own ward.

Half an hour later, Shen Muyang walked to the rooftop of the hospital with a happy expression. He took a deep breath and with eyes slightly red, he took out his phone and made a call: “Mom, it’s Mu Yang. My sister’s illness occurs again…”

In an elegant courtyard in Yan Jing, when Ye Shulan heard her son’s choked voice, her heart sank. The teacup in her hand dropped to the ground with a “bang” sound and shattered into pieces.

Did it finally happen?

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still unable to face reality at this moment.

She felt a tearing pain in her heart and her nose began to ache. Tears quickly filled her eyes, and the moment she opened her mouth, she could no longer hold back the grief in her heart as she begun to wail.

“Mu Yang, is Mu Qing… Mu Qing, woo woo …”

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